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This area contains files relating to the World of Lune itself, such as maps, country details, background etc. Coming soon: historical maps, climate maps, and city maps.

Files available for download or viewing:

Type Filename Size in kb Description Updated
Some of the basic details of Lune, such as monetary system, calendar, races, tree types, beverages, common greetings, travel speeds etc. Updated slightly on 12 April 1999 (more detail on races), and on 28 December (well-known ballads added).
Lune.html 30 15 9
Calendar.pdf 28 THE LUNE CALENDAR
A simple calendar for Lune, showing months, festivals, days, etc. It requires the Moonbats font which is in the updated font file. The "WordPerfect" file is actually a Quattro Pro file, and the MS Word file is actually an Excel file.
19/04/1999 25 24
Countries.pdf 344 COUNTRIES OF LUNE
The countries of Lune, detailing rulers, economy, predominant racial groups, terrain, law and justice, and more. Still under development. 26 April: The Anghain Lands was added. 28 December: Updates on Allemaren and Tainrearg.
Countries.html 92 38 30
Cities.pdf 276 CITIES OF LUNE
Rough maps of the major cities of Lune. Currently only Lomar, Tarenne, Gline, Gaunt, Borrogane, Yarrantis and Enn are mapped.
03/01/2000 137
Deities.pdf 78 DEITIES OF LUNE
The deities of Lune. Very sketchy at present (still under development). Most recent update: more details on deities, some new deities added.
Deities.html 53 40 49
A guidebook to Lune, with pictures of various areas. The HTML version is online, and the Zip is just the HTML file zipped. If you need a copy in WordPerfect or Acrobat format, contact me, but they both run to about 5MB.
01/04/1999 1530
Lunemap.pdf 2158 MAPS OF LUNE
The map of Lune, in Acrobat format, printed to a single page, at a scale of 160 miles per centimetre. Note that it may not print on a non-PostScript printer unless it has lots of memory. The large file size is due to all the mountains. 26 April 1999: Anghaid added, along with detail on Mereth, and some minor corrdctions and additions.
Lunemap.html 98 The map of Lune, in GIF format, placed on a web page. Since it's been shrunk a great deal, almost no fine detail is visible. 416 The map of Lune, as a Micrografx Designer 7.0 file. It encompasses a page grid of 4 pages by 4 pages, and multiple layers. It is drawn to a scale of 40 miles to the centimetre.
Lunebig.pdf 3503 The map of Lune, in Acrobat format, printed to 4 pages by 4 pages, at a scale of 40 miles per centimetre. Note that it may not print on a non-PostScript printer unless it has lots of memory. The large file size is due to all the mountains.
Oldlunemap.html 58 This is the original map of Lune, drawn on hex paper in around 1985 or so, scanned in and resolution reduced. The map depicts Lune several centuries ago, but obviously many things have changed since then... 19/04/1999
Celspell.pdf 32 CELESTIA'S SPELLS
Celestia's spells: some wizard spells created by the great, if somewhat eccentric, mage Celestia. Updated slightly (cosmetic changes only) on 7 May 1997.
Celspell.html 7 6 4
Tour.pdf 37 A TOUR OF LUNE
A Tour of Lune covers some of the Wonders of Lune, like Kinniver Castle, Niflheim's Great Tree, and others, and Personalities of Lune, some of the characters that have made Lune what it is, like Ereneth, Abu-ska the familiar-fireballer, Maldred Nine-fingered, Valerian, and others.
Tour.html 10 7 5

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