Celestia's Spells

1995 G Adamson

Celestia's Seal

Level: 5

Range: 0 (Touch)

Components: V,S,M

Duration: Permanent

Casting time: 6 segments

Area of Effect: 5 square feet/level

Saving throw: None

This spell is a type of Wizard Lock. It does not, however, require a door, chest or portal, but can seal any two objects or surfaces together e.g. a candle to a wall, a ring to the caster's finger, etc. The spell will not affect any living or undead matter with the sole exception of the caster. The Seal is not affected by Knock spells, nor by other wizards of any level, but a Dispel Magic will have normal effects. The caster can, by touch and desire, temporarily release the Seal, but the two items will re-bond when brought back into contact by the caster (if desired).Rending or breaking of the two objects will effectively eliminate the problem of the Seal, but the Seal will still hold. This spell is often used for prevention of pickpocketing (thieves find it difficult to steal things which are permanently attached to a spellcaster's body), or as a convenient method of attaching things (like a dagger to the caster's leg, for easy, sheathless access). The material component is a small gold nail (cost 2gp) which is destroyed in the casting, and a small gold hammer (cost 20gp), which is not.

Celestia's Disguisement

Level: 5

Range: 0 (Touch) Components: V,S,M

Duration: 1 week/level Casting time: 1 round

Area of Effect: 1 object up to 80lb weight Saving throw: None

This spell will disguise and object so as to make it seem to be larger, smaller, differently shaped, more or less powerful, and so on. Thus a magical longsword could be made to seem to be a rusty non-magical dagger. The desired form must have roughly the same form and purpose as the real one, e.g. sack-backpack, sword-dagger, box-chest, etc., but not sword-mace, or box-sack. Magical auras can be created or masked with this spell, and only a person of higher level than the caster using the appropriate spell or means can see through the deception. An object cannot be changed in size more than 3 times, and the spell only changes the appearance of the item - a Disguised longsword might look like a dagger, but still feels and performs like a longsword (although a person might touch it and believe it to be a dagger, it will feel heavier and strangely balanced, and seems to cause damage at a distance). The spell cannot be seen through by disbelieving, but the caster can dispel it at will by touch. The material component is a small piece of red, gold-edged silk (cost 1gp) which is used to rub the item under enchantment, and which disappears upon completion of casting.

Golden's Silence

Level: 4

Range: 1"/level

Components: S

Duration: 1 turn/level

Casting time: 4 segments

Area of Effect: Up to a 10' cube per 2 levels

Saving throw: Neg. (see below)

Golden's Silence is an advanced form of Silence 15' Radius that has basically the same effect, but the area of effect can be determined by the caster, i.e. from very small volumes up to the maximum. It can have an irregular volume corresponding to a specific shape, e.g. a person, and this volume can change shape to match the target providing the overall volume remains the same i.e. moving with a person. It thus very effective as an individual silence, especially when combined with Invisibility. Unwilling targets are permitted a save when the spell is targeted on them, but not when targeted on a possession e.g. clothing.


Level: 3

Range: Varies

Components: S

Duration: 1 round/level

Casting time: 1 segment

Area of Effect: Varies

Saving throw: Special

When cast, a flame leaps from the casters's index finger and burns there. This flame can be one of several forms, and can be switched from form to form at will. At no point can Torch cause any damage to the caster or the caster's possessions.