A Pictorial Guidebook to the World of Lune

© 1999 G Adamson


Valorn-farm.jpg (18116 bytes)

A farm in central Valorn
This sort of farm is a common sight in Valorn - stone buildings, stone fences, in hilly terrain.

Valorn-castlebedroom.jpg (31766 bytes)

Castle bedroom
This is a typical bedroom which would be found in a castle or manor house in Valorn, including timber-beamed ceiling, tapestries, and a fire.


Valorn-Ivrinvalley.jpg (28110 bytes)

A valley near Ivrin
This is one of the valleys near Ivrin, on the Ivrin-Pinell road (the road is visible on the right).


Valorn-CastleRisen.jpg (19504 bytes)

Castle Risen
Castle Risen looms over UnÍr Bay, located atop Mytra Head, near the city of Mytra. Set in the rock of the Head, it has a large defensive garrison.


Valorn-LahrnCastle.jpg (33376 bytes)

Lahrn Castle
This castle is located in Lahrn, on the Serena-Frix road, and serves as a waystation in addition to its formidable defensive duties.


Valorn-stonebridge.jpg (28097 bytes)

Stone Bridge
A typical stone bridge in the countryside near Jasmin in southern Valorn.


Valorn-LurinForest.jpg (31759 bytes)

Lurin Forest
This part of Lurin Forest is near the hills alongside the Lake of Dreams


Valorn-CrestanMonastery.jpg (30630 bytes)

Crestan Monastery
Crestan Monastery, near Lomar, is both an ecclesiastical institution as well as a military establishment used by the Knights of the Valorn Empire.


Faerieland and Arial


Faerieland-frozentree.jpg (23712 bytes)

Frozen Tree
A common sight in Faerieland during winter months.


Faerieland-Windermere.jpg (14320 bytes)

A view of the forest and mountains near Windermere, to the east of Faerieland.


Faerieland-Nightsea.jpg (30087 bytes)

Shores of Nightsea
Near the shores of Nightsea.


Faerieland-Moonwood.jpg (14198 bytes)

Mists of Moonwood
The forest of Moonwood seen through cold morning mists.


Faerieland-Firetop.jpg (37932 bytes)

A view of the hills near the ruins of the human village of Firetop.


Ariel-Sunset.jpg (13986 bytes)

The High Forest
Sunset over the High Forest in Arial.




Tainrearg-bridge.jpg (21201 bytes)

Bridge near Matal
A bridge on the main road near Matal, in eastern Tainrearg.


Tainrearg-CastleEreneth.jpg (31546 bytes)

Castle Ereneth
Castle Ereneth, before it was levelled in the Arak War, stood high above the surrounding countryside, to the east of Istari.


Tainrearg-countrylane.jpg (40481 bytes)

Country Lane
A country lane, frequently used by wagons and carts, near Finla in southern Tainrearg.


Tainrearg-farmhouse.jpg (39534 bytes)

A farmhouse near Miren in southern Tainrearg. Part of the river Miren Waters is in the foreground.


Tainrearg-WhiteHills.jpg (59017 bytes)

White Hills
Tainrearg near the White Hills.


Tainrearg-WhiteHills2.jpg (28706 bytes)

White Hills
Another view of the White Hills.


Tainrearg-Teomarcastle.jpg (36583 bytes)

Castle near Teomar
A noble's castle near Teomar, north of Istari.


Tainrearg-Deepsnow.jpg (33988 bytes)

Seat of Deepsnow
The Seat of the Order of Deepsnow was once a mighty and beautiful fortress, as seen above, but has now been razed by King Devar Anguin.


Tainrearg-Tremar.jpg (26689 bytes)

Tremar Stronghold
Tremar Stronghold stands at the centre of Tremar, where for generations it has served as protector of the city.


Tainrearg-MylarLaststop.jpg (23412 bytes)

Mylar-Laststop Road
The Mylar-Laststop Road, in the hills of eastern Tainrearg. Beyond Laststop, the road becomes Northpass, winding its way to Allemaren.


Southern Principalities


SouthernPrincipality-Granmark.jpg (19728 bytes)

Granmark Citadel
Granmark Citadel acts a fortress and waystation in the broken hills along the Caul-Gluwinn Road. It was severely damaged by Tainrearg forces during the Tainrearg/White Empire war.


SouthernPrincipality-Plains.jpg (14778 bytes)

Plains of the Southern Principalities
Some of the plains of the Southern Principalities near Lortnar.




Khosala-terrain.jpg (40621 bytes)

A typical view of the desert terrain of Khosala.


Khosala-hills.jpg (12951 bytes)

Eastern Khosala
Broken hills in eastern Khosala.


Khosala-stronghold.jpg (14727 bytes)

A typical stronghold in Eastern Khosala.




Niflheim-ForestSummer.jpg (28382 bytes)

Darkwood in summer
The forest of Darkwood near Finch, in summer.


Niflheim-ForestWinter.jpg (34284 bytes)

Darkwood in winter
The forest of Darkwood near Finch, in winter.


Niflheim-tunnel.jpg (38775 bytes)

A natural tunnel near Zealia.


Niflheim-GallowsCastle.jpg (27998 bytes)

Gallows Castle
Gallows Castle, on Gallows Pass near Valinor, guards the way into Niflheim.


Niflheim-western.jpg (8948 bytes)

Western Niflheim
Mountains in the west of Niflheim.


Niflheim-Darkwood.jpg (16635 bytes)

Darkwood by dawn
Darkwood in the purple light of dawn.




Romen-loch.jpg (14713 bytes)

A loch
One of the many lochs in Romen.


Romen-fort.jpg (19845 bytes)

Ancient fort
One of the many ancient Dwarvish forts in Romen.


Romen-northerncastle.jpg (16803 bytes)

Northern castle
One of the rugged castles in the north of Romen.


Romen-Obarn.jpg (29596 bytes)

Mountains near Obarn
A view of the snow-capped peaks seen from Obarn.


Romen-Kamil.jpg (31812 bytes)

Mountains near Kamil
A view of the mountains from Kamil.


Romen-LochCrail.jpg (24138 bytes)

Loch Crail
Loch Crail, in south-east Romen.


Romen-southern.jpg (7671 bytes)

Southern Romen
A view of Loch Rodri, near Inverrodri.




Allemaren-manor.jpg (16447 bytes)

Manor castle
One of the many manor-style castles in Allemaren, this one near Tarenne.


Allemaren-LakeEnn.jpg (35563 bytes)

Lake Enn
A view of Lake Enn from the water side.


Allemaren-mountains.jpg (18585 bytes)

A view of the mountains to the west of Allemaren.


Allemaren-wildflowers.jpg (45702 bytes)

Parts of Allemaren are renowned for their beauty.


Allemaren-Maraglaad.jpg (32140 bytes)

Maraglaad Castle
Maraglaad Castle lies on North Pass, protecting the route into Allemaren.


Gaunt and Yondelle


Gaunt-manor.jpg (33944 bytes)

Manor house
A manor house near Achanalt, deserted during the Aelin invasion.


Gaunt-farm.jpg (18982 bytes)

A farm and inn near Galashiels.


Yondelle-fort.jpg (20919 bytes)

A fort in Yondelle, ruined during one of the many wars in the area.


The Ancient Jungle


Jungle-northern.jpg (55287 bytes)

Northern part of the Ancient Jungle.


Jungle-west.jpg (32734 bytes)

West of the Jungle
The western part of the Ancient Jungle.

Mereth and the Spine


Mereth-entering.jpg (13563 bytes)

Entering Mereth
Entering Mereth from Southpass, the traveller can see how green and fertile the lands are.

Mereth-hills.jpg (36498 bytes)

Hills of Mereth
Bush-covered hills to the south of Mereth.


Mereth-shores.jpg (20511 bytes)

The still waters on one of Mereth's shores.


Mereth-pass.jpg (16494 bytes)

A view of one of the narrow parts of Southpass.


Spine-southeast.jpg (27409 bytes)

South-eastern Spine
Hills in the south-eastern parts of the Spine.


Spine-canyons.jpg (22036 bytes)

Canyons of the Spine
Some of the canyons in the southern part of the Spine.