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Spellfire as a purchasable game is now long gone. It still exists, and there are fan-made supplements on the net, but I haven't been involved for years, so this page is about 5 years out of date.


Files and links: 

Filename Size in kb Description Updated
SPRules17.zip 48 The Spellfire rules, version 1.7, in RTF format. It's also available from TSR's website, http://www.tsr.com/Spellfire/Welcome.html. 17/03/99
CrossFire   mailto.gif (96 bytes) Dan Curtiss has created a Spellfire database and utility in a programming language called Tcl/Tk. It's cross platform - it runs very well on Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, Unix, and Linux - and is compatible with Spellfire Database 2.2 and Netfire. In the future, it may support solitaire play. 24/12/98
SP2_2_32.ZIP 4484 mailto.gif (96 bytes) Derek Maxey's 32-bit Spellfire Database 2.2 for Windows 95/98/NT. This version runs on an Access database, includes the card text for all cards, and has a search facility (so you can search for every Greyhawk card with the word "dragon" in the text, for example). Version 2.x will automatically import any of version 1.x's CSV files if they're found in its directory. Spellfire Database 2.2 is also available from Derek's US-based site, here.
New in version 2.1 and 2.2: This version does not require MS Access to be installed on the computer as the previous version did. Also, Derek has corrected a bunch of errors in the database for card text, especially in the 3rd Edition. Spelling corrections and incorrect card information can be updated by sending out a very small update file. This way Derek doesn't have to release a full new version to get these corrections out. Keep those corrections going to Derek so we can make this database as accurate as it can be. Version 2.2 includes some files that may be needed that 2.1 didn't include.
MSVBVM50.EXE 1307 Spellfire Database 2.2 requires the most recent Microsoft's Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime Files. If you don't have them already they can be downloaded from here. These files are no longer distributed with the Spellfire Database to save space. Please download this file and install it before e-mailing Derek with problems concerning the Spellfire Database. Even the setup program will have problems if all of these files are not installed. This self-executing file is also available from Derek's site. 30/06/98
CARDINFO.ZIP 151 This comma separated file contains every card printed to date, including the full text description! This file was created with The Spellfire Database. You can create your own list like this from that program if you want to download it. This CSV or comma separated file is best viewed using Microsoft Excel. 30/06/98
SP1_4_16.EXE 1204 Derek Maxey's 16-bit Spellfire Database 1.4 for Windows 3.x 10/11/96
SP1_5_16.ZIP 314 Spellfire Database 1.5 16-bit update. You need to already have 1.4 installed to use this update. It provides support for the Dungeons! booster set. 04/12/97
SFCollct.zip 314 This is mailto.gif (96 bytes) Jones Mathe's Spellfire Collector 3.84 program. It's a DOS-based Spellfire database, including descriptions, and includes the Dungeons! booster set. Version 3.83 introduced CSV import from Spellfire Database 2.0, 3.84 fixes some typos and adds a fast-start option. 09/04/98
SpellDB 127 SpellDB 1.0 by Michael Kleinhenz is a Spellfire database program for Unix and X-Windows based PCs. The text of the announcement is here. You can also get it from the home site in Germany from this link. 22/12/98
Spellnews.zip 706 Virtually every Spellfire rules related message posted in alt.cardgame.spellfire since November 1995 (soon after the group was created), saved to a single large text file. This is useful for opening in a text editor and searching for particular names or phrases. It can also be imported into an Agent folder. Latest date: 9 April 1998. This might be the last update, since most of the interesting traffic is now on the Spellfire Mailing List (go to TSR's Spellfire Page for instructions on how to sign up). 09/04/98


4th Edition and Draconomicon FAQ, pending a third Spellfire Reference Guide. Being added to all the time (although questions have been very few and far between lately). 18/09/97
Errata 16 Spellfire Reference Guide II Errata, supplied by TSR. This clarifies and corrects certain errors in the second Spellfire Reference Guide. Also available in RTF zipped format (6kb). 12/05/97
Index by set


Complete index of Spellfire cards up to and including Nightstalkers, sorted by set (1st Ed, 2nd Ed, 3rd Ed, 4th Ed, Dragonlance, Ravenloft, etc.). Also available in RTF zipped format (46kb). 12/05/97
Index by type


Complete index of Spellfire cards up to and including Nightstalkers, sorted by card type (Ally, Realm, etc). Also available in RTF zipped format (48kb). 12/05/97


List of cards in the Dungeons! booster set. Also available in RTF zipped  format (6k). 12/05/97
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The official Spellfire Net Logo was designed by mailto.gif (96 bytes) Keith Smith. It's available in several sizes from TSR's Netlogo page. 12/12/97




Deck Description
The "Oh my god" deck This deck is a deck with a primary theme of deities, and secondary themes of denial, magic and unassailable realms. It was defeated only three times in over 9 months of playing, and never in its current incarnation. It has now been disbanded because no-one would play against me (sniff!).
The "Powers" deck This deck's primary theme is psionic powers, and it has secondary themes of revenge, Dark Sun, no magic, and speed. It's a very good defensive deck, but is almost useless in offence.



I'm not trading any more. I have pretty much all the cards I need, and it's too much effort trying to handle intercontinental trades.



Site Description
Doug Rants' Spellfire Page mailto.gif (96 bytes) Doug Rants has an excellent Spellfire page, and he includes card listings for almost all cards up to 4th Edition.
Steve's Spellfire Trading Page mailto.gif (96 bytes) Steve Naus specialises in selling and trading Spellfire cards, and I have found him to be trustworthy and reliable. He has no problems with supplying cards outside of the US.
TSR The home page of TSR Inc., the maker of Spellfire (except that they've been bought by Wizards of the Coast, publisher of the infamous Magic: The Gathering card game (otherwise known as "crack for gamers")).
The Atkinson's Spellfire Page The Atkinson family has an excellent Spellfire page which includes a number of sample decks and a monthly competition.
Derek's Spellfire Web Page mailto.gif (96 bytes) Derek Maxey is the author of the Spellfire Database, which can be obtained either here or from his web page.




Store Phone Location Notes
Wizard's Warehouse (021) 683-0360
or fax:
(021) 683-8666
Cape Town Wizard's Warehouse offers just about the full range of Spellfire cards, typically running at R60 for 4th Edition and R18 or R16 per booster. They will happily do mail order, with free postage to any SA destination if the order exceeds R400, and postage ranging from R12 to R24 otherwise. You can contact them on email too on mailto.gif (96 bytes)wizards@cis.co.za.
Fascination (011) 622-2499 Eastgate Shopping Centre, Johannesburg Fascination occasionally has some booster packs in.
Future Fantasy (011) 782-6154 The Terraces, Linden, Johannesburg Future Fantasy has now been bought out by Wizard's Warehouse, and as a result, they have a large selection of various boosters, including Forgotten Realms, as well as a Spellfire Reference Guide volume 1.

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