Complete Spellfire Card Listing

Sorted by Set

Set No. Card Name Type Level World Rarity
1st 1/400 Waterdeep Realm   FR Realm
1st 2/400 Menzoberranzan Realm   FR Realm
1st 3/400 Zhentil Keep Realm 5 FR Rare
1st 4/400 Shadowdale Realm   FR Realm
1st 5/400 Cormyr Realm   FR Realm
1st 6/400 Sembia Realm   FR Realm
1st 7/400 Moonshae Isles Realm 2 FR Realm
1st 8/400 Thay Realm   FR Realm
1st 9/400 Calimshan Realm   FR Realm
1st 10/400 Pirate Isles Realm   FR Realm
1st 11/400 Ravens Bluff Realm   FR Realm
1st 12/400 The Great Rift Realm   FR Realm
1st 13/400 Myth Drannor Realm   FR Uncommon
1st 14/400 Vaasa Realm   FR Realm
1st 15/400 Jungles of Chult Realm 5 FR Realm
1st 16/400 High Forest Realm   FR Realm
1st 17/400 Sword Coast Realm   FR Realm
1st 18/400 Anauroch Realm   FR Realm
1st 19/400 Impiltur Realm +1 FR Realm
1st 20/400 Icewind Dale Realm   FR Realm
1st 21/400 High Moor Realm   FR Realm
1st 22/400 Rashemen Realm   FR Realm
1st 23/400 Damara Realm   FR Realm
1st 24/400 Narfell Realm   FR Realm
1st 25/400 Dragonspear Castle Realm   FR Realm
1st 26/400 Daggerdale Realm   FR Realm
1st 27/400 Darkhold Realm   FR Realm
1st 28/400 Haunted Hall of Eveningstar Realm   FR Rare
1st 29/400 Evermeet Realm   FR Realm
1st 30/400 Trollmoors, The Realm   FR Realm
1st 31/400 Berdusk Holding   FR Uncommon
1st 32/400 Tantras Holding   FR Uncommon
1st 33/400 Mulmaster Holding   FR Uncommon
1st 34/400 Hillsfar Holding   FR Uncommon
1st 35/400 Suzail Holding   FR Uncommon
1st 36/400 Arabel Holding   FR Uncommon
1st 37/400 Fortifications Holding   FR Uncommon
1st 38/400 Fortifications Holding   FR Uncommon
1st 39/400 Selune Holding   FR Uncommon
1st 40/400 Peasant Militia Holding   FR Uncommon
1st 41/400 Alias the Sell-Sword Hero 6 FR Uncommon
1st 42/400 King Azoun IV Hero 7 FR Rare
1st 43/400 Maligor the Red Wizard 3 FR Rare
1st 44/400 Elminster the Mage Wizard 9 FR Uncommon
1st 45/400 Drizzt Do'Urden Hero 8 FR Common
1st 46/400 Midnight, Goddess of Magic Wizard 7 FR Rare
1st 47/400 Torg Mac Cei Hero 6 FR Uncommon
1st 48/400 The Pereghost Monster 7 FR Rare
1st 49/400 Bruenor Battlehammer Hero 5 FR Rare
1st 50/400 Marco Volo Hero 3 FR Uncommon
1st 51/400 The Harpers Hero 6 FR Common
1st 52/400 Gnomes of Samek Hero 4 FR Uncommon
1st 53/400 Adventurers! Hero 3 FR Common
1st 54/400 War Party Ally +4   Common
1st 55/400 Crime Lord Hero 7 FR Uncommon
1st 56/400 Adventurers Hero 4 FR Common
1st 57/400 The Jotunslayers Hero 4 FR Common
1st 58/400 Armies of Bloodstone Ally +4   Uncommon
1st 59/400 The Iron Legion Ally +3   Common
1st 60/400 Tergoz Tenhammer Hero 5 GH Common
1st 61/400 Myrmidons Ally +4   Rare
1st 62/400 Magister Wizard 4 FR Rare
1st 63/400 Karlott the Shaman Cleric 4 FR Uncommon
1st 64/400 King Halvor II Hero 5 FR Uncommon
1st 65/400 Pteranadon Ally +2   Common
1st 66/400 Gorgosaurus Ally +3   Rare
1st 67/400 Greater Feyr Monster 5 FR Rare
1st 68/400 Cleric of Gond Cleric 4 FR Rare
1st 69/400 Cleric of Torm Cleric 5 FR Rare
1st 70/400 Cleric of Mask Cleric 4 FR Rare
1st 71/400 Drow Matron Wizard 5 FR Uncommon
1st 72/400 Dracolich Monster 6 FR Rare
1st 73/400 Vasos Flameslayer Hero 5 FR Rare
1st 74/400 Allisa of the Mists Hero 5 FR Common
1st 75/400 Grypht the Saurial Wizard 4 FR Uncommon
1st 76/400 Worden Ironfist Hero 5 FR Rare
1st 77/400 Amarill Cleric 3 FR Uncommon
1st 78/400 Joliet the Rash Hero 4 FR Common
1st 79/400 Dwarf of Earthfast Hero 2 FR Common
1st 80/400 Black Courser Monster 4 FR Rare
1st 81/400 Hornhead Saurial Ally +3   Common
1st 82/400 Dagrande Hero 4 FR Uncommon
1st 83/400 Mind Flayer Ally +3   Rare
1st 84/400 Noble Djinni Ally +4   Rare
1st 85/400 Hubadai Hero 4 FR Rare
1st 86/400 Intellect Devourer Ally +1   Uncommon
1st 87/400 Shandrill Hero 3 FR Common
1st 88/400 Triceratops Ally +3   Rare
1st 89/400 Cleric of Malar Cleric 4 FR Common
1st 90/400 Airship Event     Uncommon
1st 91/400 Bad Omens Event     Common
1st 92/400 Fortunate Omens Event     Common
1st 93/400 Rod of Shapechange Artifact   FR Uncommon
1st 94/400 Dwarven Hammer Magical Item +3   Rare
1st 95/400 Staff of Striking Magical Item +3   Rare
1st 96/400 Horrors of the Abyss Wizard Spell +5   Uncommon
1st 97/400 Flameblade Magical Item +2   Rare
1st 98/400 Figurine of Wonderous Power Magical Item +3   Common
1st 99/400 Cataclysm! Event     Uncommon
1st 100/400 Good Fortune Event     Uncommon
1st 101/400 Surprise Raid Event     Common
1st 102/400 Banner of 1-eyed God Magical Item +1   Common
1st 103/400 Viperhand Magical Item     Uncommon
1st 104/400 Orb of Doom Magical Item +2   Common
1st 105/400 Staff of Conjuring Magical Item +5   Common
1st 106/400 Spell of Formless Horror Wizard Spell +3   Uncommon
1st 107/400 Safe Harbor Event     Rare
1st 108/400 Labor of Legend Event     Common
1st 109/400 Wand of Light Magical Item +3   Uncommon
1st 110/400 Elf Galleon Ally +3   Rare
1st 111/400 Free City of Greyhawk Realm   GH Rare
1st 112/400 The Lands of Iuz Realm   GH Uncommon
1st 113/400 Pomarj Realm   GH Realm
1st 114/400 Hold of the Sea Princes Realm 1 GH Realm
1st 115/400 Yeomanry Realm   GH Realm
1st 116/400 Blackmoor Realm   GH Uncommon
1st 117/400 The Horned Society Realm   GH Realm
1st 118/400 Wolf Nomads Realm   GH Realm
1st 119/400 Sterich Realm   GH Realm
1st 120/400 Nyrond Realm   GH Realm
1st 121/400 Veluna Realm   GH Realm
1st 122/400 Furyondy Realm   GH Realm
1st 123/400 Great Kingdom Realm   GH Rare
1st 124/400 Temple of Elemental Evil Realm   GH Uncommon
1st 125/400 Greyhawk Ruins Realm   GH Uncommon
1st 126/400 Perrenland Realm   GH Realm
1st 127/400 Keoland Realm   GH Realm
1st 128/400 Celene Realm   GH Realm
1st 129/400 The Bright Desert Realm   GH Realm
1st 130/400 Theocracy of the Pale Realm   GH Realm
1st 131/400 Bone March Realm   GH Realm
1st 132/400 The Duchy of Urnst Realm   GH Realm
1st 133/400 The Sea Barons Realm   GH Realm
1st 134/400 Bissel Realm   GH Common
1st 135/400 The Scarlet Brotherhood Realm   GH Uncommon
1st 136/400 Irongate Realm   GH Realm
1st 137/400 Principality of Ulek Realm   GH Common
1st 138/400 County of Sunndi Realm   GH Common
1st 139/400 Duchy of Tenh Realm   GH Common
1st 140/400 Burneal Forest Realm   GH Common
1st 141/400 Castle Hart Holding   GH Common
1st 142/400 Arms of Horned Society Holding 5 GH Rare
1st 143/400 Arms of Iuz Holding   GH Rare
1st 144/400 Arms of Greyhawk Holding   GH Rare
1st 145/400 Arms of Great Kingdom Holding   GH Rare
1st 146/400 Arms of Furyondy Holding   GH Common
1st 147/400 Arms of Nyrond Holding   GH Common
1st 148/400 Skull Keep Holding +4 GH Common
1st 149/400 Fortification Holding   GH Common
1st 150/400 Siege! Event     Uncommon
1st 151/400 War Banner Magical Item +1   Common
1st 152/400 Codex of the Infinite Planes Artifact   GH Common
1st 153/400 Crystal of the Ebon Flame Magical Item +6   Uncommon
1st 154/400 Hordes of Castle Greyhawk Ally +5   Rare
1st 155/400 Skeletal Horde Monster 5 GH Common
1st 156/400 Eye & Hand of Vecna Artifact +5/ GH Uncommon
1st 157/400 Orb of Dragonkind Artifact +4 GH Uncommon
1st 158/400 Baba Yaga's Hut Artifact   GH Uncommon
1st 159/400 Chariot of Lyrx Artifact +3 GH Rare
1st 160/400 Cup of Al-Akbar Artifact   GH Uncommon
1st 161/400 Rary the Traitor Wizard 4 GH Common
1st 162/400 Mordenkainen Wizard 7 GH Rare
1st 163/400 Tysiln San Wizard 5 GH Uncommon
1st 164/400 Otto Wizard 6 GH Rare
1st 165/400 Mika the Wolf Nomad Wizard 7 GH Rare
1st 166/400 Lolth the Spider Queen Monster 9 GH Rare
1st 167/400 Iuz the Evil Monster 8 GH Uncommon
1st 168/400 Mutiny! Event     Rare
1st 169/400 Swordwraith Ally +4   Rare
1st 170/400 Sysania Cleric 4 GH Uncommon
1st 171/400 Kiara Hero 2 GH Uncommon
1st 172/400 Hettman Tsurin Hero 2 GH Rare
1st 173/400 Griffon Magical Item +2   Rare
1st 174/400 Sea Zombie Ally +4   Rare
1st 175/400 Mist Wolf Event     Rare
1st 176/400 Tyrinon Hero 5 GH Uncommon
1st 177/400 Quagmiela the Dragon Monster 5 GH Uncommon
1st 178/400 Seragrimm the Just Hero 5 GH Rare
1st 179/400 Skulk Ally +1   Rare
1st 180/400 Berserk Fury! Event     Rare
1st 181/400 Wolf Nomads Hero 4 GH Common
1st 182/400 Zadoc Ally +2   Rare
1st 183/400 Miles Ally +2   Uncommon
1st 184/400 Trystan Ally +2   Common
1st 185/400 Thorvid Hero 5 GH Rare
1st 186/400 Fairy Madness Event     Rare
1st 187/400 Nenioc Cleric 5 GH Uncommon
1st 188/400 Young Gold Dragon Monster 4 GH Common
1st 189/400 Arch-druid Cleric 4 GH Rare
1st 190/400 Hell Hound Ally +5   Uncommon
1st 191/400 Griffon Monster 4 GH Rare
1st 192/400 Giant Skeleton Ally +3   Rare
1st 193/400 Skeleton Ally +1   Common
1st 194/400 Winged Horror Monster 7 GH Uncommon
1st 195/400 Treants of Grandwood Ally +5   Uncommon
1st 196/400 Rangers of Hornwood Hero 4 GH Common
1st 197/400 Magical Barding Magical Item +2   Rare
1st 198/400 Border Forts Holding   FR Common
1st 199/400 Ren's Crystal Ball Artifact   GH Common
1st 200/400 Falcon Figurine Magical Item +2   Uncommon
1st 201/400 Transformation Event     Common
1st 202/400 Enslaved! Event     Uncommon
1st 203/400 Siege Event     Common
1st 204/400 Bribery! Event     Rare
1st 205/400 Charge! Event     Uncommon
1st 206/400 Magic Sword Magical Item +2   Common
1st 207/400 Enlarge Wizard Spell +3   Rare
1st 208/400 Ring of Shooting Stars Magical Item +4   Rare
1st 209/400 Arms of Veluna Holding   GH Common
1st 210/400 Fast Talking! Event     Uncommon
1st 211/400 Flight Wizard Spell     Common
1st 212/400 Shapechange Wizard Spell +6   Rare
1st 213/400 Barbarian Raiders Event     Rare
1st 214/400 Treasure Fleet Event     Rare
1st 215/400 Potion of Fire Breathing Magical Item +6   Rare
1st 216/400 Arms of Shield Lands Holding   GH Common
1st 217/400 Net of Entrapment Magical Item     Uncommon
1st 218/400 Johydee's Mask Artifact   GH Rare
1st 219/400 Helm of Teleportation Magical Item     Rare
1st 220/400 Rod of Dispel Magic Artifact   GH Uncommon
1st 221/400 Draj Realm   DS Realm
1st 222/400 Raam Realm +1 DS Realm
1st 223/400 Urik Realm 4 DS Realm
1st 224/400 Tyr Realm 5 DS Realm
1st 225/400 Gulg Realm 7 DS Uncommon
1st 226/400 Nibenay Realm   DS Uncommon
1st 227/400 Balic Realm 4 DS Realm
1st 228/400 Mud Palace, The Holding   DS Uncommon
1st 229/400 North Ledopolus Holding   DS Uncommon
1st 230/400 South Ledopolus Holding   DS Uncommon
1st 231/400 Altaruk Holding   DS Common
1st 232/400 Salt View Holding   DS Common
1st 233/400 Ogo Holding   DS Uncommon
1st 234/400 Makla Holding   DS Uncommon
1st 235/400 Kalidnay Holding   DS Common
1st 236/400 Arkhold Holding   DS Common
1st 237/400 Salt View Holding +2 DS Common
1st 238/400 Waverly Holding   DS Rare
1st 239/400 Bodach Holding   DS Rare
1st 240/400 Giustenal Holding   DS Uncommon
1st 241/400 Yaramuke Holding   DS Common
1st 242/400 Lost Oasis Holding   DS Common
1st 243/400 Grak's Pool Holding +5 DS Common
1st 244/400 Silver Spring Holding   DS Common
1st 245/400 Bitter Well Holding   DS Common
1st 246/400 Black Waters Holding   DS Common
1st 247/400 Fort Melidor Holding   DS Common
1st 248/400 Dungeon of Gulg Holding   DS Common
1st 249/400 Ziggurat Holding   DS Uncommon
1st 250/400 Temple Holding   DS Common
1st 251/400 Mogadisho's Horde Ally +1   Common
1st 252/400 Assassins Ally +2   Uncommon
1st 253/400 Halfling Mercenaries Ally +1   Common
1st 254/400 War Band Ally +3   Common
1st 255/400 Kank Lancers Ally +6   Uncommon
1st 256/400 Nomad Mercenaries Ally +2   Common
1st 257/400 Gladiators Ally +9   Uncommon
1st 258/400 Rikus Hero 6 DS Uncommon
1st 259/400 Neeva Hero 7 DS Rare
1st 260/400 Sadira Wizard 4 DS Common
1st 261/400 Agis Hero 5 DS Uncommon
1st 262/400 Anavias Hero 2 DS Rare
1st 263/400 Vaerhirmana Wizard 4 DS Rare
1st 264/400 Herminard Hero 4 DS Common
1st 265/400 T'kkyl Hero 3 DS Common
1st 266/400 Azhul Hero 4 DS Uncommon
1st 267/400 Chividal Hero 2 DS Rare
1st 268/400 Baqual Cleric 2 DS Common
1st 269/400 Rowan Ally +1   Uncommon
1st 270/400 Shayira Cleric 3 DS Common
1st 271/400 Ashathra Ally +2   Common
1st 272/400 Stug Ally +2   Common
1st 273/400 Ka'Cha Ally +3   Uncommon
1st 274/400 Galek Ally +2   Common
1st 275/400 Wind Dancers Event     Uncommon
1st 276/400 Water Hunters Event     Common
1st 277/400 Silver Hands Event     Uncommon
1st 278/400 Sky Singers Event     Common
1st 279/400 Silt Stalkers Ally +3   Common
1st 280/400 Night Runners Ally +2   Uncommon
1st 281/400 So-ut Ally +3   Rare
1st 282/400 Cistern Fiend Monster 2 DS Common
1st 283/400 Sloth Ally +1   Common
1st 284/400 Mul Savage Monster 6 DS Rare
1st 285/400 Inhuman Ally +2   Uncommon
1st 286/400 Pyreen Ally +3   Rare
1st 287/400 Cha'thrang Ally +1   Uncommon
1st 288/400 Spirit of the Land Event     Rare
1st 289/400 Thri-kreen Ally +3   Rare
1st 290/400 Wijon Ally +2   Common
1st 291/400 Mikor Ally +3   Uncommon
1st 292/400 Salicia Ally +3   Rare
1st 293/400 Zurn Ally +1   Uncommon
1st 294/400 Powell Ally +1   Common
1st 295/400 Baber Ally +3   Rare
1st 296/400 Wachter Ally +2   Common
1st 297/400 Foucault Ally +3   Uncommon
1st 298/400 Stef'fa Naf'ski Monster 5 DS Rare
1st 299/400 Captain Kazhal Hero 9 DS Rare
1st 300/400 Dlasva Hero 3 DS Uncommon
1st 301/400 Tithian Hero 5 DS Rare
1st 302/400 Verrasi Ally +2   Uncommon
1st 303/400 Defiler Wizard 6 DS Common
1st 304/400 Dragon King Monster 8 DS Rare
1st 305/400 Borys Monster 9 DS Rare
1st 306/400 Preserver Wizard 6 DS Common
1st 307/400 Punisher Ally +3   Common
1st 308/400 Gith Ally +1   Uncommon
1st 309/400 Tiger Ally +1   Common
1st 310/400 Orb of Power Magical Item     Common
1st 311/400 Rings of All Seeing Magical Item     Uncommon
1st 312/400 Treasure Event     Common
1st 313/400 Shield of Destruction Magical Item +1   Common
1st 314/400 Shield of Annihilation Magical Item +2   Uncommon
1st 315/400 Shield of Devastation Magical Item +2   Common
1st 316/400 Shield of Wickedness Magical Item     Common
1st 317/400 Shield of Gore Magical Item +3   Uncommon
1st 318/400 Heartwood Spear Artifact   DS Common
1st 319/400 Caravan Event     Common
1st 320/400 Necklace Magical Item     Uncommon
1st 321/400 Elemental Cleric Cleric 2 DS Common
1st 322/400 Elven Archer Ally +3   Rare
1st 323/400 Outcast Hero 5 DS Rare
1st 324/400 Thugs Ally +1   Uncommon
1st 325/400 Desert Warrior Hero 2 DS Rare
1st 326/400 Desert Warrior Hero 3 DS Rare
1st 327/400 Desert Warrior Hero 4 DS Rare
1st 328/400 Marauder Ally +3   Common
1st 329/400 Shaqat Beetles Ally +1   Common
1st 330/400 Tembo Monster 3 DS Uncommon
1st 331/400 Fireball Wizard Spell     Common
1st 332/400 Lightning Bolt Wizard Spell +5   Common
1st 333/400 Paralyze Wizard Spell     Common
1st 334/400 Magic Missile Wizard Spell +3   Common
1st 335/400 Wall of Fire Wizard Spell     Common
1st 336/400 Wall of Iron Wizard Spell +3   Common
1st 337/400 Wall of Stone Wizard Spell +4   Common
1st 338/400 Wall of Force Wizard Spell +5   Common
1st 339/400 Invisibility Wizard Spell     Rare
1st 340/400 Cone of Cold Wizard Spell +5   Common
1st 341/400 Sleep Wizard Spell     Common
1st 342/400 Shield Wizard Spell +2   Common
1st 343/400 Fly Wizard Spell     Common
1st 344/400 Crushing Fist Wizard Spell +4   Rare
1st 345/400 Anti-Magic Shell Wizard Spell     Rare
1st 346/400 Dispel Magic Wizard Spell     Common
1st 347/400 Improved Phantasmal Force Wizard Spell +6   Common
1st 348/400 Fear Wizard Spell     Rare
1st 349/400 Cure Light Wounds Cleric Spell +1   Common
1st 350/400 Cure Serious Wounds Cleric Spell +2   Common
1st 351/400 Sticks to Snakes Cleric Spell +4   Common
1st 352/400 Blade Barrier Cleric Spell     Rare
1st 353/400 Bless Cleric Spell     Common
1st 354/400 Sanctuary Cleric Spell     Rare
1st 355/400 Wind Walk Cleric Spell     Rare
1st 356/400 Bark Skin Cleric Spell +2   Common
1st 357/400 Charm Wizard Spell     Common
1st 358/400 Dispel Magic Cleric Spell     Common
1st 359/400 Darkness Cleric Spell     Common
1st 360/400 Protection Cleric Spell     Common
1st 361/400 Chariot of Sustarre Cleric Spell     Common
1st 362/400 Sunray Cleric Spell     Rare
1st 363/400 Wall of Thorns Cleric Spell +2   Common
1st 364/400 Wall of Fire Cleric Spell +1   Uncommon
1st 365/400 Holy Word Cleric Spell     Common
1st 366/400 Raise Dead Cleric Spell     Rare
1st 367/400 Flame Strike Cleric Spell     Uncommon
1st 368/400 Protection from Lightning Cleric Spell     Common
1st 369/400 Silence Cleric Spell     Uncommon
1st 370/400 Invisibility to Undead Cleric Spell     Common
1st 371/400 Wall of Fog Wizard Spell     Common
1st 372/400 Forget Wizard Spell     Common
1st 373/400 Web Wizard Spell     Common
1st 374/400 Blink Wizard Spell     Common
1st 375/400 Hold Undead Wizard Spell     Common
1st 376/400 Charm Monster Wizard Spell     Common
1st 377/400 Wind of Disenchantment Event     Rare
1st 378/400 Black Tentacles Wizard Spell     Uncommon
1st 379/400 Fire Shield Wizard Spell +5   Uncommon
1st 380/400 Ice Storm Event     Common
1st 381/400 Phantasmal Killer Wizard Spell +?    
1st 382/400 Solid Fog Event     Common
1st 383/400 Animate Dead Wizard Spell     Common
1st 384/400 Cloudkill Wizard Spell     Common
1st 385/400 Feeblemind Wizard Spell     Common
1st 386/400 Magic Jar Wizard Spell     Common
1st 387/400 Faithful Hound Event     Common
1st 388/400 Passwall Wizard Spell     Common
1st 389/400 Rock to Mud Wizard Spell     Common
1st 390/400 Chain Lightning Wizard Spell +5   Common
1st 391/400 Death Fog Wizard Spell     Common
1st 392/400 Death Spell Wizard Spell     Common
1st 393/400 Disintegrate Wizard Spell     Rare
1st 394/400 Geas Wizard Spell     Common
1st 395/400 Banishment Wizard Spell     Common
1st 396/400 Control Undead Wizard Spell     Common
1st 397/400 Finger of Death Wizard Spell     Common
1st 398/400 Spell Turning Wizard Spell     Common
1st 399/400 Ancient Curse Event     Rare
1st 400/400 Calm Event     Common
1c 01/25 Sakornia Hero 6 AD&D Very Rare
1c 02/25 Edomira, Red Dragon Monster 7 AD&D Very Rare
1c 03/25 Gloriana Wizard 6 AD&D Very Rare
1c 04/25 Gib Ekim Hero 5/7 AD&D Very Rare
1c 05/25 Neirgral, Green Dragon Monster 7 AD&D Very Rare
1c 06/25 Dagaronzie, Green Dragon Monster 8 AD&D Very Rare
1c 07/25 Fejyelsae Hero 10 AD&D Very Rare
1c 08/25 Dragon Rage Event     Very Rare
1c 09/25 Shalbaal, Red Dragon Monster 6 AD&D Very Rare
1c 10/25 Delsenora Cleric 7 AD&D Very Rare
1c 11/25 Gib Evets Monster 8 AD&D Very Rare
1c 12/25 Dori the Barbarian Hero 6 AD&D Very Rare
1c 13/25 Gib Htimsen Monster 9 AD&D Very Rare
1c 14/25 Darbee Hero 6 AD&D Very Rare
1c 15/25 Aurum, Gold Dragon Monster 7 AD&D Very Rare
1c 16/25 Halcyon Cleric 7 AD&D Very Rare
1c 17/25 Stryck Monster 7 AD&D Very Rare
1c 18/25 Alicia Wizard 8 AD&D Very Rare
1c 19/25 Red Zeb Monster 9 AD&D Very Rare
1c 20/25 Avatar Event     Very Rare
1c 21/25 Smolder, Red Dragon Monster 8 AD&D Very Rare
1c 22/25 Lovely Colleen Hero 7 AD&D Very Rare
1c 23/25 Ember, Red Dragon Monster 9 AD&D Very Rare
1c 24/25 Andra the Wise Cleric 8 AD&D Very Rare
1c 25/25 Karm, Black Dragon Monster 10 AD&D Very Rare
2nd 401/420 Discovery of Spellfire Event     Rare
2nd 402/420 Magical Champion Magical Item     Rare
2nd 403/420 Traitor Event     Rare
2nd 404/420 Chaos Shield Artifact +1 FR Rare
2nd 405/420 Slave Realm of Tunek Realm   DS Rare
2nd 406/420 Phorbes's Scrolls Wizard Spell +7   Rare
2nd 407/420 Mercenary Gold Ally +8   Rare
2nd 408/420 Living Scroll Monster 0 FR Rare
2nd 409/420 Ren's Bell of Death Artifact +3 FR Rare
2nd 410/420 Labyrinth Map of Shucc Artifact +4 FR Rare
2nd 411/420 Annulus Artifact +3 DS Rare
2nd 412/420 Scroll of 7 Leagues Magical Item +7   Rare
2nd 413/420 Map of Life Event     Rare
2nd 414/420 Supernatural Chill Event     Rare
2nd 415/420 Map to Mercenary Army Ally +8   Rare
2nd 416/420 Pit Trap! Event     Rare
2nd 417/420 Mind Flayer Lord Monster 8 FR Rare
2nd 418/420 Aurak Draconian Lord Monster 8 DL Rare
2nd 419/420 Ego Coin Magical Item     Rare
2nd 420/420 Chest of Many Things Magical Item +5   Rare
3rd 003/400 Ruins of Zhentil Keep Realm 5 FR Rare
3rd 037/400 Castle Draw Holding   FR Uncommon
3rd 134/400 Hookhill Realm   GH Common
3rd 136/400 Iron Hills Realm   GH Realm
3rd 142/400 Ancient Arms of Horned Society Holding 5 GH Rare
3rd 144/400 Ancient Arms of Greyhawk Holding   GH Rare
3rd 145/400 Ancient Arms of Great Kingdom Holding   GH Rare
3rd 146/400 Ancient Arms of Furyondy Holding   GH Common
3rd 147/400 Ancient Arms of Nyrond Holding   GH Common
3rd 155/400 Lich Conclave Monster 5 GH Common
3rd 169/400 Avatar's Bane Ally +4   Rare
3rd 180/400 Berserker Wrath Event     Rare
3rd 192/400 Commander Skeleton Ally +3   Rare
3rd 202/400 Slave Revolt Event     Uncommon
3rd 203/400 Bruce's Revenge Event     Common
3rd 206/400 Kevin's Blade of Doom Magical Item +2   Common
3rd 209/400 Ancient Arms of Veluna Holding   GH Common
3rd 213/400 Barbarian's Revenge Event     Rare
3rd 214/400 Storm at Sea Event     Rare
3rd 216/400 Ancient Arms of Shield Lands Holding   GH Common
3rd 232/400 Mekillot Mountains Holding   DS Common
3rd 262/400 Erellika Hero 2 DS Rare
3rd 277/400 Silver Hands Revenge Event     Uncommon
3rd 303/400 Rogue Defiler of Tyr Wizard 6 DS Common
3rd 304/400 The Lion of Urik Monster 8 DS Rare
3rd 305/400 Borys the Dragon Monster 9 DS Rare
3rd 370/400 Improved Invisibility to Undead Cleric Spell     Common
3rd 421/440 Gelatinous Cube Monster 0 AD&D Rare
3rd 422/440 Gatekeeper Monster 1 AD&D Rare
3rd 423/440 Age of Entropy Rule   AD&D Rare
3rd 424/440 Orb of Green Dragonkind Artifact   AD&D Rare
3rd 425/440 The Undead Htimsen Monster 3 AD&D Rare
3rd 387/400 Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound Event     Common
3rd 426/440 Tapestry of the Stag Artifact +5 GH Rare
3rd 427/440 Dori the Barbarian's Cape Artifact +5 AD&D Rare
3rd 428/440 Weasel Attack Event     Rare
3rd 429/440 The Barbarian's Decree Rule   GH Rare
3rd 430/440 The Abyssal Vortex Rule   GH Rare
3rd 431/440 Prismal the Outrageous Wizard 8 FR Rare
3rd 432/440 Malatra, the Living Jungle Realm 6 FR Rare
3rd 433/440 Mayor Charles Oliver O'Kane Hero 6 FR Rare
3rd 434/440 Bengoukee the Witch Doctor Wizard 7 FR Rare
3rd 435/440 Big Chief Bagoomba Hero 5 FR Rare
3rd 436/440 The Genie Bottle Event     Rare
3rd 437/440 Estate Transference Wizard Spell     Rare
3rd 438/440 Starshine Cleric 8 AD&D Rare
3rd 439/440 The Starving Artist Ally +3   Rare
3rd 440/440 The King of the Elves Hero 9 AD&D Rare
4th 1/520 Menzoberranzan Realm   FR Uncommon
4th 2/520 Ruins of Zentil Keep Realm 5 FR Rare
4th 3/520 Sembia Realm   FR Uncommon
4th 4/520 Myth Drannor Realm   FR Uncommon
4th 5/520 Icewind Dale Realm   FR Uncommon
4th 6/520 Damara Realm   FR Uncommon
4th 7/520 Daggerdale Realm   FR Uncommon
4th 8/520 Evermeet Realm   FR Uncommon
4th 9/520 The Trollmoors Realm   FR Uncommon
4th 10/520 The Coral Kingdom Realm   FR Rare
4th 11/520 Raurin Realm   FR Uncommon
4th 12/520 The Vilhon Reach Realm   FR Uncommon
4th 13/520 Giant's Run Mountains Realm   FR Rare
4th 14/520 Sterich Realm   GH Uncommon
4th 15/520 Nyrond Realm   GH Uncommon
4th 16/520 Furyondy Realm   GH Rare
4th 17/520 Temple of Elemental Evil Realm   GH Uncommon
4th 18/520 Greyhawk Ruins Realm   GH Uncommon
4th 19/520 Perrenland Realm   GH Uncommon
4th 20/520 Duchy of Tenh Realm   GH Rare
4th 21/520 Hell Furnaces Realm   GH Uncommon
4th 22/520 Free and Independent City of Dyvers Realm   GH Uncommon
4th 23/520 Spindrift Islands Realm 8 GH Uncommon
4th 24/520 Stonefist Hold Realm   GH Uncommon
4th 25/520 Ull Realm   GH Uncommon
4th 26/520 Valley of the Mage Realm 9 GH Rare
4th 27/520 Urik Realm 4 DS Uncommon
4th 28/520 Tyr Realm 5 DS Uncommon
4th 29/520 Gulg Realm 7 DS Uncommon
4th 30/520 Euripis Realm   DS Uncommon
4th 31/520 New Giustenal Realm   DS Rare
4th 32/520 Ur Draxa Realm   DS Uncommon
4th 33/520 Shault Realm 6 DS Uncommon
4th 34/520 The Forest Ridge Realm   DS Rare
4th 35/520 Celik Realm   DS Uncommon
4th 36/520 Lake Island Realm 5 DS Uncommon
4th 37/520 The Jagged Cliffs Realm 3 DS Uncommon
4th 38/520 The Last Sea Realm   DS Uncommon
4th 39/520 Dragon's Crown Mountains Realm 7 DS Rare
4th 40/520 Realm of the White Witch Realm   BR Uncommon
4th 41/520 The Battle-Fens Realm   BR Rare
4th 42/520 The Giantdowns Realm   BR Uncommon
4th 43/520 The Sphinx Realm   BR Uncommon
4th 44/520 The Mistmoor Realm   BR Uncommon
4th 45/520 Tarvan Waste Realm   BR Uncommon
4th 46/520 Black Spear Tribes Realm   BR Rare
4th 47/520 Thurazor Realm 7 BR Uncommon
4th 48/520 The Sielwode Realm   BR Uncommon
4th 49/520 The Five Peaks Realm   BR Uncommon
4th 50/520 Cariele Realm   BR Uncommon
4th 51/520 Boeruine Realm 6 BR Uncommon
4th 52/520 Rhuobhe Realm   BR Rare
4th 53/520 Reorxcrown Mountains Realm   DL Uncommon
4th 54/520 Shining Lands Realm   DL Rare
4th 55/520 The Delving Realm Ally +5 DL Rare
4th 56/520 Estwilde Realm   DL Uncommon
4th 57/520 Blood Sea of Istar Realm   DL Uncommon
4th 58/520 Enstar Realm   DL Rare
4th 59/520 Bluet Spur Realm   RL Rare
4th 60/520 Arak Realm Ally +4 RL Uncommon
4th 61/520 Borca Realm   RL Rare
4th 62/520 Gundarak Realm 5 RL Uncommon
4th 63/520 Sithicus Realm   RL Uncommon
4th 64/520 Nightmare Lands Realm   RL Rare
4th 65/520 Council Aerie Realm 9 AD&D Uncommon
4th 66/520 Milborne Realm   AD&D Rare
4th 67/520 The Isle of Beacon Point Realm   AD&D Uncommon
4th 68/520 Lair of the Eye Tyrant Realm 15 AD&D Rare
4th 69/520 Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga Realm   AD&D Uncommon
4th 70/520 Anytown, Anywhere Realm   AD&D Rare
4th 71/520 Haven of the Undead Realm   AD&D Uncommon
4th 72/520 Monastery of Perdien the Damned Realm   AD&D Rare
4th 73/520 Mulmaster Holding   FR Uncommon
4th 74/520 Blackstaff Tower Holding Ally +3 FR Uncommon
4th 75/520 Candlekeep Holding   FR Uncommon
4th 76/520 Mithral Hall Holding   FR Uncommon
4th 77/520 Moonwell Holding   FR Uncommon
4th 78/520 Nagawater Holding Ally +4 FR Uncommon
4th 79/520 Tilverton Holding   FR Uncommon
4th 80/520 Lhespenbog Holding   FR Uncommon
4th 81/520 Adderswamp Holding   FR Uncommon
4th 82/520 Fortification: Rampart Holding   GH Uncommon
4th 83/520 Fortification: Bastion Holding   GH Uncommon
4th 84/520 Fortification: Parapet Holding   GH Uncommon
4th 85/520 Fortification: Bailey Holding   GH Uncommon
4th 86/520 Fortification: Curtain Wall Holding   GH Uncommon
4th 87/520 Fortification: Inner Wall Holding   GH Uncommon
4th 88/520 Fortification: Bulwark Holding   GH Uncommon
4th 89/520 Fortification: Barricade Holding   GH Uncommon
4th 90/520 Fortification: Breastwork Holding   GH Uncommon
4th 91/520 The Mud Palace Holding   DS Uncommon
4th 92/520 South Ledopolus Holding   DS Uncommon
4th 93/520 Ogo Holding   DS Uncommon
4th 94/520 Arkhold Holding   DS Uncommon
4th 95/520 Lost Oasis Holding   DS Uncommon
4th 96/520 Grak's Pool Holding Ally +5 DS Uncommon
4th 97/520 Silver Spring Holding   DS Uncommon
4th 98/520 Black Waters Holding   DS Uncommon
4th 99/520 Dungeon of Gulg Holding   DS Uncommon
4th 100/520 The Celestial Jewel of Sarimie Holding   BR Uncommon
4th 101/520 Points East Trading Company Holding   BR Uncommon
4th 102/520 The Thorn Throne Holding   BR Uncommon
4th 103/520 Peaceful Seas of Nesirie Holding   BR Uncommon
4th 104/520 Sarimie's Temple of Fortune Holding   BR Uncommon
4th 105/520 Boeruine Trading Guild Holding   BR Uncommon
4th 106/520 Taeghan Outfitters Holding   BR Uncommon
4th 107/520 Straits of Aerele Shipping Holding   BR Uncommon
4th 108/520 Grovnekvic Forest Holding   BR Uncommon
4th 109/520 Madding Springs Holding   DL Uncommon
4th 110/520 Shark Reef Holding   DL Uncommon
4th 111/520 Barter Holding   DL Uncommon
4th 112/520 Dance of the Red Death Holding   RL Uncommon
4th 113/520 Red Jack Holding Ally +2 RL Uncommon
4th 114/520 Red Tide Holding Ally +6 RL Uncommon
4th 115/520 Treasure Vault Holding   AD&D Uncommon
4th 116/520 Kestrel's Keep Holding   AD&D Uncommon
4th 117/520 Keep of the Dead Holding   AD&D Uncommon
4th 118/520 Airship Event     Uncommon
4th 119/520 Cataclysm! Event     Uncommon
4th 120/520 Good Fortune Event     Uncommon
4th 121/520 Surprise Raid Event     Uncommon
4th 122/520 Labor of Legend Event     Uncommon
4th 123/520 Siege! Event     Uncommon
4th 124/520 Mutiny! Event     Uncommon
4th 125/520 Transformation! Event     Uncommon
4th 126/520 Slave Revolt! Event     Uncommon
4th 127/520 Bruce's Revenge Event     Uncommon
4th 128/520 Fast Talking! Event     Uncommon
4th 129/520 The Barbarian's Revenge! Event     Uncommon
4th 130/520 Treasure Event     Uncommon
4th 131/520 The Caravan Event     Uncommon
4th 132/520 Ice Storm Event     Uncommon
4th 133/520 Solid Fog Event     Uncommon
4th 134/520 Tarrasque Event     Uncommon
4th 135/520 Black Bess Event     Uncommon
4th 136/520 Dead Magic Zone Event     Uncommon
4th 137/520 Deflection Event     Uncommon
4th 138/520 Temporal Stasis Event     Uncommon
4th 139/520 Dragons Rebellious Event     Uncommon
4th 140/520 Hurricane! Event     Uncommon
4th 141/520 Call to Arms Event     Uncommon
4th 142/520 Phantasmal Wolf Event     Uncommon
4th 143/520 Land Ho! Event     Uncommon
4th 144/520 Provocation Event     Uncommon
4th 145/520 Balance of Power Event     Uncommon
4th 146/520 Assault of Magic Event     Uncommon
4th 147/520 Psionic Contrition Event     Uncommon
4th 148/520 Monstrous Intervention Event     Uncommon
4th 149/520 The Land Rebels Event     Uncommon
4th 150/520 Elven Rebirth Event     Uncommon
4th 151/520 The Death of a Hero Event     Uncommon
4th 152/520 Ambush Event     Uncommon
4th 153/520 Brave Heart Event     Uncommon
4th 154/520 The Torments of Sisyphus Event     Uncommon
4th 155/520 Secret War Event     Uncommon
4th 156/520 Covert Aid Event     Uncommon
4th 157/520 Wrath of the Immortals Event     Uncommon
4th 158/520 Titans Walk the Earth Event     Uncommon
4th 159/520 Bess's Revenge Event     Uncommon
4th 160/520 Foreign Wars Event     Uncommon
4th 161/520 Gales at Sea Event     Uncommon
4th 162/520 Escape from the Abyss Event     Uncommon
4th 163/520 Banner of the Two-Eyed God Magical Item +3   Common
4th 164/520 Staff of Striking Magical Item +3   Common
4th 165/520 Staff of Conjuring Magical Item +5   Common
4th 166/520 War Banner Magical Item +1   Common
4th 167/520 Falcon Figurine Magical Item +1   Common
4th 168/520 Ghost Crystal Magical Item +5   Common
4th 169/520 Net of Entrapment Magical Item     Common
4th 170/520 Orb of Power Magical Item     Common
4th 171/520 Rings of All Seeing Magical Item     Common
4th 172/520 Shield of Destruction Magical Item +2   Common
4th 173/520 Shield of Annihilation Magical Item +2   Common
4th 174/520 Shield of Devastation Magical Item +2   Common
4th 175/520 Shield of Wickedness Magical Item     Common
4th 176/520 The Necklace Magical Item     Common
4th 177/520 Dragonslayer Magical Item +4   Common
4th 178/520 Gauntlets of Swimming Magical Item +2   Common
4th 179/520 Horn of Blasting Magical Item +3   Common
4th 180/520 Wand of Wonder Magical Item +?   Common
4th 181/520 Drow Slippers Magical Item +3   Common
4th 182/520 Midnight's Mask of Disguise Magical Item +2   Common
4th 183/520 Girdle of Storm Giant Strength Magical Item +9   Common
4th 184/520 Hammer of the Gods Magical Item +5   Common
4th 185/520 Gauntles of Golem Strength Magical Item +6   Common
4th 186/520 Winged Boots Magical Item +2   Common
4th 187/520 Badge of the Wolf Nomads Magical Item +4   Common
4th 188/520 Dark Haven Magical Item 1/2   Common
4th 189/520 Spellbook Magical Item     Common
4th 190/520 Pan's Pipes Magical Item +4   Common
4th 191/520 The Bagpipes of Drawmij Magical Item +2   Common
4th 192/520 Ailarond Horn Magical Item +2   Common
4th 193/520 Lyre of Arvanaith Magical Item +3   Common
4th 194/520 The Harp of Kings Magical Item +5   Common
4th 195/520 The Leviathan Horn Magical Item +4   Common
4th 196/520 Chimes of Chelerie Magical Item +4   Common
4th 197/520 Xeno-Xylophone Magical Item +2   Common
4th 198/520 Dragon Drums Magical Item +6   Common
4th 199/520 Scarab of Protection Magical Item +3   Common
4th 200/520 Arrow of Slaying Magical Item +2   Common
4th 201/520 Crossbow of Accuracy Magical Item +4   Common
4th 202/520 Dagger of Venom Magical Item +1   Common
4th 203/520 Javelin of Lightning Magical Item +2   Common
4th 204/520 Mace of Disruption Magical Item +4   Common
4th 205/520 Scimitar of Speed Magical Item +3   Common
4th 206/520 Trident of Fish Command Magical Item +2   Common
4th 207/520 Holy Avenger Magical Item +7   Common
4th 208/520 Armies of Bloodstone Ally +4   Common
4th 209/520 The Iron Legion Ally +3   Common
4th 210/520 Myrmidons Ally +4   Common
4th 211/520 Hornhead Saurial Ally +3   Common
4th 212/520 Mind Flayer Ally +3   Common
4th 213/520 Intellect Devourer Ally +1   Common
4th 214/520 Elf Galleon Ally +3   Common
4th 215/520 Tyrol Ally +4   Common
4th 216/520 Hell Hound Ally +5   Common
4th 217/520 Skeletal Lord Ally +7   Common
4th 218/520 Skeletal Minion Ally +3   Common
4th 219/520 Treants of the Grandwood Ally +5   Common
4th 220/520 Mogadisho's Horde Marches On Ally +2   Common
4th 221/520 Assassins Ally +2   Common
4th 222/520 Halfling Mercenaries Ally +1   Common
4th 223/520 Gladiators Ally +9   Common
4th 224/520 Rowan Ally +1   Common
4th 225/520 Ashathra Ally +2   Common
4th 226/520 Stug Ally +2   Common
4th 227/520 Galek Ally +2   Common
4th 228/520 Silt Stalkers Ally +3   Common
4th 229/520 Night Runners Ally +2   Common
4th 230/520 Athasian Sloth Ally +8   Common
4th 231/520 Wijon Ally +2   Common
4th 232/520 Elven Archer Ally +3   Common
4th 233/520 Marauder Ally +3   Common
4th 234/520 Shaqat Beetles Ally +1   Common
4th 235/520 Flesh Golem Ally +5   Common
4th 236/520 Loup-Garou Ally +2   Common
4th 237/520 Brine Dragon Ally +6   Common
4th 238/520 Flaming Fist Ally +9   Common
4th 239/520 Ninjas Ally +1   Common
4th 240/520 Psuedodragon Ally +3   Common
4th 241/520 Roc Ally +8   Common
4th 242/520 Marilith Tanar'ri Ally +7   Common
4th 243/520 Thought Eater Ally 2   Common
4th 244/520 Ogre Mage Ally +6   Common
4th 245/520 Mermaid Ally +4   Common
4th 246/520 The Dreaded Ghost Ally +9   Common
4th 247/520 Clay Golem Ally +4   Common
4th 248/520 Ki-Rin Ally +3   Common
4th 249/520 Troll Ally +6   Common
4th 250/520 Selkie Ally +3   Common
4th 251/520 Rust Monster Ally +4   Common
4th 252/520 Displacer Beast Ally +6   Common
4th 253/520 Drizzt Do'Urden Hero 8 FR Common
4th 254/520 The Harpers Hero 6 FR Common
4th 255/520 Helm Hero 6 FR Rare
4th 256/520 Thorvid Hero 5 GH Common
4th 257/520 Hettman Tsurin Hero 2 GH Common
4th 258/520 Tyrinon Hero 5 GH Common
4th 259/520 Rikus Hero 6 DS Common
4th 260/520 Captain Kazhal Hero 9 DS Common
4th 261/520 Neeva Hero 7 DS Common
4th 262/520 Pereghost Monster 7 FR Common
4th 263/520 Dracolich Monster 6 FR Common
4th 264/520 Stone Giant Monster 6 FR Common
4th 265/520 Lich Conclave Monster 5 GH Common
4th 266/520 Winged Horror Monster 5 GH Common
4th 267/520 Mature Gold Dragon Monster 8 GH Common
4th 268/520 Borys the Dragon Monster 9 DS Common
4th 269/520 Athasian Cistern Fiend Monster 8 DS Common
4th 270/520 Korgunard the Avangion Monster 8 DS Common
4th 271/520 Elminster the Mage Wizard 9 FR Common
4th 272/520 Vangerdahast Wizard 6 FR Common
4th 273/520 Ambassador Carrague Wizard 7 FR Common
4th 274/520 Mike the Wolf Nomad Wizard 7 GH Common
4th 275/520 Mordenkainen Wizard 7 GH Common
4th 276/520 Drawmij Wizard 7 GH Common
4th 277/520 Sadira Wizard 4 DS Common
4th 278/520 Rogue Defiler of Tyr Wizard 6 DS Common
4th 279/520 Kalid-na Wizard 9 DS Rare
4th 280/520 Amaril Cleric 3 FR Common
4th 281/520 Clerics of Malar Cleric 4 FR Common
4th 282/520 Adon Cleric 5 FR Common
4th 283/520 Sysania Cleric 4 GH Common
4th 284/520 Nenioc Cleric 5 GH Common
4th 285/520 Arch-Druid Cleric 4 GH Rare
4th 286/520 Shayira Cleric 3 DS Common
4th 287/520 Elemental Cleric Cleric 2 DS Common
4th 288/520 Klik-Ka'Cha Cleric 7 DS Common
4th 289/520 Photed Hero 7 AD&D Common
4th 290/520 Sharla Wizard 5 AD&D Common
4th 291/520 Migrane Cleric 8 AD&D Common
4th 292/520 Vitralis Hero 3 AD&D Common
4th 293/520 Larn Wizard 4 AD&D Common
4th 294/520 Livekor Monster 9 AD&D Common
4th 295/520 Shayla Hero 3 AD&D Common
4th 296/520 Ssilcroth Monster 5 AD&D Common
4th 297/520 Rumples Wizard 8 AD&D Common
4th 298/520 Diamond Wizard 3 GH Common
4th 299/520 Emerald Wizard 6 GH Common
4th 300/520 Topaz Wizard 9 GH Common
4th 301/520 Ruby Hero 4 DL Common
4th 302/520 Jacinth Hero 6 DL Common
4th 303/520 Amethyst Hero 8 DL Common
4th 304/520 Pearl Cleric 3 RL Common
4th 305/520 Amber Cleric 5 RL Common
4th 306/520 Aquamarina Cleric 7 RL Common
4th 307/520 Cyclops Monster 7 AD&D Common
4th 308/520 Ettin Monster 5 AD&D Rare
4th 309/520 Formorian Giant Monster 6 AD&D Common
4th 310/520 Fire Giant Monster 8 AD&D Common
4th 311/520 Yumac the Cold Wizard 7 AD&D Rare
4th 312/520 Pellgrade the Inexorable Wizard 9 AD&D Common
4th 313/520 Nernal Cleric 5 AD&D Common
4th 314/520 Gloaranor Cleric 6 AD&D Common
4th 315/520 Moralin Cleric 7 AD&D Common
4th 316/520 Borin Moradinson Cleric 5 FR Common
4th 317/520 Mallin Dimmerswill Cleric 6 FR Common
4th 318/520 Arden Glimrock Cleric 8 FR Common
4th 319/520 Drider Monster 4 FR Common
4th 320/520 Eye Tyrant Monster 6 FR Common
4th 321/520 Roper Monster 9 FR Common
4th 322/520 Malleyahl Hero 4 FR Common
4th 323/520 Malaruat Hero 6 FR Common
4th 324/520 Maleficent Hero 8 FR Common
4th 325/520 Isika Hero 4 FR Common
4th 326/520 Merika Hero 3 DS Common
4th 327/520 Funerea Hero 8 DS Common
4th 328/520 Salurana Psionicist 3 DL Common
4th 329/520 Jella Psionicist 5 DL Common
4th 330/520 Myalasia Psionicist 3 DL Common
4th 331/520 Kit'Kit'Kin Psionicist 6 DS Common
4th 332/520 Beala Psionicist 5 DS Common
4th 333/520 Minerva Psionicist 7 DS Common
4th 334/520 Iserik Hero 5 FR Common
4th 335/520 Merik Hero 4 DS Common
4th 336/520 Pyre Hero 7 DS Common
4th 337/520 Ansalong Psionicist 2 DL Common
4th 338/520 Jarek Halvs Psionicist 6 DL Common
4th 339/520 Moraster Psionicist 3 DL Common
4th 340/520 Kai'Rik'Tik Psionicist 8 DS Common
4th 341/520 Talcon Psionicist 4 DS Rare
4th 342/520 Minervan Psionicist 9 DS Common
4th 343/520 Apocalypse Monster 7 BR Common
4th 344/520 The Harpy Regent 5 BR Common
4th 345/520 The Magian Regent 9 BR Rare
4th 346/520 Serpent Regent 6 BR Common
4th 347/520 Chernevik Regent 8 BR Common
4th 348/520 Cidre Bint Corina Regent 4 BR Common
4th 349/520 Adan El-Mesir Regent 5 BR Common
4th 350/520 Rahil the Falcon Regent 7 BR Common
4th 351/520 Arlando El-Adaba Regent 8 BR Common
4th 352/520 The Ancient Dead Monster 7 RL Common
4th 353/520 Madman Enraged Hero 5 RL Common
4th 354/520 Ting Ling Cleric 8 RL Common
4th 355/520 The Death Ship Monster 4 RL Common
4th 356/520 The Lesser Mummy Cleric 3 RL Common
4th 357/520 Bride of Malice Wizard 9 RL Common
4th 358/520 The Vulture of the Core Monster 6 RL Common
4th 359/520 Fleeing Adventurers Hero 3 RL Common
4th 360/520 The Bog Monster Monster 8 RL Common
4th 361/520 Flight Wizard Spell     Common
4th 362/520 Shapechange Wizard Spell +6   Uncommon
4th 363/520 Fireball Wizard Spell +4   Common
4th 364/520 Lightning Bolt Wizard Spell +5   Common
4th 365/520 Magic Missle Wizard Spell +3   Common
4th 366/520 Wall of Fire Wizard Spell +3   Common
4th 367/520 Wall of Force Wizard Spell +5   Common
4th 368/520 Cone of Cold Wizard Spell +5   Common
4th 369/520 Crushing Fist Wizard Spell +4   Common
4th 370/520 Dispel Magic Wizard Spell     Common
4th 371/520 Wall of Fog Wizard Spell     Common
4th 372/520 Fear Wizard Spell     Common
4th 373/520 Blink Wizard Spell     Common
4th 374/520 Charm Monster Wizard Spell     Common
4th 375/520 Black Tentacles Wizard Spell     Common
4th 376/520 Death Fog Wizard Spell     Common
4th 377/520 Death Spell Wizard Spell     Uncommon
4th 378/520 Power Word, Stun Wizard Spell     Common
4th 379/520 Spell Turning Wizard Spell     Common
4th 380/520 Power Word, Silence Wizard Spell     Common
4th 381/520 Death Link Wizard Spell +2   Uncommon
4th 382/520 Limited Wish Wizard Spell +1   Uncommon
4th 383/520 Time Stop Wizard Spell     Uncommon
4th 384/520 Wish Wizard Spell     Uncommon
4th 385/520 Reverse Gravity Wizard Spell     Common
4th 386/520 Mirror Image Wizard Spell     Common
4th 387/520 Elminster's Evasion Wizard Spell     Common
4th 388/520 Prismatic Sphere Wizard Spell +4   Common
4th 389/520 Re-target Wizard Spell     Common
4th 390/520 ESP Wizard Spell     Common
4th 391/520 Leomund's Trap Wizard Spell     Common
4th 392/520 Misdirection Wizard Spell     Common
4th 393/520 Ray of Enfeeblement Wizard Spell     Common
4th 394/520 Stinking Cloud Wizard Spell     Common
4th 395/520 Sepia Snake Sigil Wizard Spell     Common
4th 396/520 Armor Wizard Spell     Common
4th 397/520 Sticks to Snakes Cleric Spell +4   Common
4th 398/520 Sanctuary Cleric Spell     Common
4th 399/520 Wind Walk Cleric Spell     Common
4th 400/520 Dispel Cleric Spell     Common
4th 401/520 Raise Dead Cleric Spell     Common
4th 402/520 Creeping Doom Cleric Spell     Uncommon
4th 403/520 Earthquake Cleric Spell     Uncommon
4th 404/520 Shadow Engines Cleric Spell     Common
4th 405/520 Faith-Magic Zone Cleric Spell     Common
4th 406/520 Ward of Sleep Cleric Spell     Common
4th 407/520 Ward of Peace Cleric Spell     Common
4th 408/520 Ward of Erebus Cleric Spell     Common
4th 409/520 Ward of Lancoon Cleric Spell     Common
4th 410/520 Ward of Laius Cleric Spell     Common
4th 411/520 Ward of Freedom Cleric Spell     Common
4th 412/520 Ward of Ironguarding Cleric Spell     Common
4th 413/520 Ward of Ruin Cleric Spell     Common
4th 414/520 Ward of the Erinyes Cleric Spell     Common
4th 415/520 Animal Friendship Cleric Spell +?   Common
4th 416/520 Command Cleric Spell     Common
4th 417/520 Shillelagh Cleric Spell +?   Common
4th 418/520 Aid Cleric Spell +4   Common
4th 419/520 Enthrall Cleric Spell     Common
4th 420/520 Fire Trap Cleric Spell     Common
4th 421/520 Heat Metal Cleric Spell     Common
4th 422/520 Locate Object Cleric Spell     Common
4th 423/520 Negative Plane Protection Cleric Spell +2   Common
4th 424/520 Switch Personality Psionic Power     Common
4th 425/520 Superior Invisibility Psionic Power     Common
4th 426/520 Mindlink Psionic Power +4   Common
4th 427/520 Precognition Psionic Power +4   Common
4th 428/520 Phobia Amplification Psionic Power     Common
4th 429/520 Body Weaponry Psionic Power +6   Common
4th 430/520 Lend Health Psionic Power     Common
4th 431/520 Metamorphosis Psionic Power +5   Uncommon
4th 432/520 Mindwipe Psionic Power     Common
4th 433/520 Jab Unarmed Combat +1   Common
4th 434/520 Boot to the Head Unarmed Combat +1   Common
4th 435/520 Reversal Unarmed Combat     Common
4th 436/520 Choke Hold Unarmed Combat     Common
4th 437/520 Counter Unarmed Combat     Common
4th 438/520 Rake! Unarmed Combat +3   Common
4th 439/520 Tail Slap Unarmed Combat +2   Uncommon
4th 440/520 Blind Side! Unarmed Combat +4   Common
4th 441/520 Heroic Effort Unarmed Combat     Common
4th 442/520 Elemental Control Blood Ability +2   Common
4th 443/520 Fear Blood Ability +3   Common
4th 444/520 Healing Blood Ability     Common
4th 445/520 Resistance Blood Ability     Common
4th 446/520 Bloodform Blood Ability +5   Common
4th 447/520 Charm Aura Blood Ability     Common
4th 448/520 Major Resistance Blood Ability     Common
4th 449/520 Wither Touch Blood Ability 5   Common
4th 450/520 Persuasion Blood Ability     Common
4th 451/520 Ren's Crystal Ball Artifact   GH Common
4th 452/520 Codex of the Infinite Planes Artifact   GH Common
4th 453/520 Eye and Hand of Vecna Artifact +5/2 GH Common
4th 454/520 Cup of Al'Akbar Artifact   GH Common
4th 455/520 The Ring of Winter Artifact   FR Common
4th 456/520 Wand of Orcus Artifact +9 AD&D Common
4th 457/520 Axe of Dwarvish Lords Artifact +3 AD&D Common
4th 458/520 Guenhwyvar Artifact +5 FR Common
4th 459/520 Obsidian Man of Urik Artifact +6 DS Common
4th 460/520 The Throne of the Gods Artifact +10 AD&D Common
4th 461/520 Nature's Throne Artifact +6 AD&D Common
4th 462/520 Throne of Bone Artifact +4 AD&D Common
4th 463/520 The Medusa Throne Artifact +5 AD&D Common
4th 464/520 Throne of Ice Artifact +4 AD&D Common
4th 465/520 Throne of the Seas Artifact +5 AD&D Common
4th 466/520 Throne of the Pharaohs Artifact +3 AD&D Common
4th 467/520 The Emerald Throne Artifact +5 AD&D Common
4th 468/520 Throne of the Drow Artifact +4 AD&D Common
4th 469/520 Elemental Avatar of Earth Cleric 15 DS Rare
4th 470/520 Elemental Avatar of Air Cleric 15 DS Rare
4th 471/520 Elemental Avatar of Water Cleric 15 DS Rare
4th 472/520 Elemental Avatar of Fire Cleric 15 DS Rare
4th 473/520 Garl Glittergold Hero 13 AD&D Rare
4th 474/520 Urdlen Monster 14 AD&D Rare
4th 475/520 Yondalla the Provider Hero 16 AD&D Rare
4th 476/520 Brandobaris Hero 13 AD&D Rare
4th 477/520 Corellon Larethian Wizard 18 AD&D Rare
4th 478/520 Bahgtru Monster 14 AD&D Rare
4th 479/520 Great Mother Monster 16 AD&D Rare
4th 480/520 Annam Cleric 16 AD&D Rare
4th 481/520 Remnis Monster 15 AD&D Rare
4th 482/520 Cegilune Monster 17 AD&D Rare
4th 483/520 Kanchelsis Wizard 16 AD&D Rare
4th 484/520 Ferrix Wizard 17 AD&D Rare
4th 485/520 Titania Wizard 20 AD&D Rare
4th 486/520 Verenestra Cleric 16 AD&D Rare
4th 487/520 Midnight, Goddess of Magic Wizard 15 FR Rare
4th 488/520 Iuz, Avatar of Evil Monster 14 GH Rare
4th 489/520 Lolth, the Spider Avatar Monster 21 GH Rare
4th 490/520 Nobody Wins! Rule   AD&D Common
4th 491/520 Rule Lawyer's Delight Rule   AD&D Common
4th 492/520 Time of Troubles Rule   AD&D Common
4th 493/520 The Power of Faith Rule   AD&D Common
4th 494/520 Forbidden Knowledge Rule   AD&D Common
4th 495/520 Circle of Life Rule   AD&D Common
4th 496/520 Fair Fight! Rule   AD&D Common
4th 497/520 The Event Wheel Rule   AD&D Common
4th 498/520 The Backwaters Rule   AD&D Common
4th 499/520 Master the Magic Rule   AD&D Common
4th 500/520 The Master Strategist Rule   AD&D Common
4th 501/520 Flash Flood Event     Very Rare
4th 502/520 Netherese Symbol of Power Wizard Spell     Very Rare
4th 503/520 Rengarth Oracle Cleric Spell     Very Rare
4th 504/520 Sea of Dust Realm   GH Very Rare
4th 505/520 Caves of Mystery Holding   AD&D Very Rare
4th 506/520 The Living Earth Event     Very Rare
4th 507/520 The Painted Hills Realm 5 DS Very Rare
4th 508/520 Ethereal Champion Hero 7 AD&D Very Rare
4th 509/520 Agis's Cairn Holding +4 DS Very Rare
4th 510/520 Throne of the Mountain God Artifact +5 AD&D Very Rare
4th 511/520 Between a Rock and a Hard Place Event     Very Rare
4th 512/520 Barbaric Allies Ally +7   Very Rare
4th 513/520 The Sylvan Pool Holding   AD&D Very Rare
4th 514/520 Poor Man's Fort Holding +3 AD&D Very Rare
4th 515/520 The Crystal Dome Event     Very Rare
4th 516/520 Towers of Menzoberranzan Holding   FR Very Rare
4th 517/520 Mystic Passage Psionic Power     Very Rare
4th 518/520 Blingdenstone Symbol of Power Cleric Spell     Very Rare
4th 519/520 Dragon's Eye Symbol of Power Wizard Spell     Very Rare
4th 520/520 The Winner's Cape Artifact +10 AD&D Very Rare
2RL 001/100 Barovia Realm   RL Uncommon
2RL 002/100 Darkon Realm   RL Rare
2RL 003/100 Lamordia Realm   RL Common
2RL 004/100 Mordent Realm   RL Common
2RL 005/100 Kartakass Realm   RL Common
2RL 006/100 Keening Realm   RL Uncommon
2RL 007/100 Tepest Realm   RL Common
2RL 008/100 Verbrek Realm +3 RL Common
2RL 009/100 Invidia Realm   RL Rare
2RL 010/100 Nova Vaasa Realm   RL Common
2RL 011/100 Dementlieu Realm   RL Uncommon
2RL 012/100 Valachan Realm 5 RL Common
2RL 013/100 Har'Akir Realm   RL Common
2RL 014/100 Souragne Realm   RL Common
2RL 015/100 Sri Raji Realm   RL Uncommon
2RL 016/100 Castle Ravenloft Holding   RL Rare
2RL 017/100 Azalin's Graveyard Holding +6 RL Rare
2RL 018/100 Kargat Mausoleum Holding 4 RL Common
2RL 019/100 Paridon Holding   RL Uncommon
2RL 020/100 Pharaoh's Rest Holding   RL Common
2RL 021/100 Mists Event     Common
2RL 022/100 Dark Powers Event     Uncommon
2RL 023/100 Grand Conjunction Event     Common
2RL 024/100 Harvest Moon Event     Rare
2RL 025/100 All Hallow's Eve Event     Common
2RL 026/100 Quirk of Fate Event     Rare
2RL 027/100 Disrupted Magic Event     Common
2RL 028/100 Power of the Land Event     Uncommon
2RL 029/100 Spell Book / Drawmij Rule   GH Rare
2RL 030/100 City States Rule   DS Rare
2RL 031/100 Islands of Terror Rule   RL Rare
2RL 032/100 Eyes of the Undead Cleric Spell     Common
2RL 033/100 Living Ward Cleric Spell     Uncommon
2RL 034/100 Binding Curse Cleric Spell     Common
2RL 035/100 Conjure Grave Elemental Cleric Spell +8   Rare
2RL 036/100 Animate Rock Cleric Spell +6   Uncommon
2RL 037/100 Word of Recall Cleric Spell     Common
2RL 038/100 Glyph of Warding Cleric Spell     Common
2RL 039/100 Call Lightning Cleric Spell +4   Common
2RL 040/100 Prayer Cleric Spell     Common
2RL 041/100 Turn Undead Cleric Spell     Uncommon
2RL 042/100 Imbue with Spell Ability Cleric Spell     Common
2RL 043/100 Insect Plague Cleric Spell +5   Common
2RL 044/100 Plane Shift Cleric Spell     Rare
2RL 045/100 Heal Cleric Spell     Rare
2RL 046/100 Shadow Magic Wizard Spell +3   Common
2RL 047/100 Shades Wizard Spell +4   Common
2RL 048/100 Vampiric Touch Wizard Spell +5   Common
2RL 049/100 Hold Person Wizard Spell     Rare
2RL 050/100 Detect Magic Wizard Spell     Uncommon
2RL 051/100 Augment Undead Wizard Spell     Common
2RL 052/100 Strahd's Malefic Meld Wizard Spell     Uncommon
2RL 053/100 Misty Summons Wizard Spell     Rare
2RL 054/100 Neverending Nightmare Wizard Spell +?   Common
2RL 055/100 Chill Touch Wizard Spell +3   Common
2RL 056/100 Tarokka Deck Magical Item     Uncommon
2RL 057/100 Timepiece of Knorr Magical Item     Rare
2RL 058/100 Ring of Regeneration Magical Item     Uncommon
2RL 059/100 Sun Sword Magical Item +2   Common
2RL 060/100 Blood Coin Magical Item     Common
2RL 061/100 Staff of Mimicry Magical Item     Uncommon
2RL 062/100 Soul Searcher Medal Magical Item     Common
2RL 063/100 Ring of Reversion Magical Item     Uncommon
2RL 064/100 Amulet of the Beast Magical Item     Common
2RL 065/100 Cat of Felkovic Magical Item +?   Common
2RL 066/100 Apparatus Artifact   RL Rare
2RL 067/100 Crown of Souls Artifact   RL Rare
2RL 068/100 Holy Symbol of Raven Artifact   RL Uncommon
2RL 069/100 Tapestry of Dark Souls Artifact   RL Uncommon
2RL 070/100 Fang of the Nosferatu Artifact   RL Rare
2RL 071/100 Kargat Vampire Ally +5   Common
2RL 072/100 Wolf Pack Ally +4   Common
2RL 073/100 Flesh Golem Ally +5   Uncommon
2RL 074/100 Ghost Ship Ally +1   Rare
2RL 075/100 Strahd Zombies Ally +4   Common
2RL 076/100 Fiend Ally +6   Rare
2RL 077/100 Spectre Ally +4   Uncommon
2RL 078/100 Vistani Ally +1   Common
2RL 079/100 Loup-garou Ally +2   Uncommon
2RL 080/100 Werebat Ally +3   Common
2RL 081/100 Mysterious Stranger Hero 3 RL Common
2RL 082/100 Azalin Monster 8 RL Rare
2RL 083/100 Adam Monster 7 RL Rare
2RL 084/100 Ankhtepot Monster 7 RL Uncommon
2RL 085/100 Ireena Kolyana Hero 3 RL Common
2RL 086/100 Dr. Rudolph Van Richten Hero 3 RL Common
2RL 087/100 Harkon Lukas Monster 5 RL Uncommon
2RL 088/100 Headless Horseman Monster 4 RL Rare
2RL 089/100 Arijani Monster 6 RL Uncommon
2RL 090/100 Wilfred Godefroy Monster 4 RL Common
2RL 091/100 Tiyet Monster 5 RL Common
2RL 092/100 Sir Hiregaard Hero 2 RL Common
2RL 093/100 Gabrielle Aderre Wizard 3 RL Common
2RL 094/100 Hags of Tepest Monster 4 RL Common
2RL 095/100 Sir Edmund Bloodsworth Monster 2 RL Common
2RL 096/100 High Master Illithid Monster 8 RL Uncommon
2RL 097/100 Dr. Mordenheim Hero 1 RL Common
2RL 098/100 Sergei Von Zarovich Hero 6 RL Common
2RL 099/100 Lord Soth Monster 7 RL Rare
2RL 100/100 Strahd Von Zarovich Monster 9 RL Rare
3DL 001/100 Mithas Realm   DL Rare
3DL 002/100 Nordmar Realm   DL Common
3DL 003/100 Silvanesti Realm   DL Common
3DL 004/100 Goodland Realm   DL Uncommon
3DL 005/100 Khur Realm 4 DL Common
3DL 006/100 Solamnia Realm   DL Rare
3DL 007/100 Sancrist Realm   DL Common
3DL 008/100 Cristyne Realm   DL Common
3DL 009/100 Northern Ergoth Realm   DL Common
3DL 010/100 Southern Ergoth Realm   DL Uncommon
3DL 011/100 Plains of Dust Realm   DL Uncommon
3DL 012/100 Spine of Taladas Realm   DL Uncommon
3DL 013/100 Isle of Selasia Realm   DL Uncommon
3DL 014/100 Thorin Realm   DL Common
3DL 015/100 Reorxcrown Mountains Realm   DL Rare
3DL 016/100 Tower of Wayreth Holding   DL Rare
3DL 017/100 Lost Citadel Holding   DL Rare
3DL 018/100 Shoikan Grove Holding   DL Common
3DL 019/100 Inn of the Last Home Holding   DL Common
3DL 020/100 Altar of Mishakal Holding   DL Uncommon
3DL 021/100 Skie, Blue Dragon Monster 6 DL Common
3DL 022/100 Governor E. Flowston Cleric 5 DL Common
3DL 023/100 Tika Waylan Majere Hero 5 DL Common
3DL 024/100 Lord Gunthar, Solamnic Knight Hero 5 DL Uncommon
3DL 025/100 Kaz, the Minotaur Monster 4 DL Common
3DL 026/100 Crysania Cleric 6 DL Common
3DL 027/100 Maquesta Kar-Thon Hero 3 DL Rare
3DL 028/100 Ladonna, Black Robes Wizard 3 DL Uncommon
3DL 029/100 Justinian, Red Robes Wizard 4 DL Uncommon
3DL 030/100 Dargent, Silver Dragon Monster 8 DL Rare
3DL 031/100 Raistlin Majere, Wizard of the Black Robes Wizard 7 DL Rare
3DL 032/100 Fizban the Fabulous Wizard 9 DL Rare
3DL 033/100 Takhisis, Queen of Darkness Monster 8 DL Rare
3DL 034/100 Par-Salian, Wizard of the White Robes Wizard 6 DL Uncommon
3DL 035/100 Pyrite, Gold Dragon Monster 7 DL Uncommon
3DL 036/100 Tanis Half-Elven Hero 6 DL Common
3DL 037/100 Flint Fireforge Hero 3 DL Common
3DL 038/100 Caramon Majere Hero 7 DL Rare
3DL 039/100 Tasslehoff Burrfoot Hero 3 DL Common
3DL 040/100 Phudge, Great Highblug Hero 2 DL Common
3DL 041/100 Gully Dwarves Ally +2   Common
3DL 042/100 Night of the Eye Rule   DL Rare
3DL 043/100 Krynn Minotaurs Ally +3   Uncommon
3DL 044/100 Solamnic Knights Ally +3   Common
3DL 045/100 Brine Dragon Ally +6   Rare
3DL 046/100 Kagonesti Elves Ally +5   Common
3DL 047/100 Dimernesti Elves Ally +3   Common
3DL 048/100 Sivak Draconians Ally +4   Common
3DL 049/100 Kapak Draconians Ally +4   Uncommon
3DL 049/100 Kiri-Jolith Arrives Event     Uncommon
3DL 050/100 Aurak Draconians Ally +4   Uncommon
3DL 051/100 Dragonlance Artifact +3 DL Uncommon
3DL 052/100 Staff of the Magius Artifact +5 DL Uncommon
3DL 053/100 Shield of Huma Artifact   DL Common
3DL 054/100 Nightjewel Artifact   DL Common
3DL 055/100 Hammer of Kharas Artifact +5 DL Common
3DL 056/100 Blamblower Magical Item     Common
3DL 057/100 Irongnome Magical Item     Uncommon
3DL 058/100 Bupu's Emerald Magical Item +7   Common
3DL 059/100 Inflatable Flotilla Magical Item     Common
3DL 060/100 Brooch of Imog Magical Item     Uncommon
3DL 061/100 Solamnic Armor Magical Item     Rare
3DL 062/100 Dlamar's Ring of Healing Magical Item     Rare
3DL 063/100 Wand of Telekinesis Magical Item     Rare
3DL 064/100 Flute of Wind Dancing Magical Item     Uncommon
3DL 065/100 Dagger of Night Magical Item +2   Rare
3DL 066/100 Time Shift: Night/Day Wizard Spell     Rare
3DL 067/100 Time Shift: Day/Night Wizard Spell     Rare
3DL 068/100 Antimagic Barrier Wizard Spell     Uncommon
3DL 069/100 Unnerving Aura Wizard Spell     Common
3DL 070/100 Strength Wizard Spell +4   Common
3DL 071/100 Steel Wizard Spell     Common
3DL 072/100 Fire Rain Wizard Spell     Common
3DL 072/100 Moonlight Madness Wizard Spell     Common
3DL 073/100 Switch Wizard Spell     Common
3DL 074/100 Recall Wizard Spell     Uncommon
3DL 075/100 Tenser's Transformation Wizard Spell     Uncommon
3DL 076/100 Charm Monster Wizard Spell     Common
3DL 078/100 Stone Water Wizard Spell     Common
3DL 079/100 Protection from Draconians Cleric Spell     Common
3DL 080/100 Mishakal's Insistence Cleric Spell     Rare
3DL 081/100 Divine Intervention Cleric Spell     Rare
3DL 082/100 Summon Griffon Cleric Spell +3   Common
3DL 083/100 Reflection Cleric Spell     Uncommon
3DL 084/100 Earth-Walking Cleric Spell     Common
3DL 085/100 Borrow Cleric Spell     Common
3DL 086/100 Despair Cleric Spell     Common
3DL 087/100 Return Cleric Spell     Common
3DL 088/100 Hazy Image Cleric Spell     Common
3DL 089/100 Peace Cleric Spell     Common
3DL 090/100 Double Trouble Cleric Spell     Common
3DL 091/100 Mishakal Intervenes Event     Common
3DL 092/100 Habbakuk Interferes Event     Uncommon
3DL 094/100 Reorx Walks the Land Event     Common
3DL 095/100 Morgian Strikes Event     Common
3DL 096/100 Zeboim Enraged Event     Common
3DL 097/100 Bronze Dragons Event     Rare
3DL 098/100 Moon Solinari Waxes Event     Rare
3DL 099/100 Moon Lunitari Waxes Event     Rare
3DL 100/100 Moon Nuitarti Waxes Event     Rare
3DLc 01/25 Call to Arms! Event     Very Rare
3DLc 02/25 Axe of Brotherhood Magical Item +2   Very Rare
3DLc 03/25 Sword of Friendship Magical Item +3   Very Rare
3DLc 04/25 Knights of the Crown Hero 3 DL Very Rare
3DLc 05/25 Knights of the Sword Hero 4 DL Very Rare
3DLc 06/25 Knights of the Rose Hero 6 DL Very Rare
3DLc 07/25 Shield of Huma Magical Item +3   Very Rare
3DLc 08/25 Crossed Blades Event     Very Rare
3DLc 09/25 Spirit of the Que-Shu Event     Very Rare
3DLc 10/25 Skull of Fistandantilus Artifact +4 DL Very Rare
3DLc 11/25 Takhisis Mirror and Staff Magical Item +2   Very Rare
3DLc 12/25 Takhisis Mirror and Sword Artifact +1 DL Very Rare
3DLc 13/25 Takhisis Abyssal Gateway Wizard Spell     Very Rare
3DLc 14/25 Takhisis Mirror of Life Trapping Event     Very Rare
3DLc 15/25 Takhisis Mirror of Underworld Minions Ally +2   Very Rare
3DLc 16/25 Takhisis Mirror of Revenge Magical Item     Very Rare
3DLc 17/25 Takhisis Mirror of the Abyssal Warlord Monster 6 DL Very Rare
3DLc 18/25 Takhisis Helmet Power Magical Item     Very Rare
3DLc 19/25 Tower of High Sorcery Rule   DL Very Rare
3DLc 20/25 Blessing of the Gods Rule   DL Very Rare
3DLc 21/25 Age of Dreams Rule   DL Very Rare
3DLc 22/25 Golden Age Rule   DL Very Rare
3DLc 23/25 Haste Spell Wizard Spell     Very Rare
3DLc 24/25 Flute of Wind Dancing Magical Item +1   Very Rare
3DLc 25/25 Medallion of Faith Artifact   DL Very Rare
4FR 001/100 Tarrasque Event     Uncommon
4FR 002/100 Black Bess Event     Rare
4FR 003/100 Caer Allison Event     Rare
4FR 004/100 Curse of Azure Bonds Event     Rare
4FR 005/100 Cyrinishad Event     Rare
4FR 006/100 Darkwalker War Event     Uncommon
4FR 007/100 Dead Magic Zone Event     Uncommon
4FR 008/100 Horde Event     Common
4FR 009/100 Lady Luck Event     Rare
4FR 010/100 Wild Magic Surge Event     Rare
4FR 011/100 Coral Kingdom Realm   FR Common
4FR 012/100 Halruaa Realm   FR Common
4FR 013/100 Kozakura Realm   FR Common
4FR 014/100 Luiren Realm   FR Common
4FR 015/100 Maztica Realm   FR Common
4FR 016/100 Mulhorand Realm   FR Common
4FR 017/100 Raurin Realm   FR Common
4FR 018/100 Shou Lung Realm   FR Common
4FR 019/100 Blackstaff Tower Holding +3 FR Uncommon
4FR 020/100 Candlekeep Holding   FR Uncommon
4FR 021/100 High Horn Holding +5 FR Uncommon
4FR 022/100 Mithril Hall Holding   FR Uncommon
4FR 023/100 Moonwell Holding   FR Uncommon
4FR 024/100 Pook's Palace Holding   FR Uncommon
4FR 025/100 Yulash Holding   FR Uncommon
4FR 026/100 Tower of Ashaba Holding   FR Uncommon
4FR 027/100 Aerial Servant Cleric Spell     Common
4FR 028/100 Creeping Doom Cleric Spell     Uncommon
4FR 029/100 Earthquake Cleric Spell     Common
4FR 030/100 Illusory Fortification Cleric Spell     Common
4FR 031/100 Quest Cleric Spell     Common
4FR 032/100 Raise Dead Cleric Spell     Uncommon
4FR 033/100 Reincarnate Cleric Spell     Rare
4FR 034/100 Ressurection Cleric Spell     Rare
4FR 035/100 Shadow Engines Cleric Spell     Common
4FR 036/100 Symbol of Hopelessness Cleric Spell     Uncommon
4FR 037/100 Word of Recall Cleric Spell     Common
4FR 038/100 Zone of Truth Cleric Spell     Common
4FR 039/100 Death Link Cleric Spell +2   Common
4FR 040/100 Find Familiar Cleric Spell +3   Common
4FR 041/100 Great Shout Cleric Spell +?   Common
4FR 042/100 Hallucinatory Terrain Wizard Spell     Common
4FR 043/100 Limited Wish Wizard Spell +1   Uncommon
4FR 044/100 Time Stop Wizard Spell     Uncommon
4FR 045/100 Water Breathing Wizard Spell     Common
4FR 046/100 Wish Wizard Spell     Rare
4FR 047/100 Deck of Many Things Magical Item +2   Rare
4FR 048/100 Dragonslayer Magical Item +4   Rare
4FR 049/100 Flametongue Magical Item +2   Rare
4FR 050/100 Frostbrand Magical Item +3   Rare
4FR 051/100 Gauntlets of Swimming Magical Item +2   Common
4FR 052/100 Helm of Water Breathing Magical Item +1   Common
4FR 053/100 Horn of Blasting Magical Item +3   Uncommon
4FR 054/100 Ring of Jumping Magical Item +2   Common
4FR 055/100 Slippers of Spider Climbing Magical Item +1   Common
4FR 056/100 Vorpal Blade Magical Item +3   Rare
4FR 057/100 Wand of Wonder Magical Item +?   Rare
4FR 058/100 Dragon Throne Artifact   FR Rare
4FR 059/100 Guenhwyvar Artifact +5 FR Rare
4FR 060/100 Hammer of Tyr Artifact +6 FR Rare
4FR 061/100 Ring of Winter Artifact   FR Rare
4FR 062/100 Sword of Cymrych Hugh Artifact +6 FR Rare
4FR 063/100 Bloodriders Ally +7   Common
4FR 064/100 Dragonclaw Ally +4   Rare
4FR 065/100 Flaming Fist Ally +9   Uncommon
4FR 066/100 Halfling, Inc. Ally +3   Uncommon
4FR 067/100 Kuo Toa Ally +5   Common
4FR 068/100 Locathah Ally +5   Common
4FR 069/100 Mad Monkey Ally +4   Rare
4FR 070/100 Ninjas Ally +1   Uncommon
4FR 071/100 Olive Ruskettle Ally +3   Uncommon
4FR 072/100 Orcs of Dragonspear Ally +1   Common
4FR 073/100 Orcs of the Savage Frontier Ally +2   Common
4FR 074/100 Pseudodragon Ally +3   Common
4FR 075/100 Red Wizards Ally +5   Common
4FR 076/100 Sahuagin Ally +4   Common
4FR 077/100 Samurai Ally +5   Common
4FR 078/100 Darkenbeast Monster 4 FR Common
4FR 079/100 Firbolg Monster 6 FR Common
4FR 080/100 Iron Golem Monster 7 FR Common
4FR 081/100 Storm Giant Monster 7 FR Common
4FR 082/100 Stone Giant Monster 6 FR Common
4FR 083/100 Werewolf Monster 4 FR Uncommon
4FR 084/100 Adon Cleric 5 FR Common
4FR 085/100 Erixitl Cleric 6 FR Common
4FR 086/100 Fzoul Chembryl Cleric 6 FR Common
4FR 087/100 Young Robyn Cleric 6 FR Common
4FR 088/100 Ambassador Carrague Wizard 7 FR Uncommon
4FR 089/100 Helm Hero 6 FR Uncommon
4FR 090/100 Simbul of Aglarond Wizard 8 FR Rare
4FR 091/100 Vanderdahast Wizard 6 FR Common
4FR 092/100 Cyric Hero 9 FR Rare
4FR 093/100 Dragonbait Hero 4 FR Common
4FR 094/100 Khelben Arunsun Wizard 8 FR Common
4FR 095/100 Ochimo Hero 4 FR Common
4FR 096/100 Prince Tristan Hero 6 FR Common
4FR 097/100 Princess Alusair Hero 4 FR Common
4FR 098/100 Randal Morn Hero 4 FR Common
4FR 099/100 Time of Troubles Rule   FR Uncommon
4FR 100/100 Tablets of Fate Rule   FR Rare
4FRc 01/25 Thrice Hearty Cup of Balder the Red Cleric Spell     Very Rare
4FRc 02/25 Cold Cup of Calamity Event     Very Rare
4FRc 03/25 Vessel of Vaporous Stones Event     Very Rare
4FRc 04/25 Mug of the Earthbound Wizard Spell     Very Rare
4FRc 05/25 Hawksflight Grail Artifact   FR Very Rare
4FRc 06/25 Vessel of Misty Passage Event     Very Rare
4FRc 07/25 Teapot of the Golden Temple Magical Item     Very Rare
4FRc 08/25 Ebony Cup of Fate Artifact   FR Very Rare
4FRc 09/25 Hero's Chalice Magical Item +10   Very Rare
4FRc 10/25 Day That Will Live in Infamy Event     Very Rare
4FRc 11/25 Unusually Good Fortune Event     Very Rare
4FRc 12/25 Apple of His Eye Event     Very Rare
4FRc 13/25 Golden Touch Wizard Spell     Very Rare
4FRc 14/25 Feather Flight Wizard Spell     Very Rare
4FRc 15/25 Golden Barter Wizard Spell     Very Rare
4FRc 16/25 Dagger of Deception Magical Item     Very Rare
4FRc 17/25 Wyrm of Earthwalking Magical Item +5   Very Rare
4FRc 18/25 Bell of Might Magical Item     Very Rare
4FRc 19/25 Muragh Brilstagg Ally +6   Very Rare
4FRc 20/25 Phase Door Wizard Spell +7   Very Rare
4FRc 21/25 Wine of Eternity Event     Very Rare
4FRc 22/25 Spellblades Magical Item +5   Very Rare
4FRc 23/25 Netheril Realm 7 FR Very Rare
4FRc 24/25 Lure of Undermountain Rule   FR Very Rare
4FRc 25/25 Zhentarim Intrigue Rule   FR Very Rare
5AR 001/100 Wand of Orcus Artifact +9 AD&D Rare
5AR 002/100 Axe of Dwarvish Lord Artifact +3 AD&D Common
5AR 003/100 Iron Flask Tuerny Merciless Artifact   GH Uncommon
5AR 004/100 Jacinth Inestimable Beauty Artifact   GH Uncommon
5AR 005/100 Machine Lum the Mad Artifact +8 GH Rare
5AR 006/100 Queen Ehlissa Nightingale Artifact   GH Common
5AR 007/100 Sword of Kas Artifact +8 GH Uncommon
5AR 008/100 Talisman of Al'Akbar Artifact   GH Common
5AR 009/100 Teeth of Dalhvar-Nar Artifact   GH Uncommon
5AR 010/100 All-Knowing Eye Yasmin Sira Artifact   FR Rare
5AR 011/100 Coin Jisan Bountiful Artifact   FR Common
5AR 012/100 Seal of Lost Arak Artifact +3 RL Rare
5AR 013/100 Crystal of Ebon Flame Artifact +2 RL Common
5AR 014/100 Obsidian Man of Urik Artifact +6 DS Rare
5AR 015/100 Rod of Teeth Artifact +2 DS Uncommon
5AR 016/100 Midnight's Mask Disguise Magical Item +2   Common
5AR 017/100 Girdle Giant Strength Magical Item +7   Common
5AR 018/100 Hammer of Thunderbolts Magical Item +5   Rare
5AR 019/100 Gauntlets Ogre Power Magical Item +6   Rare
5AR 020/100 Winged Boots Magical Item +2   Common
5AR 021/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #1 Magical Item +1 AD&D Uncommon
5AR 022/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #2 Magical Item +2   Rare
5AR 023/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #3 Magical Item +3   Uncommon
5AR 024/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #4 Magical Item +4   Rare
5AR 025/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #5 Magical Item +5   Uncommon
5AR 026/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #6 Magical Item +6   Rare
5AR 027/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #7 Magical Item +7   Uncommon
5AR 028/100 Bag of Holding Magical Item +1   Common
5AR 029/100 Daern's Instant Fortress Magical Item +5   Rare
5AR 030/100 Spellbook Magical Item     Rare
5AR 031/100 Plentiful Psionics Rule   DS Rare
5AR 032/100 Sorcerer-Kings Rule   DS Common
5AR 033/100 Dark Lords Rule   RL Common
5AR 034/100 The Walking Dead Rule   RL Uncommon
5AR 035/100 Artifact Vault Rule   GH Rare
5AR 036/100 Artifact Champions Rule   GH Uncommon
5AR 037/100 Isolated Worlds Rule   DS Common
5AR 038/100 No Funny Business Rule   AD&D Rare
5AR 039/100 Forbidden Lore Rule   RL Common
5AR 040/100 Cosmic Justice Rule   AD&D Rare
5AR 041/100 Roc Ally +8   Common
5AR 042/100 Kinsle the Druid Ally +4   Common
5AR 043/100 Dragonbane Cleric spell +2   Common
5AR 044/100 Ship of the Sky Wizard spell +2   Rare
5AR 045/100 Pegasus Ally +3   Common
5AR 046/100 Windrider Ally +6   Common
5AR 047/100 Erica of Dark Watch Ally +7   Common
5AR 048/100 Dimock the Sprite Ally +3   Common
5AR 049/100 Flying Carpet Magical Item +3   Common
5AR 050/100 Ariel Anjelique Ally +5   Common
5AR 051/100 Dragon Slayer Event     Uncommon
5AR 052/100 Tanar'ri, Marilith Ally +7   Common
5AR 053/100 Temporal Stasis Event     Uncommon
5AR 054/100 Deflection Event     Rare
5AR 055/100 Help! Event     Rare
5AR 056/100 Reverse Gravity Wizard spell     Uncommon
5AR 057/100 Shift Earth Cleric Spell     Common
5AR 058/100 Mirror Image Wizard spell +3   Uncommon
5AR 059/100 Ethereality Cleric Spell     Common
5AR 060/100 Prismatic Spray Wizard spell +7   Common
5AR 061/100 Treasure Vault Holding   AD&D Rare
5AR 062/100 Tupillil Holding   AD&D Common
5AR 063/100 Kestrel's Keep Holding   AD&D Uncommon
5AR 064/100 Keep of the Dead Holding   AD&D Common
5AR 065/100 Spellfire Citadel Holding   AD&D Uncommon
5AR 066/100 Fire Glyph Cleric Spell     Rare
5AR 067/100 Weakness Glyph Cleric Spell +1   Uncommon
5AR 068/100 Lightning Glyph Cleric Spell     Rare
5AR 069/100 Curse Glyph Cleric spell +3   Uncommon
5AR 070/100 Death Glyph Cleric spell +2   Common
5AR 071/100 Dragon Turtle Monster 6 DL Common
5AR 072/100 Deathstream, Black Dragon Monster 7 DL Common
5AR 073/100 Zielesch, Anc. Green Dragon Monster 9 GH Uncommon
5AR 074/100 Dregoth, Undead Dragon Monster 10 DS Rare
5AR 075/100 Korgunard the Avangion Monster 8 DS Common
5AR 076/100 Drawmij Wizard 7 GH Uncommon
5AR 077/100 Klik-Ka'cha Cleric 7 DS Common
5AR 078/100 Mykell, Amythest Wyrm Monster 10 AD&D Common
5AR 079/100 Hornung the Anarch Wizard 6 AD&D Common
5AR 080/100 Invisible Stalker Monster 4 RL Uncommon
5AR 081/100 Erital Kaan-Ipzirel Cleric 7 GH Common
5AR 082/100 Yagno Petrovna Cleric 8 RL Common
5AR 083/100 Goldmoon Cleric 9 DL Common
5AR 084/100 Princess Amber Hero 5 AD&D Rare
5AR 085/100 Darsson Spellmaker Wizard 7 FR Common
5AR 086/100 Council Aerie Realm 9 FR Uncommon
5AR 087/100 Shining Lands Realm   DL Common
5AR 088/100 Bluet Spur Realm 6 AD&D Uncommon
5AR 089/100 Hell Furnaces Realm   GH Common
5AR 090/100 Euripis Realm   DS Common
5AR 091/100 New Guistenal Realm   DS Common
5AR 092/100 Ancient Kalidnay Realm   DS Common
5AR 093/100 Ur Draxa Realm   DS Common
5AR 094/100 Shault Realm 6 DS Common
5AR 095/100 Forest Ridge Realm   DS Common
5AR 096/100 Celik Realm   DS Rare
5AR 097/100 Lake Island Realm 5 DS Common
5AR 098/100 Year of Plenty Event     Common
5AR 099/100 Thought Eater Ally 2   Common
5AR 100/100 Deja Vu Cleric spell     Uncommon
5ARc 01/20 Mace of Cuthbert Artifact +5 GH Very Rare
5ARc 02/20 Death Rock Artifact   RL Very Rare
5ARc 03/20 Psychometron Nerad Artifact   DS Very Rare
5ARc 04/20 Silencer of Bodach Artifact +5 DS Very Rare
5ARc 05/20 Barab's Goblet Disolusionment Artifact +3 AD&D Very Rare
5ARc 06/20 Onad the Weasel Wizard 7 GH Very Rare
5ARc 07/20 Lord Blacktree Hero 8 FR Very Rare
5ARc 08/20 Young Strahd Hero 8 AD&D Very Rare
5ARc 09/20 Killian Hero 8 AD&D Very Rare
5ARc 10/20 Ghostly Piper Monster 8 RL Very Rare
5ARc 11/20 Forbiddance Cleric Spell     Very Rare
5ARc 12/20 Bigby's Clenched Fist Wizard spell     Very Rare
5ARc 13/20 Fire Charm Wizard spell     Very Rare
5ARc 14/20 Thunder Staff Wizard spell +4   Very Rare
5ARc 15/20 Spectral Hand Wizard spell +4   Very Rare
5ARc 16/20 Ariel's Feather Charm Magical Item +5   Very Rare
5ARc 17/20 Amulet of Spell Protection Magical Item +5   Very Rare
5ARc 18/20 Amelior's Restraint Magical Item     Very Rare
5ARc 19/20 Smoke Powder Pistol Magical Item +5   Very Rare
5ARc 20/20 Dragon Font Magical Item     Very Rare
6PO 001/100 Adjatha, the Spell Drinker Magical Item +2   Uncommon
6PO 002/100 Abhorrence of Shapechangers Magical Item +3   Rare
6PO 003/100 Sword of the Avoreen Magical Item +1   Rare
6PO 004/100 Sword of Blackflame Magical Item +4   Uncommon
6PO 005/100 Sword of the High King Magical Item +4   Rare
6PO 006/100 Dragonsbane Magical Item +6   Uncommon
6PO 007/100 Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Psionic Power +2   Common
6PO 008/100 Sword of the Black Rose Magical Item +3   Rare
6PO 009/100 Davron Parscall Psionicist 9 DS Uncommon
6PO 010/100 Yorgia Sandow Psionicist 3 DS Common
6PO 011/100 Roghal Baen Psionicist 8 DS Uncommon
6PO 012/100 Kelsur Brighteye Psionicist 8 GH Common
6PO 013/100 Rand the Bowyer Psionicist 7 DS Uncommon
6PO 014/100 Seveia Shadowmaster Psionicist 7 DS Common
6PO 015/100 Rafe Racker Psionicist 7 DS Uncommon
6PO 016/100 Jacenelle Traen Psionicist 6 FR Common
6PO 017/100 Bilago Lumen Psionicist 5 DL Uncommon
6PO 018/100 Dawn d'Ereath Psionicist 6 DS Common
6PO 019/100 Phridge Psionicist 6 DS Common
6PO 020/100 Seluna Darkenstar Psionicist 5 DS Uncommon
6PO 021/100 Kerm of Tyr Psionicist 5 DS Common
6PO 022/100 Havrum Riddle Psionicist 5 DS Uncommon
6PO 023/100 Lyr of the Mists Psionicist 5 GH Common
6PO 024/100 Colum Calder Psionicist 5 DS Uncommon
6PO 025/100 Kelaser Redbelt Psionicist 4 DS Uncommon
6PO 026/100 Breshkll Logon Psionicist 4 DS Common
6PO 027/100 Masara d'Will Psionicist 4 DL Common
6PO 028/100 Rayden Valers Psionicist 4 DS Uncommon
6PO 029/100 Psychic Storm Event     Common
6PO 030/100 Sandstorm Event     Common
6PO 031/100 Necromantic Wave Event     Common
6PO 032/100 Night of the Blue Moon Event     Rare
6PO 033/100 Zepherwind Event     Rare
6PO 034/100 Avangion's Protection Cleric Spell +4   Common
6PO 035/100 Nullification Event     Common
6PO 036/100 Tuigan Invasion Event     Rare
6PO 037/100 Dark Negation Event     Rare
6PO 038/100 Caravan Raiders Event     Common
6PO 039/100 Icedawn, Avatar of Auril Cleric 12 FR Rare
6PO 040/100 Nightsinger, Avatar of Shar Cleric 13 FR Rare
6PO 041/100 Bonemaster, Avatar of Nerull Cleric 15 GH Rare
6PO 042/100 Lady of Fate, Avatar of Istus Cleric 16 GH Rare
6PO 043/100 Misfortune, Avatar of Ralishaz Cleric 17 GH Rare
6PO 044/100 Tempest, Avatar of Zeboim Cleric 18 DL Rare
6PO 045/100 Sirrion, Avatar Cleric 19 DL Rare
6PO 046/100 Mirror, Mirror Cleric Spell     Common
6PO 047/100 Rope Trick Cleric Spell     Common
6PO 048/100 Stasis Cleric Spell     Common
6PO 049/100 Giant Space Hamster Ally +3   Uncommon
6PO 050/100 Polymorph Other Wizard Spell     Common
6PO 051/100 Phase Out Wizard Spell     Common
6PO 052/100 Gith Monster 6 DS Uncommon
6PO 053/100 Crabman Monster 5 FR Uncommon
6PO 054/100 Aquatic Elf Monster 4 FR Uncommon
6PO 055/100 Ixitxachitl Monster 5 FR Uncommon
6PO 056/100 Kirre Monster 5 DS Uncommon
6PO 057/100 Locathah Champion Monster 4 FR Uncommon
6PO 058/100 Living Wall Monster 10 FR Rare
6PO 059/100 Tako Monster 6 FR Uncommon
6PO 060/100 Earth Elemental Monster 4 DS Uncommon
6PO 061/100 Skriaxit, Composit Elemental Monster 8 FR Rare
6PO 062/100 Mountain Giant Monster 5 FR Uncommon
6PO 063/100 Grippli Monster 3 FR Uncommon
6PO 064/100 Chameleon Power Psionic Power +1   Common
6PO 065/100 Brandobaris's Inversion Rule   AD&D Rare
6PO 066/100 Energy Containment Psionic Power +3   Common
6PO 067/100 Complete Healing Psionic Power     Common
6PO 068/100 Wheel of Fate Rule   AD&D Rare
6PO 069/100 Teleport Trigger Psionic Power +2   Common
6PO 070/100 Molecular Rearrangement Psionic Power     Common
6PO 071/100 Telekinesis Psionic Power +4   Common
6PO 072/100 Mind Shield Psionic Power +3   Common
6PO 073/100 Molecular Agitation Psionic Power +3   Common
6PO 074/100 Control Wind Psionic Power +4   Common
6PO 075/100 Cause Decay Psionic Power +3   Common
6PO 076/100 Repugnance Psionic Power +4   Common
6PO 077/100 Mind Thrust Psionic Power +4   Common
6PO 078/100 Sea Queen, Avatar of Zeboim Cleric 11 DL Rare
6PO 079/100 Kiri, Avatar of Kiri-Jolith Cleric 14 DL Rare
6PO 080/100 Shadair Mesker Cleric 9 DS Uncommon
6PO 081/100 Mental Barrier Psionic Power +1   Common
6PO 082/100 Tower of Iron Will Psionic Power +3   Common
6PO 083/100 Intellect Fortress Psionic Power +1   Common
6PO 084/100 Control Flames Psionic Power +4   Common
6PO 085/100 Psychic Storm Rule   AD&D Rare
6PO 086/100 Nullify Magic Rule   AD&D Rare
6PO 087/100 Mind of the Avatar Rule   AD&D Rare
6PO 088/100 Gift of the Avatar Rule   AD&D Rare
6PO 089/100 Intensify Psionic Power +1   Common
6PO 090/100 Summon Planar Creature Psionic Power +1   Common
6PO 091/100 Graft Weapon Psionic Power +4   Common
6PO 092/100 Melt Stone Cleric Spell +3   Common
6PO 093/100 Psionic Blast Psionic Power +8   Common
6PO 094/100 Magnify Psionic Power +1   Common
6PO 095/100 Probability Travel Psionic Power +4   Common
6PO 096/100 Banishment Psionic Power +2   Common
6PO 097/100 Create Object Psionic Power +1   Common
6PO 098/100 Psychic Lock Psionic Power     Common
6PO 099/100 Life Draining Psionic Power +2   Common
6PO 100/100 Dimentional Door Psionic Power     Common
6POc 01/20 Crystal Sphere Realm   AD&D Very Rare
6POc 02/20 Rock of Bral Holding   AD&D Very Rare
6POc 03/20 Unipsi Artifact   AD&D Very Rare
6POc 04/20 The Inverter Artifact   AD&D Very Rare
6POc 05/20 Royal Conscription/Tax Levy Event     Very Rare
6POc 06/20 Fate's Promise Magical Item +6   Very Rare
6POc 07/20 Bando's Whitestone Artifact   AD&D Very Rare
6POc 08/20 Quill Pen of the Planes Artifact +4 AD&D Very Rare
6POc 09/20 The Tantelear Artifact   AD&D Very Rare
6POc 10/20 Borah's Ring Magical Item +2   Very Rare
6POc 11/20 Shawl of Mordenheim Magical Item +2   Very Rare
6POc 12/20 Sirrion's Brooch Magical Item +1   Very Rare
6POc 13/20 Psionicist Bracelet Magical Item     Very Rare
6POc 14/20 Psionicist Anklet Magical Item     Very Rare
6POc 15/20 Psionatrix Rule   AD&D Very Rare
6POc 16/20 Antimagic Cloud Rule   AD&D Very Rare
6POc 17/20 Poisoned Water Rule   AD&D Very Rare
6POc 18/20 The Ultimate Rule Card Rule   AD&D Very Rare
6POc 19/20 Cosmic Intervention Rule   AD&D Very Rare
6POc 20/20 Avatar's Edict Rule   AD&D Very Rare
7UD 001/100 UnderAthas Realm   DS Common
7UD 002/100 The Unipolar Triumvirate Realm   AD&D Common
7UD 003/100 UnderKrynn Realm   DL Common
7UD 004/100 The Bipolar Triumvirate Realm   AD&D Uncommon
7UD 005/100 The Underdark Realm   AD&D Rare
7UD 006/100 The Tripolar Triumvirate Realm   AD&D Rare
7UD 007/100 UnderToril Realm   FR Common
7UD 008/100 UnderOerth Realm   GH Common
7UD 009/100 UnderDread Realm   RL Common
7UD 010/100 The Burning Cavern Holding   DS Uncommon
7UD 011/100 The Unipolar Cavern Holding   AD&D Common
7UD 012/100 Subterranean Seas Holding   DL Uncommon
7UD 013/100 The Bipolar Cavern Holding   AD&D Uncommon
7UD 014/100 The North Wind Artifact   AD&D Common
7UD 015/100 The Tripolar Cavern Holding   AD&D Uncommon
7UD 016/100 Echoes from the Deep Holding   FR Rare
7UD 017/100 Cavern of the Gods Holding   GH Uncommon
7UD 018/100 The Dread Chamber Holding   RL Uncommon
7UD 019/100 God's Plague Event     Rare
7UD 020/100 When God's Walk Event     Rare
7UD 021/100 Drow Justice Event     Rare
7UD 022/100 Memory Moss Event     Rare
7UD 023/100 The East Wind Artifact   DL Common
7UD 024/100 The Forest Oracle Event     Uncommon
7UD 025/100 Mika's Magic Ban Event     Uncommon
7UD 026/100 Mika's Dragon Charm Event     Common
7UD 027/100 Mika's Undead Ward Event     Common
7UD 028/100 Amulet of Protection from Artifacts Magical Item +2   Rare
7UD 029/100 Armor of Dispel Magic Magical Item +3   Common
7UD 030/100 Cloak of the Gargoyle Magical Item +3   Common
7UD 031/100 Dori's Obsidian Steed of Wondrous Power Magical Item +4   Uncommon
7UD 032/100 Goibhniu's Warhammer Magical Item     Rare
7UD 033/100 Helmet of Selnor Magical Item     Rare
7UD 034/100 Necklass of Protection Magical Item +2   Rare
7UD 035/100 Black Snail of Shnai Magical Item     Uncommon
7UD 036/100 Shovel of Gravedigging Magical Item +2   Common
7UD 037/100 Hornung's Guess Wizard Spell     Uncommon
7UD 038/100 Hornung's Baneful Deflector Wizard Spell     Common
7UD 039/100 Maximillian's Earthen Grasp Wizard Spell     Common
7UD 040/100 Shattered Glass Wizard Spell     Rare
7UD 041/100 Lorloveim's Creeping Shadow Wizard Spell     Common
7UD 042/100 Locate Creature Wizard Spell     Uncommon
7UD 043/100 Summon Lycanthrope Wizard Spell     Common
7UD 044/100 Mind Fog Wizard Spell     Uncommon
7UD 045/100 Bloodstone's Spectral Steed Wizard Spell     Common
7UD 046/100 Summon Undead Cleric Spell     Uncommon
7UD 047/100 Warband Quest Cleric Spell     Common
7UD 048/100 Wolf Spirits Cleric Spell     Uncommon
7UD 049/100 Stalker Cleric Spell     Rare
7UD 050/100 The South Wind Artifact   FR Common
7UD 051/100 Animal Horde Cleric Spell     Rare
7UD 052/100 Elemental Swarm Cleric Spell     Uncommon
7UD 053/100 Preservation Cleric Spell     Common
7UD 054/100 Ward Matrix Cleric Spell     Common
7UD 055/100 Age Dragon Cleric Spell     Rare
7UD 056/100 Mindkiller Cleric Spell     Rare
7UD 057/100 Spacewarp Cleric Spell     Rare
7UD 058/100 Spirit of Power Cleric Spell     Common
7UD 059/100 The West Wind Artifact   GH Common
7UD 060/100 Tentacle Walls Cleric Spell     Common
7UD 061/100 Timelessness Cleric Spell     Uncommon
7UD 062/100 Hovering Road Cleric Spell     Common
7UD 063/100 Breath of Death Cleric Spell     Common
7UD 064/100 The Unnamed, Avatar of Gruumsh Cleric 19 AD&D Rare
7UD 065/100 The Faceless One, Avatar of Jubilex Cleric 20 AD&D Uncommon
7UD 066/100 Moradin's Avatar Cleric 21 AD&D Common
7UD 067/100 Invasion of the Undead Rule   GH Uncommon
7UD 068/100 The Red Death Cleric 19 RL Rare
7UD 069/100 Things That Go Bump In The Night Rule   AD&D Uncommon
7UD 070/100 Sargonnas Cleric 16 DL Common
7UD 071/100 The Uncaring, Avatar of Boccob Cleric 21 GH Rare
7UD 072/100 The Avatar Shar Cleric 17 FR Uncommon
7UD 073/100 Baelnorn Ally +5   Common
7UD 074/100 Chitine Ally +4   Common
7UD 075/100 Crypt Servant Ally +6   Common
7UD 076/100 Foulwing Ally +6   Common
7UD 077/100 Gnasher Ally +4   Rare
7UD 078/100 Magebain Ally +1   Rare
7UD 079/100 Sword Slug Ally +5   Common
7UD 080/100 Skum Ally +3   Rare
7UD 081/100 Fey Dwarf Ally +7   Common
7UD 082/100 Corpse Dragon Monster 9 AD&D Uncommon
7UD 083/100 Earth Weird Monster 5 AD&D Common
7UD 084/100 Gorynych Monster 7 AD&D Rare
7UD 085/100 Noran Monster 5/9 AD&D Common
7UD 086/100 Gibbering Mouther Monster 3 AD&D Common
7UD 087/100 Umber Hulk Monster 6 AD&D Common
7UD 088/100 Mind Flayer Monster 7 AD&D Common
7UD 089/100 Myconid Monster 2 AD&D Common
7UD 090/100 Monster of the Lake Monster 10 AD&D Rare
7UD 091/100 Belwar Dissengulp Hero 4 FR Common
7UD 092/100 Jarlaxle Hero 5 FR Common
7UD 093/100 Ellorelloran Wizard 9 GH Common
7UD 094/100 Zaknafein the Weapons Master Hero 9 FR Common
7UD 095/100 Baldar Dwellardon Cleric 8 FR Common
7UD 096/100 Fowron, the Giant Cleric 3 GH Common
7UD 097/100 Chantal the Banshee Monster 7 RL Common
7UD 098/100 Aquilla Wizard 4 DL Uncommon
7UD 099/100 Iseult Cleric 7 RL Uncommon
7UD 100/100 Xontra Psionicist 6 DS Common
7UDc 01/25 Lazarus, the Drow Psionicist 4 FR Very Rare
7UDc 02/25 Inflict Pain Psionic Power     Very Rare
7UDc 03/25 The Hoof of Auroch Artifact +5 GH Very Rare
7UDc 04/25 The Ring of Gaxx Artifact +3 GH Very Rare
7UDc 05/25 The Deep Realm 7 AD&D Very Rare
7UDc 06/25 The Ultimate Triumvirate Realm   AD&D Very Rare
7UDc 07/25 The Dispossessed Realm   AD&D Very Rare
7UDc 08/25 The Cavernous Hall Realm ? AD&D Very Rare
7UDc 09/25 Underground River Event     Very Rare
7UDc 10/25 The Way Out Event     Very Rare
7UDc 11/25 The Triumphant Barbarian Event     Very Rare
7UDc 12/25 The Minotaur Attacks! Event     Very Rare
7UDc 13/25 Cave-in! Event     Very Rare
7UDc 14/25 The Mandate of Dori the Barbarian Event     Very Rare
7UDc 15/25 The Demi-Lich Zyenj Monster 8 AD&D Very Rare
7UDc 16/25 The Minotaur Monster 6 AD&D Very Rare
7UDc 17/25 Piercer Monster 2 AD&D Very Rare
7UDc 18/25 Lurker in the Deep Monster 5 AD&D Very Rare
7UDc 19/25 Oogly the Half-Orc Hero 6 GH Very Rare
7UDc 20/25 The Marble Orb Magical Item +3   Very Rare
7UDc 21/25 The Sword and Helm of Garion Magical Item +5   Very Rare
7UDc 22/25 Scourge of Mika Magical Item +3   Very Rare
7UDc 23/25 Drow Assassin Ally +3   Very Rare
7UDc 24/25 Broken Arrow Event     Very Rare
7UDc 25/25 Mindshatter Cleric Spell     Very Rare
8RR 001/100 Isle of the Ape Realm 9 GH Rare
8RR 002/100 The Forbidden City Realm   AD&D Common
8RR 003/100 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth Realm   AD&D Common
8RR 004/100 White Plume Mountain Realm   AD&D Uncommon
8RR 005/100 Doc's Island Realm   AD&D Common
8RR 006/100 The City of Phlan Realm   FR Rare
8RR 007/100 The Barrier Peaks Realm   AD&D Common
8RR 008/100 Tomb of Horrors Realm   AD&D Common
8RR 009/100 Demonweb Pits Realm   AD&D Common
8RR 010/100 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Realm   AD&D Uncommon
8RR 011/100 The Depths of the Earth Realm   AD&D Common
8RR 012/100 Isle of Dread Realm 7 AD&D Common
8RR 013/100 Desert of Desolation Realm   AD&D Rare
8RR 014/100 The Glacial Rift Realm   AD&D Common
8RR 015/100 The Lendore Isles Realm   AD&D Common
8RR 016/100 The Lost City Realm   AD&D Uncommon
8RR 017/100 Village of Orlane Realm   AD&D Uncommon
8RR 018/100 Sunderhan, Isle of the Slave Lords Realm 7 AD&D Rare
8RR 019/100 Keep on the Borderlands Holding   AD&D Rare
8RR 020/100 Palace of the Silver Princess Holding   AD&D Common
8RR 021/100 Labyrinth of Madness Holding   AD&D Common
8RR 022/100 Village of Hommlet Holding   AD&D Uncommon
8RR 023/100 Oasis of the White Palm Holding   AD&D Common
8RR 024/100 Ghost Tower of Inverness Holding   AD&D Common
8RR 025/100 Vault of the Drow Holding   AD&D Common
8RR 026/100 Tenser's Castle Holding   AD&D Uncommon
8RR 027/100 The Temple of Death Holding   AD&D Common
8RR 028/100 Bigby the Great Wizard 9 GH Rare
8RR 029/100 Tenser the Arch Mage Wizard 8 GH Uncommon
8RR 030/100 Oonga the Ape Monster 10 AD&D Rare
8RR 031/100 Falx the Silver Dragon Monster 6 AD&D Common
8RR 032/100 Lord Robilar Hero 7 GH Common
8RR 033/100 Phoebus the Lizard Man Monster 5 AD&D Common
8RR 034/100 Vecna the Arch Lich Wizard 18 GH Rare
8RR 035/100 Kas the Terrible Hero 9 GH Uncommon
8RR 036/100 Grimslade the Gray Hero 4 GH Common
8RR 037/100 Ren-O-The Blade Hero 7 FR Rare
8RR 038/100 Acerack the Eternal Monster 8 AD&D Rare
8RR 039/100 Wulfgar Hero 8 FR Common
8RR 040/100 Jarl the Frost Giant Monster 7 AD&D Common
8RR 041/100 King Snurre the Fire Giant Monster 7 AD&D Common
8RR 042/100 Queen Frumpy the Fire Giant Monster 5 AD&D Common
8RR 043/100 The Keeper Monster 5 AD&D Uncommon
8RR 044/100 Nosnra the Hill Giant Monster 6 AD&D Common
8RR 045/100 Ombi the Renegade Dwarf Hero 4 AD&D Common
8RR 046/100 Mordenkainen's Disjunction Wizard Spell     Rare
8RR 047/100 Slay Living Cleric Spell     Common
8RR 048/100 Intercession Cleric Spell     Uncommon
8RR 049/100 Summon Earth Elemental Cleric Spell +6   Uncommon
8RR 050/100 Summon Fire Elemental Cleric Spell +5   Common
8RR 051/100 Summon Air Elemental Cleric Spell +4   Uncommon
8RR 052/100 Summon Water Elemental Cleric Spell +3   Common
8RR 053/100 Crystalbrittle Wizard Spell     Common
8RR 054/100 Energy Drain Wizard Spell     Uncommon
8RR 055/100 Tyranthraxus, The Possessing Spirit Event     Rare
8RR 056/100 Coming of the Phoenix Event     Common
8RR 057/100 The Forgotten King Event     Rare
8RR 058/100 Elixer of Life Event     Common
8RR 059/100 Giant Raid! Event     Uncommon
8RR 060/100 The Vampire Attacks Event     Uncommon
8RR 061/100 Undead Guardian Event     Rare
8RR 062/100 Barbarian Charge! Event     Common
8RR 063/100 Psionic Shield Event     Uncommon
8RR 064/100 Volcanic Eruption Event     Uncommon
8RR 065/100 The Midas Orb Artifact +2 AD&D Common
8RR 066/100 Invulnerable Coat of Arnd Artifact   AD&D Uncommon
8RR 067/100 Ipsissimo's Black Goose Artifact +2 AD&D Common
8RR 068/100 Tenser's Crystal Ball Artifact   AD&D Common
8RR 069/100 Albruin Artifact +5 FR Common
8RR 070/100 Blackrazor Artifact +4 AD&D Rare
8RR 071/100 Wave Artifact +5 AD&D Uncommon
8RR 072/100 Whelm Artifact +6 AD&D Rare
8RR 073/100 Girdle of Dwarvenkind Magical Item     Rare
8RR 074/100 Star Gem of Martek:Opal Magical Item +2   Common
8RR 075/100 Star Gem of Martek:Sapphire Magical Item +3   Uncommon
8RR 076/100 Star Gem of Martek:Ruby Magical Item +2   Common
8RR 077/100 Star Gem of Martek:Clear Crystal Magical Item +1   Rare
8RR 078/100 Star Gem of Martek:Amethyst Magical Item +4   Uncommon
8RR 079/100 Big Giant's Rock Magical Item +3   Common
8RR 080/100 Huge Giant's Rock Magical Item +6   Common
8RR 081/100 Enormous Giant's Rock Magical Item +9   Rare
8RR 082/100 Hypnosnake Ally +3   Common
8RR 083/100 The Rahaisa Ally +2   Rare
8RR 084/100 Remorhaz Ally +6   Uncommon
8RR 085/100 The Incantrix Ally +3   Rare
8RR 086/100 Winter Wolf Pack Ally +4   Common
8RR 087/100 Hydra Ally +4   Common
8RR 088/100 Red Dragon Ally +5   Uncommon
8RR 089/100 Rampaging Oni Ally +4   Common
8RR 090/100 The Live Ones Ally +4   Rare
8RR 091/100 Flying Kick Unarmed Combat +5   Common
8RR 092/100 Haymaker Unarmed Combat +7   Rare
8RR 093/100 Uppercut Unarmed Combat +4   Uncommon
8RR 094/100 Disarm Unarmed Combat +2   Common
8RR 095/100 Kidney Punch Unarmed Combat +3   Rare
8RR 096/100 Bear Hug Unarmed Combat +5   Common
8RR 097/100 Knockdown Unarmed Combat +3   Common
8RR 098/100 Headlock Unarmed Combat +3   Uncommon
8RR 099/100 Block Unarmed Combat     Common
8RR 100/100 The Monty Haul Campaign Rule   AD&D Rare
8RRc 01/25 The Dream Team Ally +10   Very Rare
8RRc 02/25 Brain Drain Event     Very Rare
8RRc 03/25 The Toad Magical Item +2   Very Rare
8RRc 04/25 Lost Treasure Event     Very Rare
8RRc 05/25 Holy Sword Chrysomer Artifact +6 AD&D Very Rare
8RRc 06/25 Manshoon of the Zhentarim Wizard 8 FR Very Rare
8RRc 07/25 Undead Regeneration Event     Very Rare
8RRc 08/25 The Dark Lens Artifact   DS Very Rare
8RRc 09/25 Book of the Damned Magical Item     Very Rare
8RRc 10/25 Horn of Change Magical Item     Very Rare
8RRc 11/25 Kuroth's Quill Artifact   GH Very Rare
8RRc 12/25 Dodge Event     Very Rare
8RRc 13/25 Runes of the Future Magical Item +2   Very Rare
8RRc 14/25 Cursed Idol Magical Item +1   Very Rare
8RRc 15/25 Tower of Spirits Holding   RL Very Rare
8RRc 16/25 Gib Kcir Hero 5 AD&D Very Rare
8RRc 17/25 Dispel Psionics Cleric Spell     Very Rare
8RRc 18/25 Psionic Reflection Cleric Spell     Very Rare
8RRc 19/25 Icon of Magic Artifact   AD&D Very Rare
8RRc 20/25 Nectar of the Gods Artifact   AD&D Very Rare
8RRc 21/25 Boots of Fharlanghn Magical Item     Very Rare
8RRc 22/25 The Crystal Cave Realm   AD&D Very Rare
8RRc 23/25 The Fair Princess Hero   AD&D Very Rare
8RRc 24/25 The Phylactery Magical Item     Very Rare
8RRc 25/25 Portal to Limbo Event     Very Rare
9BR 1/100 Roesone Realm 5 BR Common
9BR 2/100 Ilien Realm 4 BR Common
9BR 3/100 The Spiderfell Realm   BR Uncommon
9BR 4/100 The Gorgon's Crown Realm   BR Rare
9BR 5/100 Avanil Realm   BR Uncommon
9BR 6/100 Ghoere Realm   BR Rare
9BR 7/100 Tuarhievel Realm   BR Common
9BR 8/100 Mur-Kilad Realm   BR Common
9BR 9/100 Baruk-Azhik Realm   BR Rare
9BR 10/100 The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn Realm   BR Common
9BR 11/100 Tower of the Sword Mage Realm   BR Common
9BR 12/100 Imperial City of Anuire Holding   BR Uncommon
9BR 13/100 The Heartland Outfitters Holding   BR Common
9BR 14/100 Proudglaive Holding   BR Uncommon
9BR 15/100 Kal-Saitharak Holding   BR Rare
9BR 16/100 Magical Source Holding   BR Common
9BR 17/100 The Maze of Maalvar the Minotaur Holding   BR Common
9BR 18/100 Espionage! Event     Common
9BR 19/100 Chaos! Event     Rare
9BR 20/100 Investiture Ceremony Event     Common
9BR 21/100 Forge Ley Line Event     Rare
9BR 22/100 Biding Your Time Event     Uncommon
9BR 23/100 In Search of Adventure Event     Uncommon
9BR 24/100 Revolution! Event     Common
9BR 25/100 The Kraken Attacks! Event     Rare
9BR 26/100 Crown of Regency Magical Item     Common
9BR 27/100 Armor of the High King Magical Item +4   Common
9BR 28/100 Dragon's Teeth Magical Item +?   Common
9BR 29/100 Bracers of Brachiation Magical Item     Common
9BR 30/100 Ring of Human Influence Magical Item     Uncommon
9BR 31/100 Ring of Spell Storing Magical Item     Rare
9BR 32/100 Rod of Lordly Might Magical Item +4   Common
9BR 33/100 Amulet of Plane Walking Magical Item +3   Common
9BR 34/100 Cloak of Displacement Magical Item     Uncommon
9BR 35/100 Alertness Blood Ability +2   Uncommon
9BR 36/100 Animal Affinity Blood Ability     Common
9BR 37/100 Battlewise Blood Ability     Rare
9BR 38/100 Courage Blood Ability     Common
9BR 39/100 Divine Wrath Blood Ability +6   Common
9BR 40/100 Regeneration Blood Ability     Uncommon
9BR 41/100 Touch of Decay Blood Ability     Uncommon
9BR 42/100 Unreadable Thoughts Blood Ability     Common
9BR 43/100 Death Touch Blood Ability +5   Rare
9BR 44/100 Detect Life Blood Ability     Common
9BR 45/100 Invulnerability Blood Ability     Uncommon
9BR 46/100 Tighmaevril Sword Artifact +4 BR Rare
9BR 47/100 Wintering Artifact +3 BR Rare
9BR 48/100 Emperor's Crown of Anuire Artifact +5 BR Rare
9BR 49/100 Kingstopper Artifact +5 BR Rare
9BR 50/100 Bless Land Cleric Spell     Uncommon
9BR 51/100 Blight Cleric Spell     Common
9BR 52/100 Investiture Cleric Spell     Common
9BR 53/100 Control Weather Cleric Spell     Uncommon
9BR 54/100 Transmute Metal to Wood Cleric Spell     Common
9BR 55/100 Part Water Cleric Spell     Common
9BR 56/100 Speak with Monsters Cleric Spell     Common
9BR 57/100 Summon Insects Cleric Spell     Common
9BR 58/100 Legion of Dead Wizard Spell +?   Uncommon
9BR 59/100 Raze Wizard Spell     Rare
9BR 60/100 Blood Drain Wizard Spell     Common
9BR 61/100 Otto's Irresistible Dance Wizard Spell     Common
9BR 62/100 Clone Wizard Spell     Rare
9BR 63/100 Drawmij's Instant Summons Wizard Spell     Uncommon
9BR 64/100 The Gorgon Monster 10 BR Rare
9BR 65/100 The Spider Monster 8 BR Uncommon
9BR 66/100 Banshegh Monster 5/10 BR Rare
9BR 67/100 The Lamia Monster 5 BR Rare
9BR 68/100 The Siren Monster 9 BR Rare
9BR 69/100 The White Witch Monster 7 BR Common
9BR 70/100 The Hag Monster 4 BR Uncommon
9BR 71/100 Cerilian Dragon Monster 10 BR Uncommon
9BR 72/100 The Shadow World Rule   AD&D Common
9BR 73/100 Divine Right Rule   AD&D Common
9BR 74/100 Orogs Ally +2   Common
9BR 75/100 Green Slime Ally +4   Rare
9BR 76/100 Nightmare Ally +4   Common
9BR 77/100 Unicorn Ally +6   Common
9BR 78/100 Wraith Ally +4   Uncommon
9BR 79/100 Stirge Swarm Ally +?   Rare
9BR 80/100 Ankheg Ally +7   Common
9BR 81/100 Wood Nymph Ally +3   Common
9BR 82/100 Giant Squid Ally +8   Uncommon
9BR 83/100 Lord Cronal Regent 9 BR Common
9BR 84/100 Grimm Graybeard Regent 6 BR Common
9BR 85/100 Teodor Profiev Regent 7 BR Common
9BR 86/100 Darien Avan Regent 8 BR Rare
9BR 87/100 Caliedhe Dosiere Regent 8 BR Common
9BR 88/100 Tomkin Dross Regent 6 BR Common
9BR 89/100 The Elf Prince Fhileraene Regent 7 BR Rare
9BR 90/100 Tie'skar Graecher, the Goblin King Regent 3 BR Common
9BR 91/100 The Noble Outlaw Regent 10 BR Rare
9BR 92/100 High Mage Aelies Regent 6 BR Uncommon
9BR 93/100 The Sword Mage Regent 7 BR Common
9BR 94/100 The Wizard Regent 5 BR Uncommon
9BR 95/100 Nadia Vasily Regent 9 BR Common
9BR 96/100 Moergan Regent 6 BR Common
9BR 97/100 Barak the Dark Regent 7 BR Common
9BR 98/100 Jana Orel Regent 2 BR Uncommon
9BR 99/100 The Flower of Roesone Hero 6 BR Common
9BR 100/100 Gwenyth the Bard Hero 3 BR Uncommon
9BRc 1/25 It's Good to be the King Event     Very Rare
9BRc 2/25 The Shadow World Event     Very Rare
9BRc 3/25 Forced Conscription Event     Very Rare
9BRc 4/25 Sphere of Annihilation Magical Item +5   Very Rare
9BRc 5/25 Vacuous Grimoire Magical Item     Very Rare
9BRc 6/25 Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms Magical Item +5   Very Rare
9BRc 7/25 Book of Infinite Spells Magical Item +4   Very Rare
9BRc 8/25 Libram of Ineffable Damnation Magical Item +10   Very Rare
9BRc 9/25 The Count of Mn Regent 8 BR Very Rare
9BRc 10/25 The Wizardess Carrie Regent 4   Rare
9BRc 11/25 The Pontifex of the Southern Coast Regent 7   Common
9BRc 12/25 Olaf the Sly Regent 3 BR Very Rare
9BRc 13/25 Targoth the Unclean Regent 4 BR Very Rare
9BRc 14/25 Rhuobhe Manslayer Regent 8 BR Very Rare
9BRc 15/25 Kaeriaen Whiteheart Regent 6 BR Very Rare
9BRc 16/25 Adara Addlepate Regent 4 BR Very Rare
9BRc 17/25 The Blood of Azrai Event     Very Rare
9BRc 18/25 Taxation Rule   AD&D Very Rare
9BRc 19/25 Diplomacy Event     Very Rare
9BRc 20/25 Blood Challenge! Event     Very Rare
9BRc 21/25 Festival Event     Very Rare
9BRc 22/25 Child's Play Event     Very Rare
9BRc 23/25 The Fates Event     Very Rare
9BRc 24/25 War Declared! Event     Very Rare
9BRc 25/25 Mebhaigl Surge Event     Very Rare
10DR 1/100 Rauglothgor's Lair Realm   FR Common
10DR 2/100 Dragon Mountain Realm   AD&D Common
10DR 3/100 Lair of the Shadowdrake Realm   AD&D Rare
10DR 4/100 Dragonspine Mountains Realm 6 FR Rare
10DR 5/100 Griff Mountains Realm   GH Common
10DR 6/100 Vesve Forest Realm   GH Common
10DR 7/100 Mount Nevermind Realm   DL Uncommon
10DR 8/100 Palanthas Realm   DL Common
10DR 9/100 Mount Deismaar Realm   BR Rare
10DR 10/100 Dragon's Hoard Holding   AD&D Rare
10DR 11/100 Dark Depths Holding   AD&D Uncommon
10DR 12/100 Powers of the Land Holding   RL Common
10DR 13/100 The Mistmarsh Holding 5 GH Common
10DR 14/100 The Mist Caves Holding   FR Common
10DR 15/100 Dragon's Crown Holding   DS Common
10DR 16/100 Council of Wyrms Event     Common
10DR 17/100 Dragon Magic Event     Rare
10DR 18/100 Dragon's Graveyard Event     Uncommon
10DR 19/100 Wyrm's Decree Event     Common
10DR 20/100 Dragon Raid! Event     Rare
10DR 21/100 Dragon Fear Event     Uncommon
10DR 22/100 Trapped! Event     Common
10DR 23/100 Forced Revolt Event     Common
10DR 24/100 Favorable Winds Event     Rare
10DR 25/100 Blessing of Zorquan Event     Common
10DR 26/100 Infyrana the Dragon Monster 8 AD&D Uncommon
10DR 27/100 Flame Monster 9 AD&D Common
10DR 28/100 Pelath the Bronze Dragon Wizard 7 FR Common
10DR 29/100 Maldraedior, Great Blue Wyrm Wizard 9 AD&D Uncommon
10DR 30/100 Tamarand, Great Gold Wyrm Cleric 8 FR Common
10DR 31/100 Lareth, King of Justice Wizard 10 FR Rare
10DR 32/100 Flashburn Hero 9 AD&D Common
10DR 33/100 Fi Lendicol Wizard 7 FR Common
10DR 34/100 Rauglothgor Monster 7 FR Common
10DR 35/100 Sparkle, Crystal Dragon Psionicist 6 AD&D Uncommon
10DR 36/100 Shadow Dragon Monster 7 AD&D Rare
10DR 37/100 Greyhawk Dragon Wizard 6 GH Uncommon
10DR 38/100 Flare Monster 7 DL Common
10DR 39/100 Sleet Monster 6 DL Common
10DR 40/100 Khisanth Monster 7 DL Uncommon
10DR 41/100 Cyan Bloodbane Monster 7 DL Uncommon
10DR 42/100 Verminaard the Dragonmaster Cleric 7 DL Rare
10DR 43/100 The Celestial Emperor Cleric 23 AD&D Rare
10DR 44/100 Tiamat, God of Evil Dragons Wizard 20 AD&D Uncommon
10DR 45/100 Bahamut, God of Good Dragons Hero 21 AD&D Uncommon
10DR 46/100 Astral Spell Wizard Spell     Rare
10DR 47/100 Dragon's Calm Wizard Spell     Uncommon
10DR 48/100 Humanoid Familiar Wizard Spell     Common
10DR 49/100 Venomdust Wizard Spell     Common
10DR 50/100 Firetrail Wizard Spell     Common
10DR 51/100 Dragon's Death Door Wizard Spell     Common
10DR 52/100 Cold Curtain Wizard Spell     Common
10DR 53/100 Summon Dragon Wizard Spell     Common
10DR 54/100 Dragon Mark Wizard Spell     Uncommon
10DR 55/100 Meteor Swarm Wizard Spell +6   Uncommon
10DR 56/100 Enchanted Flight Cleric Spell     Rare
10DR 57/100 Blessing of Tiamat Cleric Spell     Common
10DR 58/100 Blessing of Bahamut Cleric Spell     Common
10DR 59/100 Symbol of Pain Cleric Spell     Common
10DR 60/100 Symbol of Persuasion Cleric Spell     Common
10DR 61/100 Symbol of Death Cleric Spell     Rare
10DR 62/100 Confusion Cleric Spell     Common
10DR 63/100 Find the Path Cleric Spell     Common
10DR 64/100 True Seeing Cleric Spell     Common
10DR 65/100 Plague Cleric Spell     Rare
10DR 66/100 Inertial Barrier Psionic Power     Common
10DR 67/100 Combat Mind Psionic Power     Uncommon
10DR 68/100 Phase Psionic Power     Common
10DR 69/100 Death Field Psionic Power +3   Common
10DR 70/100 Ultrablast Psionic Power +5   Rare
10DR 71/100 Synaptic Snap Psionic Power     Common
10DR 72/100 Daydream Psionic Power     Rare
10DR 73/100 Psychic Blade Psionic Power     Common
10DR 74/100 Gauntlets of Combat Magical Item +4   Common
10DR 75/100 Talisman of the Beast Magical Item +3   Rare
10DR 76/100 Wand of Magic Detection Magical Item     Common
10DR 77/100 Well of Many Worlds Magical Item     Uncommon
10DR 78/100 Wand of Negation Magical Item     Rare
10DR 79/100 Maul of the Titans Magical Item +9   Uncommon
10DR 80/100 Cult of the Dragon Ally +2   Rare
10DR 81/100 Undead Dragonrider Ally +5   Uncommon
10DR 82/100 Dragonne Ally +5   Common
10DR 83/100 Faerie Dragon Ally +3   Common
10DR 84/100 Firedrake Ally +6   Common
10DR 85/100 Drake Ally +5   Common
10DR 86/100 Amulet of the Wyrm Artifact +4 AD&D Uncommon
10DR 87/100 Fang of the Dragon Artifact +4 AD&D Uncommon
10DR 88/100 Orb of the Eternal Dragon Artifact   AD&D Rare
10DR 89/100 Mighty Servant of Leuk-o Artifact +8 AD&D Uncommon
10DR 90/100 Swoop Unarmed Combat     Rare
10DR 91/100 Claw Unarmed Combat +4   Common
10DR 92/100 Tail Sweep Unarmed Combat +5   Common
10DR 93/100 Bite Unarmed Combat +6   Rare
10DR 94/100 Breath Weapon I Unarmed Combat +4   Common
10DR 95/100 Breath Weapon II Unarmed Combat +6   Uncommon
10DR 96/100 Breath Weapon III Unarmed Combat +8   Rare
10DR 97/100 Swallow Whole Unarmed Combat     Uncommon
10DR 98/100 Evade Unarmed Combat     Common
10DR 99/100 Age of the Dragon Rule   AD&D Rare
10DR 100/100 The Battle Must Go On! Rule   AD&D Uncommon
10DRc 1/25 T'char, Dragon of Flame Monster 12 AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 2/25 Lair Raid! Event     Very Rare
10DRc 3/25 Boreas Monster 8 AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 4/25 Morcanth Dragontamer Hero 6 FR Very Rare
10DRc 5/25 Cron the Black Monster 10 GH Very Rare
10DRc 6/25 Draconic Allies Event     Very Rare
10DRc 7/25 Lernaean Hydra Monster ? AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 8/25 Dragon Hatchling Monster 2 AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 9/25 Dragon Cultist Cleric 8 FR Very Rare
10DRc 10/25 Playing to Lose Rule   AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 11/25 Wyvern Monster 4 AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 12/25 Charm, the Crystal Dragon Monster 9 AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 13/25 Chimera Ally +9   Very Rare
10DRc 14/25 Red Dragon Figurine Magical Item     Very Rare
10DRc 15/25 Saphire the Blue Dragon Psionicist 6 AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 16/25 Glimmer the Brass Dragon Hero 7 AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 17/25 Treasure Hoard Event     Very Rare
10DRc 18/25 Dragon's Bones Magical Item +4   Very Rare
10DRc 19/25 Dragon Skirmish Event     Very Rare
10DRc 20/25 Wyrmblight Magical Item +5   Very Rare
10DRc 21/25 Wyrms' Conclave Event     Very Rare
10DRc 22/25 Dragon's Breath Rule   AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 23/25 Ancient Dragon Magic Rule   AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 24/25 Underground Lair Realm   AD&D Very Rare
10DRc 25/25 Dragon's Scale Magical Item     Very Rare
11NS 1/100 Vast Swamp, The Realm 9 GH Rare
11NS 2/100 Bandit Kingdom, The Realm   GH Uncommon
11NS 3/100 Mintarn Realm   FR Common
11NS 4/100 Nelanther Realm   FR Common
11NS 5/100 Falkovnia Realm   RL Rare
11NS 6/100 Richemulot Realm 7 RL Uncommon
11NS 7/100 Cromlin Realm   DS Uncommon
11NS 8/100 UnderCerilia Realm   BR Common
11NS 9/100 Vampire's Realm, The Realm   BR Uncommon
11NS 10/100 Thieve's Guild Holding   GH Uncommon
11NS 11/100 Haunted Graveyard Holding 6 RL Rare
11NS 12/100 Guild Shop Holding   GH Common
11NS 13/100 Forgotten Crypt Holding   FR Common
11NS 14/100 Assassin's Guild Holding   GH Common
11NS 15/100 Pristine Tower, The Holding   DS Uncommon
11NS 16/100 Guistenal Ruins Holding   DS Rare
11NS 17/100 Hellgate Keep Holding   FR Uncommon
11NS 18/100 Cavern of Ancient Knowledge Holding   AD&D Rare
11NS 19/100 Paying Your Dues Event     Common
11NS 20/100 Moonlight Madness Event     Common
11NS 21/100 Boss Wants a Cut, The Event     Uncommon
11NS 22/100 Dawn of the Dead Event     Common
11NS 23/100 Long Arm of the Law, The Event     Rare
11NS 24/100 Wail of the Banshee Event     Uncommon
11NS 25/100 Complete Surprise Event     Rare
11NS 26/100 Black Death, The Event     Common
11NS 27/100 Three Card Monte Event     Rare
11NS 28/100 Guildmaster, The Thief 10 GH Rare
11NS 29/100 Artemis Entreri Thief 8 FR Uncommon
11NS 30/100 Daryth of Calimshan Thief 3 FR Common
11NS 31/100 Storm Silverhand Thief 9 FR Uncommon
11NS 32/100 Jacqueline Renier Thief 7 RL Common
11NS 33/100 Ratik Ubel Thief 5 RL Common
11NS 34/100 Julio, Master Thief of Haslic Thief 2 RL Common
11NS 35/100 Turin Deathstalker Thief 8 GH Rare
11NS 36/100 Simpkin The Weasel Furzear Thief 7 GH Uncommon
11NS 37/100 Phostrek Thief 4 DS Common
11NS 38/100 Jamlin Thief 5 DS Uncommon
11NS 39/100 Donval Thief 8 DS Common
11NS 40/100 El-Hadid Thief 4 BR Uncommon
11NS 41/100 Kelda Auslawsen Thief 3 BR Common
11NS 42/100 Moriad Thief 3 BR Common
11NS 43/100 Uldo Dracobane Thief 7 AD&D Rare
11NS 44/100 Orcus Monster ? AD&D Rare
11NS 45/100 Mask Thief 17 FR Rare
11NS 46/100 Dancing Sword Magical Item +7   Common
11NS 47/100 Rod of Zombie Mastery Magical Item +3   Common
11NS 48/100 Whip of Disarming Magical Item +3   Uncommon
11NS 49/100 Gauntlets of Dexterity Magical Item +3   Uncommon
11NS 50/100 Wand of Bone Magical Item +4   Rare
11NS 51/100 Book of the Dead Artifact +4 GH Rare
11NS 52/100 Heart of Darkness Artifact +5 AD&D Common
11NS 53/100 Trumpet of Doom Artifact   GH Rare
11NS 54/100 Herald of Mei Lung Artifact   FR Common
11NS 55/100 Back Stab Thief Skill     Common
11NS 56/100 Pick Pockets Thief Skill +2   Common
11NS 57/100 Move Silently Thief Skill +2   Common
11NS 58/100 Set Traps Thief Skill     Common
11NS 59/100 Hide in Shadows Thief Skill     Uncommon
11NS 60/100 Climb Walls Thief Skill +4   Common
11NS 61/100 Detect Noise Thief Skill +2   Common
11NS 62/100 Read Languages Thief Skill +2   Common
11NS 63/100 Use Poison Thief Skill +3   Uncommon
11NS 64/100 Concealed Weapon Thief Skill +4   Uncommon
11NS 65/100 Werebear Monster 9 AD&D Rare
11NS 66/100 Crawling Claws Monster 1 FR Common
11NS 67/100 Nemon Hotep Cleric 12 RL Common
11NS 68/100 Shera the Wise Wizard 6 RL Common
11NS 69/100 Winslow the Lich Wizard 9 GH Uncommon
11NS 70/100 Caller in Darkness Psionicist 12 DS Uncommon
11NS 71/100 Vampire, The Regent 8 BR Rare
11NS 72/100 Wereshark Monster 6 DL Common
11NS 73/100 Negative Planar Energy Rule   AD&D Rare
11NS 74/100 A Sure Thing Rule   AD&D Rare
11NS 75/100 Kaisharga Ally +6   Common
11NS 76/100 Guild Master Ally +5   Common
11NS 77/100 Raaig Ally +4   Common
11NS 78/100 Cat Burglar Ally +3   Common
11NS 79/100 Zombie Horde Ally +5   Uncommon
11NS 80/100 Beggar Ally +3   Rare
11NS 81/100 Ancient Dracolich Ally +9   Rare
11NS 82/100 Loric the Fence Ally +2   Uncommon
11NS 83/100 Bigby's Dexterous Digits Wizard Spell +3   Common
11NS 84/100 Guardian Mist Wizard Spell     Common
11NS 85/100 Alarm Wizard Spell +2   Common
11NS 86/100 Corruption of the Flesh Wizard Spell +4   Uncommon
11NS 87/100 Power of Faith Cleric Spell +3   Rare
11NS 88/100 Find Traps Cleric Spell     Common
11NS 89/100 Blessed Abundance Cleric Spell     Common
11NS 90/100 Monster Mount Cleric Spell     Common
11NS 91/100 Aging Unarmed Combat +4   Common
11NS 92/100 Cause Despair Unarmed Combat +2   Common
11NS 93/100 Cause Fear Unarmed Combat +3   Common
11NS 94/100 Cause Paralysis Unarmed Combat +1   Common
11NS 95/100 Constitution Drain Unarmed Combat +2   Common
11NS 96/100 Strength Drain Unarmed Combat +3   Common
11NS 97/100 Level Drain Unarmed Combat +5   Rare
11NS 98/100 Magic Resistance Unarmed Combat +2   Uncommon
11NS 99/100 Rapid Regeneration Unarmed Combat +4   Common
11NS 100/100 Cause Disease Unarmed Combat +6   Rare
11NSc 1/25 Good Truimphs in the End Rule   AD&D Very Rare
11NSc 2/25 Crime Does Not Pay Rule   AD&D Very Rare
11NSc 3/25 Busted Event     Very Rare
11NSc 4/25 Confused Hunchback Event     Very Rare
11NSc 5/25 Dark Prophesy Event     Very Rare
11NSc 6/25 Dark Dreams Event     Very Rare
11NSc 7/25 Celestial Lights Event     Very Rare
11NSc 8/25 Mirror of Corruption Artifact   AD&D Very Rare
11NSc 9/25 Amulet of Undead Aura Magical Item     Very Rare
11NSc 10/25 Arcane Formula for a Lich Magical Item +5   Very Rare
11NSc 11/25 Bag of Beans Magical Item     Very Rare
11NSc 12/25 Shadowcloak Magical Item +5   Very Rare
11NSc 13/25 Pavlov's Bell Magical Item     Very Rare
11NSc 14/25 Ring of Lycanthropy Magical Item +4   Very Rare
11NSc 15/25 Zombie Hero 2 AD&D Very Rare
11NSc 16/25 Varney the Vampire Wizard 7 RL Very Rare
11NSc 17/25 Moonbeast Monster 8 AD&D Very Rare
11NSc 18/25 Gib Lhadsemlo Monster 10 RL Very Rare
11NSc 19/25 Gib Hcivonad Hero 6 AD&D Very Rare
11NSc 20/25 Gib Reltub Thief 8 FR Very Rare
11NSc 21/25 Gib Irod Wizard 13 GH Very Rare
11NSc 22/25 Gib Drawsemaj Cleric 20 DL Very Rare
11NSc 23/25 Gib Aklem Psionicist 9 DS Very Rare
11NSc 24/25 Den of Thieves Realm   AD&D Very Rare
11NSc 25/25 Mad Scientist's Laboratory Realm   RL Very Rare
Promo Promo 1 The Legendary Artifact Artifact   AD&D Special
Promo Promo 2 Geneva Conclave Holding   AD&D Special
Promo Promo3 The Wardmeister Strategy Event     Special