Dungeons Booster Set

Card Listing

Set No. Card Name Type Level World Rarity
12DU 1/100 Mausoleum of the Zombie Master Dungeon     Common
12DU 2/100 Dungeon of the King Dungeon     Common
12DU 3/100 Lair of Dregoth, the Undead Dragon-King Dungeon     Uncommon
12DU 4/100 Domain of Takhisis, Queen of Darkness Dungeon     Common
12DU 5/100 Undermountain Dungeon     Common
12DU 6/100 Labyrinth of Castle Greyhawk Dungeon   GH Rare
12DU 7/100 Under Castle Strahd Dungeon     Common
12DU 8/100 Palace of the Celestial Light Dungeon     Common
12DU 9/100 Field of the Battle Lord Dungeon   AD&D Rare
12DU 10/100 The Belly of the Beast Dungeon     Common
12DU 11/100 Pit of the Mind Lord Dungeon     Common
12DU 12/100 The Torture Room Dungeon     Common
12DU 13/100 Maze of the Guild Dungeon     Common
12DU 14/100 Carrock of High Magicks Dungeon   AD&D Rare
12DU 15/100 The Enchanted Land Dungeon     Common
12DU 16/100 Purveyor of Events Dungeon     Uncommon
12DU 17/100 Spells of the Archmage Dungeon     Common
12DU 18/100 Spells of the Friar Dungeon     Common
12DU 19/100 Spells from the Grave Dungeon   GH Rare
12DU 20/100 Powers from the Savage Land Dungeon     Common
12DU 21/100 Might of the Blood Right Dungeon     Common
12DU 22/100 Song of the Dragonlance Dungeon   DL Rare
12DU 23/100 Bats in the Belfry Dungeon   RL Rare
12DU 24/100 The Azure Tower of Onad the Fallen Dungeon   AD&D Rare
12DU 25/100 Beneath Castle Drawmij Dungeon     Uncommon
12DU 26/100 Return of the Dwarven King Dungeon     Common
12DU 27/100 The Guildhall Dungeon     Common
12DU 28/100 The Dragon's Refuge Realm   AD&D Uncommon
12DU 29/100 Cities of the Sun Realm   BR Common
12DU 30/100 Border Post Realm 5 GH Uncommon
12DU 31/100 Border Garrison Realm 10 GH Rare
12DU 32/100 The Ruins of Lololia Realm   RL Rare
12DU 33/100 Tower by the Sea Realm   FR Common
12DU 34/100 The Forgotten Ruins Realm   DS Common
12DU 35/100 The Hidden Village Realm +8 FR Common
12DU 36/100 The Bitter Knoll Realm   AD&D Common
12DU 37/100 The Ogre Hero 7 BR Uncommon
12DU 38/100 Fire Dragon Monster 10 DL Rare
12DU 39/100 Zaranda Star Regent 7 BR Common
12DU 40/100 Skulker Thief 5 AD&D Rare
12DU 41/100 Jasper Hero 4 FR Uncommon
12DU 42/100 The Hapless Halfling Thief 5 DL Common
12DU 43/100 Feral Halfling Hero 9 DS Uncommon
12DU 44/100 Dearlyn Ambersong Wizard 6 FR Common
12DU 45/100 Tyvorg the Frost Giant Cleric 10 GH Common
12DU 46/100 Troglodyte Ally +5   Common
12DU 47/100 Hook Horror Ally +6   Common
12DU 48/100 Lurker in the Earth Ally +9   Uncommon
12DU 49/100 Skull Tumor Ally +3   Rare
12DU 50/100 Hero Slayer Ally +6   Common
12DU 51/100 The White Weird Ally +7   Rare
12DU 52/100 Psion Sucker Ally +?   Common
12DU 53/100 Master Illithid Ally +7   Uncommon
12DU 54/100 Bottomless Horror Ally +?   Uncommon
12DU 55/100 Boiling Oil Artifact +4 GH Rare
12DU 56/100 Siege Ladder Artifact +5 DS Uncommon
12DU 57/100 Net of Ensnaring Artifact +3 FR Rare
12DU 58/100 Battering Ram Artifact +? GH Uncommon
12DU 59/100 Ballista Artifact +5 DL Rare
12DU 60/100 Cannon Ball Artifact +3 BR Rare
12DU 61/100 Borer Artifact +7 RL Rare
12DU 62/100 Catapult Artifact +6 AD&D Common
12DU 63/100 Siege Machine Artifact   AD&D Common
12DU 64/100 Sword of Sharpness Magical Item +3   Common
12DU 65/100 The Triton Throne Magical Item +4   Common
12DU 66/100 Flask of Curses Magical Item +5   Common
12DU 67/100 Crystal Dragon Figurine Magical Item +3   Uncommon
12DU 68/100 Amulet of the Dragon King Magical Item     Uncommon
12DU 69/100 Breath Charm Magical Item +7   Common
12DU 70/100 Pearl Pegasus Magical Item +5   Rare
12DU 71/100 Clockwork Ogre Magical Item +8   Uncommon
12DU 72/100 Amulet of Spell Turning Magical Item +3   Rare
12DU 73/100 Psionic Disintegration Psionic Power     Rare
12DU 74/100 Magic Draining Field Psionic Power     Common
12DU 75/100 Drain Will Psionic Power     Uncommon
12DU 76/100 Eat Dirt! Unarmed Combat     Common
12DU 77/100 Vital Blow Unarmed Combat +5   Uncommon
12DU 78/100 Supernatural Strength Unarmed Combat     Common
12DU 79/100 Create Minion Blood Ability     Common
12DU 80/100 Melt Bone Blood Ability +6   Uncommon
12DU 81/100 Death Field Blood Ability     Uncommon
12DU 82/100 Con Game Thief Skill     Rare
12DU 83/100 Legal Loophole Thief Skill     Common
12DU 84/100 Tumble Out of Danger Thief Skill     Uncommon
12DU 85/100 Broad Jump Thief Skill +4   Rare
12DU 86/100 Hijacking Thief Skill     Rare
12DU 87/100 Fortune Telling Thief Skill     Common
12DU 88/100 Gather Information Thief Skill     Common
12DU 89/100 Intimidation Thief Skill     Uncommon
12DU 90/100 Trailing Thief Skill +5   Common
12DU 91/100 Extension I Wizard Spell     Common
12DU 92/100 City Shield Wizard Spell   BR Uncommon
12DU 93/100 Spectral Dragon Wizard Spell     Common
12DU 94/100 Ball Lightning Wizard Spell +? FR Uncommon
12DU 95/100 Drawmij's Beneficent Polymorph Wizard Spell   GH Uncommon
12DU 96/100 Animate Gargoyle Wizard Spell     Rare
12DU 97/100 Minions of Darkness Wizard Spell     Common
12DU 98/100 Conjure Greater Fire Elemental Wizard Spell +?   Common
12DU 99/100 Divine Assistance Cleric Spell     Common
12DU 100/100 What Comes Around Goes Around Rule     Common
12DUc 1/25 Winner's Trophy* (304/GC96) Artifact +5 AD&D Very Rare
12DUc 2/25 Pretty Magical Ring* (281/GC96) Magical Item +6   Very Rare
12DUc 3/25 Fighting Dirty!* (271/GC96) Thief Skill +?   Very Rare
12DUc 4/25 Dissolution* (233/GC96) Wizard Spell     Very Rare
12DUc 5/25 Black Hand Thieves' Guild* (186/GC) Holding   AD&D Very Rare
12DUc 6/25 Elminster's Intuition* (160/GC96) Event     Very Rare
12DUc 7/25 Fool's Paradise* (146/GC96) Event     Very Rare
12DUc 8/25 Aliki* (148/GC96) Thief 6 GH Very Rare
12DUc 9/25 Lilac Hesabon* (149/GC96) Hero 5 FR Very Rare
12DUc 10/25 Enter Darkness Together* (129/GC96) Event     Very Rare
12DUc 11/25 Recorder of Yť Cind* (118/GC96) Artifact +3 AD&D Very Rare
12DUc 12/25 Telarie Willowind* (115/GC96) Hero 7 GH Very Rare
12DUc 13/25 The Llama King* (109/GC96) Hero 9 AD&D Very Rare
12DUc 14/25 Necba the Wrathmaker* (98/GC96) Thief 5 DL Very Rare
12DUc 15/25 Shan, Karate Master* (61/GC96) Hero 7 FR Very Rare
12DUc 16/25 Handmine* (41/GC96) Event     Very Rare
12DUc 17/25 The Builder* (3/GC96) Hero 5 GH Very Rare
12DUc 18/25 Slorath's Gloves* (6/GC96) Artifact +2 AD&D Very Rare
12DUc 19/25 Rary's Apprentice* (69/GC96) Wizard 4 GH Very Rare
12DUc 20/25 Poor Oriental Lord* (86/GC96) Thief 10 FR Very Rare
12DUc 21/25 Highmaster Illithios* (164/GC96) Psionicist 10 AD&D Very Rare
12DUc 22/25 Chaos Lord* (193/GC96) Regent 9 BR Very Rare
12DUc 23/25 Giant Troll (295/GC96) Ally +10   Very Rare
12DUc 24/25 Elyk the Bard* (9/GC96) Thief 5 AD&D Very Rare
12DUc 25/25 Dor Amberglow* (150/GC96) Hero 5 FR Very Rare

* Indicates that the chase (photo) card is from the GEN CON 1996 Game Fair's SPELLFIRE photo booth. Future boosters will also use the photo booth cards.