The "Oh my god" deck

The central theme of this deck is deities. Virtually all of the champions in this deck are deities from the various AD&D game worlds, avatars or clerics. One secondary theme is realm inaccessibility, by making all realms attackable by flyers, swimmers or earthwalkers, and another theme is denial, by preventing an opponent's spells, events and powers from working. This deck was defeated only three times in the 9 months or so it existed, and never in its final incarnation (below). The only decks that have any sort of reasonable chance are typically dragon decks, which have a large number of flyers. The deck is entirely legal: it has 105 levels of champions, but this is permissible under the latest version of the Spellfire Tournament Rules, which state that each deck can contain one avatar whose level doesn't count toward the maximum allowable levels (90) in a deck.

Card Listing

Card No. Set Name Notes


92 For. Realms Cyric Cyric: deity from Forgotten Realms. His power of "hiding" the pool really keeps opponents nervous.
89 For. Realms Helm Deity from Forgotten Realms. Used to eliminate events.
167 1st Ed. Iuz the Evil Deity from Greyhawk. Very useful for fighting losing battles.
166 1st Ed. Lolth the Spider Queen Deity from Greyhawk.
46 1st Ed. Midnight, Goddess of Magic Deity from Forgotten Realms. Controls opponents' wizards.
93 UnderDark Ellorelloran Mage from the Underdark, but casts clerical spells. Can eliminate rule cards.
63 3rd Edition Karlott the Shaman Cleric from FR. Can retrieve a used event.
83 Artifacts Goldmoon Cleric from Dragonlance. Can use an opponent's clerical spells against him.
10 1st Ed. Chase Delsenora Cleric. Can cancel a harmful event.
80 Powers Shadair Mesker Cleric, can also use psionic powers (not much use in this deck).
22 Night Stalkers Chase Gib Drawsemaj Avatar. Not really essential to this deck, but is relatively easy to bring out (requires an opponent's realm to be discarded, and with Disintegrate, Cataclysm!, Iuz and Deflection, this isn't a problem). His power of imitating the powers of any two champions is very, very useful (I usually choose Cyric and one other).
84 For. Realms Adon Cleric of FR. With Midnight in play, is a level 10 champion unaffected by offensive spells, items and artifacts.
280 4th Edition Amarill Cleric. When defeated, can retrieve one of the more powerful champions from the discard pile.


255 3rd Edition Kank Lancers Instant defeat for swimmers. Since most of the realms require the attacker to be a flyer and/or a swimmer...
84 1st Ed. Noble Djinni Instant defeat for flyers. Since most of the realms require the attacker to be a flyer and/or a swimmer...


393 1st Ed. Disintegrate Why attack a realm when you can disintegrate it?
63 Birthright Drawmij Instant Summons Fetch a useful item or artifact (like the Ring of Winter) immediately.
46 For. Realms Wish Good for nasty opposing champions or rule cards.
43 For. Realms Limited Wish Stop events.
74 DragonLance Recall Get all used spells back into the draw pile.
370 4th Edition Dispel Magic Stop a spell.
389 4th Edition Re-target Send a spell back to the opponent (especially useful with Disintegrate).
358 1st Ed. Dispel Magic Stop a spell.
48 Runes and Ruins Intercession Stop an event.
53 Birthright Control Weather Prevents flyers from flying, which makes it very difficult for them to attack flyer-only realms.
48 Powers Stasis Win a combat immediately (given a half decent champion).
28 For. Realms Creeping Doom Raze an opponent's realm.
34 For. Realms Resurrection Retrieve a discarded champion (like Helm!)
83 DragonLance Reflection Send a spell back to it's caster.
45 Ravenloft Heal Get those nice instant-kill allies back.
56 Mindkiller UnderDark Kill a champion.
400 4th Edition Dispel Stop a spell or psionic power.


12 Runes and Ruins Isle of Dread All of these realms have some onerous condition required to attack them, like swimmers only, flyers only, flyers or swimmers, flyers and earthwalkers, and so forth. With a deck optimised against flyers and swimmers, this makes it very difficult to attack these realms and get away with it.
16 Runes and Ruins The Lost City
87 Artifacts Shining Lands
3 Night Stalkers Mintarn
11 For. Realms Coral Kingdom
13 For. Realms Kozakura
13 DragonLance Isle of Selasia
12 DragonLance Spine of Taladas
49 4th Edition The Five Peaks
23 4th Edition Spindrift Isles
57 4th Edition Blood Sea of Istar
13 4th Edition Giant's Run Mountains


33 1st Ed. Mulmaster With the number of spells in this deck, and with every single champion being a spellcaster, you can end up drawing a huge number of cards, drawing one for each spell played. Especially useful against spell-heavy opponents, because of the number of Dispels played.

Magical Items and Artifacts

205 4th Edition Scimitar of Speed Lets a champion defend twice. Very useful with Amarill or Iuz.
61 For. Realms Ring of Winter Deprive the opponent of a card per turn.
25 DL Chase Medallion of Faith Get an extra card per turn yourself.


99 3rd Edition Cataclysm! Kill a realm.
319 1st Ed. Caravan Have an extra turn.
100 1st Ed. Good Fortune Get more cards.
400 1st Ed. Calm Stop an event.
275 1st Ed. Wind Dancers Kill all flyers in play. Stop those dragon decks!
54 Artifacts Deflection Bounce an event (like Cataclysm!)