The "Powers" deck

This deck's central theme is psionic powers, but it also has themes of vengeance (things that hurt the opposing players if they attack you), no magic (it has several methods of getting rid of magic items and spells), and speed (drawing more cards). It's a very defensive deck, and is almost useless in attack.

Card Listing

Card No. Set Name Notes


305 3rd Edition Borys the Dragon A very useful multi-purpose champion
60 Powers Earth Elemental Instant kill against champions with a card number ending in 3 or less, thus most useful for defence.
60 3rd Edition Sadira Sadira can cast spells, use powers, and prevent opposing psionicist champions from using psionic powers without her permission.
80 Powers Shadair Mesker Shadair can use psionic powers and cast cleric spells.
340 4th Edition Kai'Rik'Tik Kai'Rik'Tik's power to borrow a monster from any pool as an ally is very useful, especially if you're planning on losing the round, because the borrowed monster is then discarded.
35 Draconomican Sparkle, Crystal Dragon Sparkle will permit the opponent to use only one ally, and that one is of her choice.
19 Powers Phridge Very versatile: casts cleric and wizard spells, and can use psionic powers.
11 Powers Roghal Baen Roghal Baen in defence forces the opponent to lay open the cards he intends to use in the battle.
24 Powers Colum Calder Before attacking, can view all other players' hands.
15 Powers Rafe Racker Destroys an opponent's magic items or artifacts.
13 Powers Rand the Bowyer By levitating, can end a round of combat immediately.
21 Powers Kerm of Tyr Can halve the opposing champion's level, and discard all allies in play.
16 Powers Jacenelle Traen While in the pool, can psionically double another psionicist's level.


252 3rd Edition Assassins If you lose, kill any champion in play.
271 3rd Edition Ashathra Use Ashathra to discard any opposing ally.
274 3rd Edition Galek Use a card from the opponent's draw pile against himself.
439 1st Edition The Starving Artist If you lose, your opponent must discard his hand down to 2 cards.
70 For. Realms Ninjas Use a card from the opponent's hand against himself.


346 3rd Edition Dispel Magic Dispel a spell. 
46 For. Realms Wish Good for nasty opposing champions or rule cards.

Psionic Powers

76 Powers Repugnance Use your opponent's allies against him.
100 Powers Dimensional Door Send your attacker to attack one of his own realms.
71 Powers Telekinesis Steal the use of a magic item or artifact anywhere in play. Very useful for borrowing your own Heartwood Spear for use against monsters.
94 Powers Magnify Doubles your level.
74 Powers Control Wind Negates for this player the effect of all spells, events, champion powers, and rule cards for a while. It's a ,double-edged sword, so it must be used with care.
91 Powers Graft Weapon Use the level and powers of a magic item or artifact in another plkayer's pool.
67 Powers Complete Healing Retrieve three of your nasty allies from the discard pile and use them again.
70 Powers Molecular Rearrangement Discard all magic items and artifacts in play.


221 3rd Edition Draj The realms are all Dark Sun realms, and have varying powers. Nibenay, Ancient Kalidnay, and Tyr are the most useful.
226 3rd Edition Nibenay
225 3rd Edition Gulg
223 1st Edition Urik
227 1st Edition Balic
224 1st Edition Tyr
31 4th Edition New Giustenal
30 4th Edition Euripis
95 Artifacts Forest Ridge
93 Artifacts Ur Draxa
92 Artifacts Ancient Kalidnay
405 1st Edition Slave Realm of Tulek
7 Night Stalkers Cromlin


246 1st Edition Black Waters Prevent monsters from attacking your realms.
236 1st Edition Arkhold Draw an extra card per turn.
228 1st Edition The Mud Palace Hold 10 cards in your hand.

Magical Items and Artifacts

4 Powers Sword of Blackflame Used to reflect a spell cast in combat.
318 1st Edition Heartwood Spear Kill dragons and monsters instantly.
15 Artifacts Rod of Teeth Discard it and the attached champion, and rid an opponent of all of his spells.


119 4th Edition Cataclysm! Kill a realm.
319 3rd Edition Caravan Have an extra turn.
120 4th Edition Good Fortune Get more cards.
400 1st Edition Calm Stop an event.
186 1st Edition Fairy Madness Get rid of a champion for a turn.
210 1st Edition Fast Talking! Get rid of all magic items and artifacts.
22 UnderDark Memory Moss Purge an opponent of all held spells, and prevent the targeted champion from casting spells.