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26 November 2008: Repaired aedtune.pdf, as the file appeared to be broken.

4 December 2004: The site has been moved to its new host, http://www.claymore.co.za/sherekhan, hosted at Web Africa. I have also made minor changes to various pages, and updated contact details.

17 November 2003: Updated contact email details to fix some I left out.

19 May 2003: Updated contact email details.

25 July 2002: Added an "Other Pictures" gallery, for pictures not directly related to Shere Khan.

22 July 2002: New AED Documents on the Technical Info page. Also a bunch of minor updates.

17 July 2002: Now my site is housed at http://www.metroweb.co.za/~claymore/sherekhan

20 July 2001: Both the free webhosting sites I was using, NBCi and Webjump have dropped out of the webhosting business. My site is now housed at http://www.claymel.co.za/sherekhan

5 July 2001: On 27 March 2001 I misjudged a corner on a wet road, and planted Shere Khan nose first into a lamp post. The damage (bumber, bonnet, chassis leg, fan, visco, and various other parts) was sufficient to justify it being written off, which was duly done. The insurance company duly paid out R32750 (the insured value of R35000 less the excess) after I justified the high insured value. Shere Khan is no more, though I did keep the leaper. I will be uploading the final photos of this beautiful car soon.

2 February 2001: Updated Repairs and Links.

31 October 2000: Added a new collection of pictures, in the Pre-concours and Concours galleries.

24 October 2000: Minor additions to repairs. I went and accidentally destroyed one of my driving lights, so I'll need to replace that.

8 September 2000: Made a bunch of minor changes.

2 September 2000: I won the McAuley Floating Trophy for Most improved Car in this year's annual Jaguar Club concours, and came second in the XJ6 section.

8 August 2000: Added a new gallery of pictures (May-July 2000).

5 August 2000: Got the exhaust manifold leak repaired (had to add some Gun Gum later too).

1 August 2000: Compressor has been replaced, but I'll need to replace the drier and valve before regassing. A replacement windscreen has been ordered (I have a crack in the current one, and I've discovered a crack in the exhaust manifold, which I'll be getting welded. Updated Places to Go with Pro Clutch, Brake & Shock.

11 July 2000: Updated Places to Go, as Rivonia Auto have moved to Randburg.

3 July 2000: Radiator repaired, but on the way home, the aircon compressor cracked.

12 June 2000: A couple of updates to Repairs. An addition to Places to Go To.

2 June 2000: A couple of updates to Repairs. A "Useful Products" page added. Some additions to Places to Go To and Places to Avoid.

1 June 2000: A couple of updates to Repairs.

23 May 2000: Various minor updates, and a couple of updates to Repairs.

28 April 2000: Various minor updates.

25 April 2000: A few minor things added to Repairs.

17 April 2000: First service on the new engine - details added to Repairs. I added driving lights, and fixed a number of minor items - compressor clutch, headlight relay, wiring, etc.

10 April 2000: Added two new picture galleries, with more picture from the repair of the accident damage, and of the new engine.

7 April 2000: I finally have Shere Khan back on the road again, after a breakdown last week, which turned out to be bolts coming loose on the torque converter. Updated Repairs. My insurance broker reckons that Shere Khan is worth R38000-R45000, much more than I thought.

24 March 2000: I finally have Shere Khan back on the road. There are a million little things to sort out, but it's going well. I've added a pages for Advanced Features, and separated the Contacts page into Places to go to and Places to avoid. Repairs updated extensively.

26 January 2000: Shere Khan is nearing completion - the base coat went on yesterday.

24 January 2000: Added a Library page, detailing the reference books I have.

20 January 2000: Updated the site layout, and it has now been moved to Xoom.com.

11 January 2000: Auto Haus Panelbeaters couldn't be bothered to do anything, so the insurance company paid me out, and Shere Khan was towed to Dash Panelbeaters in Wynberg on 26 November. Unfortunately Dash closed for the December holidays before they could finish, and have only re-opened today, so it'll be a few more days. There are some new pictures in the second accident gallery. From Dash, the car will be towed to Rivonia Auto to have a replacement engine installed (I have bought a completely rebuilt, blueprinted and balanced engine).

12 November 1999: Updated Repairs with some more "to do" items. There won't be many updates for a while, till I have the car back.

9 November 1999: Accident pictures are up in the Accident Gallery.

29 October 1999: I was involved in an accident on 27 October. I'm fine, but Shere Khan will need a new front end - bonnet, bumper, fenders, radiator etc. I'm insured, so it shouldn't be a problem, and I already have pricing on all the second-hand parts. Pictures coming as soon as I have the film developed.

27 October 1999: A few changes to Repairs.

21 October 1999: A few items added to Repairs.

11 October 1999: A few items added to Repairs. Cruise control working very nicely. I seem to have a very, very small leak from the water pump, but it has a 1-year warranty, so if it gets to be a major problem, I'll replace it.

8 October 1999: Removed the damned AED. I'm definitely fitting a manual choke of some sort. The AED had a stripped screw and it was sucking in air through the cover. Had the carb mixtures adjusted by John at Rivonia Auto.

6 October 1999: Added a Series 3 electric mirror wiring diagram into the Tech page.

4 October 1999: Remembered the oil change I did, and added it into Repairs.

29 September 1999: After losing about 8 litres of water, I had the water pump replaced with a second-hand pump.

27 September 1999: What a week it's been! I had the gearbox rebuilt last week, and now it's fine. I got my auxiliary fans working, and rigged up an additional manual switch for them. Then I discovered that my water pump is leaking, and has probably been leaking for a while, so I'll have to get that done. I did an oil change on the 24th, and since it was my first time, it was a very messy business. The links page has been updated. The Jaguar Engine Epic added to the Tech page.

20 September 1999: It looks like I need my gearbox rebuilt.


I spoke to some people, and consensus seems to be that the front clutch is burning out (thus the slipping), and clutch particles are finding their way into the governor and valve body (shift problems). Apparently this will require a complete stripdown and clean.

A local and reputable Jag dealer has quoted me R4500 (about US$725) to do this, including new friction materials etc. A guy from our local Jag club has quoted R3000 (US$480) for the same thing.

In other news, I cleaned out the boot compartment, tightening clamps on fuel pipes, etc. Now my left-hand fuel pump sometimes doesn't run on uphills. Humph.

16 September 1999: I ripped the AED out last night, and blocked the pipes. So far, so good - performance seems better, and starting is a little harder. I'll see what fuel consumption is like in a few days, and then decide whether or not to fit a manual choke.

14 September 1999: A new picture gallery page added, with a collection of new pics.

13 September 1999: A couple of items added to Repairs.

10 September 1999: Last night I fitted the boot mat (after washing), and spent about an hour getting the bonnet aligned decently. I managed to get it right by hammering the metal back-plate in the hinge area into a better position (it wasn't moving properly because of the welding), and now it works pretty well. I also mounted the "Executive" badge on the boot.

9 September 1999: Had my bonnet mounting welding by Rivonia Auto, and they didn't charge me anything. What great guys! I still have a bit of alignment to do on it which may involve metal-carving. I found that me new second-hand crankcase breather got damaged when I put it on, so I've patched it a bit. I bought some new Jaguar side badges and a new "Executive" badge for the boot (mine has gone brassy), as well as a boot mat in good condition, a boot-lid liner, and a working fuel-tank switch (mine was not working too well with the fuel gauges). Lots of things to do over the weekend.

6 September 1999: Updated repairs with the latest repairs. Added the CAR Magazine January 1978 review of the Series II XJ6 to the Tech section. Added a couple of details (sound system) to Specifications.

The annual South African Jaguar Concours was held on 4 September, and I entered into the D'Etat section (as a learning experience, mind you). I did reasonably well on Interior and Authenticity, better on Engine, quite poorly on Body (my paint work is pretty bad, though it looks nice from a distance), and very well on Roadworthy (lost points on an oil leak, an exhaust leak on a tailpipe, and my windscreen washer which wouldn't co-operate). All in all, very instructive. The XJ6 category was won by Tony Ferreira, who runs his own Jaguar workshop.

30 August 1999: Updated the vacuum diagram with better positioning of connectors plus the addition of the link to the speed control bellows. Updated Repairs with latest.

30 August 1999: AED is a bit too lean, and the engine is being flooded when cold. More adjustments today, we'll see the results tomorrow. I replaced the carpet on the passenger side that was water-damaged by using one of the mats from the rear. I covered the passenger-side handgrip in new vinyl.

27 August 1999: Apparently my AED is flooding the engine again - I guess that would explain the consumption. JTR are busy tuning everything nicely.

25 August 1999: Added some very useful links to the Technical section. Added my own Series II vacuum diagram to the Technical section. Updated the Specifications section with colour and upholstery details. Added my distributor replacement to Repairs.

23 August 1999: Added the CAR Magazine review - CAR Magazine permits reproduction of their reviews provided they're quoted as the source. Updated the Toolkit section. Replaced my distributor yesterday, still need to do some fine tuning. Cleaned the engine a bit, replaced some more vacuum piping.

20 August 1999: Added the picture gallery. Three pictures so far, more to come. Added a "still to get" section to the Toolkit area. Added a "date" column to the Repairs. Added a Specifications section.  Added many links, and cleaned all the pages up.

18 August 1999: Added some items to the toolkit section, fixed a problem with the frames.

17 August 1999: Added Toolkit section, updated Contacts with JTR Motors, added fuel pipe problem to Repairs.

15 August 1999: Discovered that Shere Khan's  vacuum advance isn't working. Will be replacing the advance unit and possibly distributor too.

5 August 1999: Site created.


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