I have a growing collection of Jaguar-related books and publications for reference.

Book ISBN Description Obtained from Cost
Jaguar XJ6 Daimler Sovereign Repair Operations Manual 1855200309 The standard Jaguar repair manual. Jaguar Club of SA R 200.00
Jaguar XJ6 Series 2 Spare Parts Catalogue, 1972-1979 0837605792 The parts guide. Very useful because it shows assembly diagrams. Kalahari.Net R 180.00
Jaguar XK Engine 1859600077 The Haynes guide to the Jaguar XK engine. Kalahari.Net R 84.98
SU Carburetters: Tuning Tips and Techniques 1855202557 A guide to repair and restoration of Skinners Union carburettors. Kalahari.Net R 56.98
Jaguar XJ6 Gold Portfolio 1968-1979 1855202646 A collection of magazine reviews of the XJ6 Series 1 and 2. Unfortunately, the book doesn't include the magazine name or publication date of each review. Kalahari.Net R 84.98
Jaguar: Fifty Years of Speed and Style 1859604153 A nice coffee-table book which details the history of Jaguar. Estoril Books R 165.00
The Complete Book of the Car ? A book detailing the history of the car. Includes profiles on all the car manufacturers, and highlights of certain cars. A little out of date. Xmas Unknown


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