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These are the places I can recommend. Many of the places below may be useful only if you live in South Africa.

Contact Notes
Rivonia Service Centre 011-803-4201. Now moved to Sunninghill, near Rivonia. Run by a chap called Graham Cane, originally from England. Although they don't specialise in Jags (they do just about everything), they know their stuff and are prepared to explain exactly what is being done and why. Most importantly: they are scrupulously honest, and won't rip you off.

There used to be a mechanic there by the name of John. While he was very experienced and knowledgeable on Jags, he was somewhat careless - he sometimes didn't check things, or did things a little too quickly. He did my engine replacement, and left before finishing the job, and as a result, the work on my car was delayed for several weeks while the garage tracked done and redid many things he hadn't done right (no exhaust manifold sealer, dozens of nuts and bolts loose or not on, etc).

Update, December 2004: They are apparently no longer there. Perhaps Graham went back to the UK.

Jag-Daimler Spares Based in Malvern, Johannesburg, Jag-Daimler Spares specialises in new parts for older Jaguars and Daimlers. Some custom parts available too - poly steering rack bushes and brass header tanks, for example. Also an emergency after-hours spares facility.
Contact: Aubrey Peterson on 011-622-9675

Note: Jag-Daimler has a rather inflexible warranty policy: if a part is faulty, it is sent back to the UK, and you will get a replacement in about 3 months. You can purchase a replacement in the meantime, and you will be credited when the replacement from the UK arrives.

Update, May 2003: Apparently they have moved to Benoni. I don't have contact details though.

Willie Kruger's Used Jag Spares Willie Kruger strips Jags down and sells the used parts. Prices are very reasonable, and he has a wide selection. He's based in Roodepoort.
Contact: Willie on 011-760-5411
Westbridge Auto Services Phillip Philips of Westbridge (in Ferndale, Randburg) specialises in gearboxes, and has much experience on Jag boxes. He did my Jag's tranny very professionally.
Contact: Phillip Philips on 011-792-3882
Sipple, Herzfield & Associates Rob Herzfield (011-487-1051) is an insurance broker specialising in classic cars. The rates are very good (about half the price you can get anywhere else), and the car is insured at a deemed value, rather than a supposed "book" value.
Dash Panelbeaters Contact Nick Swart on 011-887-8454. Their work is OK, prices are usually good, and they'll sort any problems out afterward, should any crop up. They're not fast though, and make sure you provide detailed written instructions for anything out of the ordinary.

Update (2 February 2001): Their phone numbers don't exist any more. I'm guessing that they've gone out of business.

Tiger Wheel and Tyre Blackheath, Randburg: 011-476-9491. These are the first tyre people I've seen who use a torque wrench and copper grease to put the wheels back on, and their balancing and alignment procedures are impeccable (they use the stick-on lead weights for alloy wheels, for example). Professional service and good prices too.


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