The Crumple Zone Gallery - Restoration

Auto Haus Panelbeaters turned out to be a bunch of useless incompetents. After I complained to the insurance company because Auto Haus had not started or even collected parts a month after the accident, the insurance company paid me out, and I took the car to Dash Panelbeaters, in Wynberg, Johannesburg.

czfrontup.jpg (28499 bytes)

The suspension has been pulled straight.


czfenderon.jpg (26417 bytes)

The fit of a replacement fender is checked.


czfront.jpg (24202 bytes)

The front box sections to the sides of the radiator cradle have been straightened and sprayed with stonechip to prevent rust.


czbonnet.jpg (22514 bytes)

The replacement bonnet has been sprayed a first coat on the underside.


czfenders.jpg (19695 bytes)

The edges of the fenders have been sprayed.


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