Useful products

There are some products I've had good luck in using for various things.

Product Notes
Bar's Leaks Used for sealing radiator leaks, lubricating water pumps, and keeping the cooling in good shape. It's the first "stop leak" product I've seen that actually works on some leaks, and I've tried several, including Wynns, Loctite Indian Head, and others. I wouldn't recommend using it regularly once the leak has sealed though.
Wynns Mag Cleaner Great for cleaning alloy wheels. Spray on, wait 60 seconds, and wash off. Sometimes a bit of help with a paintbrush helps it along a bit.
Wynns Engine Stop Leak I've had this stuff seal up a rear main oil seal on one occasion.
Total Quartz 7000 semi-synthetic oil This 15W-50 motor oil seems to work well.
Holts Superior Car Wax This wax, which contains Teflon, is the best wax I've ever used. Easy to apply, it makes car washing dead easy - spray water on, wipe off with a chamois, and the car is clean. Water just doesn't stick to it.
Kanebo Chamois This fake chamois works extremely well for car washing.
Pratley's Epoxy The various Pratley's epoxy products (epoxy glue, epoxy steel, expoxy putty, and epoxy steel putty) are very handy for various things. They don't work on radiators though, in my experience.
Wynns Pearl Glaze Works even better than the Superior Car Wax. Hard to put on and polish off though.


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