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I bought Metacreations Bryce 2.0 for Windows 95 some years ago, and was playing around with it a bit. These images are what I've come up with so far. Let me stress that I am not an artist, nor do I have much time. I had just been toying around with the software. In most images I have one or more DXF objects, most of which I've obtained from either 3DCafe, an excellent repository of 3D objects, or Meshmart (apparently now defunct). I have used Breeze Designer (available from 3DCafe) and Rhinoceros (from www.rhino3d.com) to convert 3DS files into DXF format, but I have no experience of using any 3D software aside from Bryce.

I have rendered each file to a resolution of 400x300 pixels, and converted the resulting file to JPEG with low compression. The thumbnails were created by simply resizing the image to 200x150, and running an Unsharp Mask filter to sharpen them (or, the more recent ones, rendering to 200x150). On some pictures, I now have an 800x600 version too.

I used Micrografx Picture Publisher 10.0 for image manipulation (and it has a good collection of textures too).

In case you hadn't figured it out, click on the image to zoom in to a larger picture.

I have now split the site into gallery pages so that you don't have to wait forever for all the thumbnails to come down.

Update, 9 December 2004: I have dug my old copy of Bryce 2 out, and re-rendered a number of the more interesting images at much higher resolutions, and added them in here. Not surprisingly, on a machine 8 years newer (an Athlon XP 2800+ powered PC), the renders were much, much faster, typically in the region of 15-20 minutes for the simpler images at 1600x1200 resolution.

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