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Skull_hill-t.jpg (12029 bytes) The_stuff_of_nightmares-t.jpg (11000 bytes)

Skull Hill
This is one of the first Bryce files I created. I simply used one of Bryce's "imported objects" (the skull), some trees, and a glass ball (to see what it would do). Pretty simple, huh?

The Stuff of Nightmares
This one was my equivalent of the "silver ball over a checkerboard". I played a bit with reflective objects and an imported bitmap.

Graveyard-t.jpg (16510 bytes)



Castle_Hall-t.jpg (11389 bytes)

Graveyard Shift
This was the result of my first attempt at importing DXF files: a skeleton and a graveyard that I found. As usual, I used one of Bryce's preset skies.
Castle Hall, Crystal Ball
Here I used the preset pillars, and created two light sources, one being a glowing crystal ball. This is where I discovered that sometimes Bryce can take huge amounts of time to render an image (it took 45 minutes to render this at 300x225!)

What_do_I_do_now-t.jpg (12459 bytes)


Mirrors-t.jpg (10771 bytes)

800x600     1600x1200

What do I do now!?
This was the first "aircraft" DXF file I found, and I tried it along with the lovely volcano preset. I wonder what the pilot thinks...
With this file I got a little more complex. The wooden board on the right covers a Boris Vallejo picture (which has an invisible spotlight on it). The "picture" in the centre is actually a mirror reflecting the picture, and there is a diamond lens in front of the mirror, magnifying part of the reflection.

Chamber_of_Horrors-t.jpg (8064 bytes)


North_African_109-t.jpg (12851 bytes)


Chamber of Horrors
Here I used three of the 3D shapes I got from 3DCafe: the axe, rack and iron maiden. I also tried importing one of Picture Publisher's textures for use on one of the walls (the right hand one).
North African 109
Here I used a DXF model of a Messerschmitt Bf-109E for use in a desert setting. It's coming in for landing somewhere in North Africa after a dawn patrol. (You can tell it's a Bf-109E, BTW, because the model has struts on the tailplane. The Me-109F and later variants didn't).



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