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Here are some technical bits of info I've picked up.

Item Description
Tuning and rebuilding the Automatic Enrichment Device (AED)
Acrobat format: aedtune.pdf
JPG format: AEDpg1, AEDpg2, AEDpg3, AEDpg4
The AED is the automatic choke used in carburetted Series II Jags, and seems to be very problematic. This article was released by the manufacturer, SU. It was faxed to my mechanic by Jag-Daimler Spares, and he gave me a copy for reference. I have it available either as a 1.2MB Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, or as four separate 250kb (approx.) JPG files.
AED Description and Operation: AED-DO.pdf (200KB) A document showing the AED description and operation.
AED Dismantling and Reassembly: AED-DR.pdf (360KB) AED dismantling and reassembly.
AED Fitting and Tuning: AED-FT.pdf (1MB) AED fitting and tuning Instructions.
AED Sevicing, Setting and Fault Diagnosis: AED-SSD.pdf (2MB) AED servicing, setting and diagnosis.
Larry Lee's AED Tips: LarryLeeTips.pdf (1.4MB) Larry Lee is a kind gentleman in the US who mailed me several of the above documents, which I was then able to scan in. This document contains a number of tips he found useful in getting his AED working.
Kirby Palm's XJ-S Help Book Kirby Palm has written an excellent book dealing with practical matters on the Jaguar XJ-S, and much is relevant to the XJ6 too.
The XJ6 from Bumper to Bumper Jim Isbell has written a very useful book dealing with tips on various parts of the XJ6 series.
An Alternative XK Stakedown Method Gunnar Helliesen presents an alternative method of staking those noisy tappet guides down. Apparently this is the way it's generally done here in South Africa (though it isn't really necessary here, since we don't have all that hot emissions equipment).
Motor oil A useful description of oil and oil types by Ed Hackett.
The Motor Oil Bible An excellent article on motor oil by Chris Longhurst.
The Tyre Bible An excellent article on tyres by Chris Longhurst.
The Suspension Bible An article on suspension, also by Chris Longhurst.
The Gasoline FAQ The FAQ on gasoline, by Bruce Hamilton
Lucas Wiring Colour Code Table Most older British cars used Lucas electrical equipment, which had standard wire colours.
Jaguar XJ6 S3 Vacuum Diagram B. J. Kroppe created a diagram of the engine compartment vacuum piping for the S3 XJ6.
Jaguar XJ6 S2 UK-spec Vacuum diagram I've created this vacuum diagram for the UK-spec Series II (with carbs) based on what I have in my own vehicle or what should be there.
Jaguar XJ6 S3 Electric Mirror Wiring Diagram This is for a forthcoming project: retrofitting S3 electric mirrors into an S2 car.
Relay Reference A few relays and the colour of their wires which I find convenient. I'll update whenever I need to.


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