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CAR Magazine Review - 1980
Acrobat format: CarReviewXJ6-1980.pdf
JPG format: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
CAR Magazine is one of South Africa's top motoring magazines. Back in 1980 they published a review of the Series II XJ6 which was ending production in South Africa (the S2s were made in South Africa for a year or two after the rest of the world moved to the Series III). The Acrobat file is about 2.1MB, and the JPG files are about 320kb each. They permit reproduction of these reviews provided, their online site, is quoted as the source.
CAR Magazine Review - 1978
Acrobat format: CarReviewXJ6-1978.pdf
JPG format: Page 1, Page 2
Here is a review of the XJ6 Series II done in January 1978, also by Car Magazine. The JPG files are about 400kb each, and the Acrobat file is 1.4MB.
AJ6 Engineering's XK engine article An article on the history of the XK engine by former power units engineer at Jaguar, Roger Bywater of AJ6 Engineering.
The Jaguar Engine Epic An article on the various Jaguar engines, ranging from the XK to the AJV6, by AutoSpeed Magazine.


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