More Pictures (May to July 2000)

dhlfront.jpg (28220 bytes)

A nice view from the front.


dhlreardash.jpg (15198 bytes)

The rear dash, showing the eye-level brake light.


electricchoke1.jpg (16020 bytes)

A close up (and rather fuzzy) view of the electric choke installation. It sits well out of sight behind the AED.


engineleft.jpg (31462 bytes)

View of the engine from the left. On the bottom left you can see the bellows for the cruise control.


engineright.jpg (28755 bytes)

View of the engine from the right.


relays.jpg (20050 bytes)

A view toward the front of the engine. Nect to the headlight relay you can see the relay used for controlling the driving lights.


console.jpg (10450 bytes)

A picture of the centre console. Note the double red switch where the rear windows cutout switch would normally be; one of these switches isn't connected, but the other is used to control the (currently not installed) auxiliary fans.


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