The New Engine

The car arrived at Rivonia Service Centre; the bonnet was removed, and John began work on the engine removal.

rsc3.jpg (28640 bytes)

John jacks the engine up just prior to it coming out.


rsc2.jpg (22497 bytes)

Ancillaries are stripped off the old engine, left, to be put onto the new engine, right. John meticulously cleaned and sprayed each component to make it look at good as possible. (Pity he wasn't so meticulous at bolting things together again). In the meantime, I cleaned out the engine bay and resprayed it.


rsc1.jpg (21527 bytes)

rsc5.jpg (32374 bytes)

The new engine goes in.


rsc4.jpg (17257 bytes)

After John left Rivonia Auto, work unfinished, Graham (in the car), Pat (right background), and Elvis (right foreground) spent a fair while getting the engine running (John's timing was out) and redoing things John hadn't done properly.


dashb1.jpg (16895 bytes)

One the engine was running, the bumper and bonnet couldn't be fitted properly, for various reasons, and the bonnet started buckling. Shere Kahn went back to Dash Panelbeaters, where Nick found a replacement bonnet. Lawrence, their resident Jaguar bonnet fitting expert, fitted the new bonnet and the bumpers.

dashb2.jpg (20477 bytes)

Shere Kahn is ready to leave, finally, with only about 453221 minor things to be fixed.


fanclock.jpg (27291 bytes)

This is a clock that my talented sister Jocelyn made from Shere Khan's radiator fan, which had been mangled in the accident.


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