The Crumple Zone Gallery - Restoration

Repairs took a lot longer than expected.

dash1.jpg (18583 bytes)

The replacement bonnet is fitted.


dash2.jpg (12143 bytes)

It was a lime-green bonnet, and had been part-prepared for spraying. As it later turned out, the bonnet was structurally weak near the front.


dash3.jpg (17247 bytes)

The new bonnet is patched and flatted.


dash4.jpg (19725 bytes)

dash5.jpg (27284 bytes)

Masking for the spraying is applied, and a grey primer put on.


dash6.jpg (15539 bytes)

Finally, it goes red. This is before the clearcoat is sprayed.


dash7.jpg (14901 bytes)

Nick Swart, proprietor of Dash Panelbeaters, with the car just before it goes to have the new engine put in.


dash8.jpg (16334 bytes)

Shere Kahn is loaded onto the flatbed towtruck to be taken to Rivonia Auto.


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