Picture Gallery 2

Here are some more pictures of Shere Khan, taken just before the Annual Jaguar Club Concours in September 1999.

FrontQuarter.jpg (36063 bytes)

A rather nice front-quarter view.


Engine.jpg (41827 bytes)

Here's a view of the engine compartment. In the centre foreground you can see the bellows for the factory fitted Speed-O-Cruise, and at the front of the engine compartment you can see the extra red-topped silver relay used for the driving/fog lights, alongside the normal brights relay.


HeadOn.jpg (50012 bytes)

A good view from the front.


Rear.jpg (29750 bytes)

A rather dark view from the rear, with obligatory daughter.


RearQuarter.jpg (37794 bytes)

A view from the rear-quarter.


FrontInterior.jpg (33280 bytes)

Here's a view of the front interior. Note the 4-spoke leather Momo steering wheel and sheepskin seat covers. On the far side you can see where the floor/sill carpeting was disintegrated - this has now been replaced.


RearSeat.jpg (30401 bytes)

A view of the rear seat. Note the "thermally neutral" upholstery, and the black felt-covered rear dash.


RearInterior.jpg (27828 bytes)

A different view of the rear seat, looking forward.


Tools.jpg (28011 bytes)

A picture of the boot, with toolkit open.


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