Repairs/Services done


This is a list of all servicing and repairs done.

Item Odo (km) Date Cost (R)
Delivery 104800 2002-11-22  
New Firestone Firehawk tyres on front 104800 2002-11-22 Dealer
Pollen filter replaced, new bulb for interior light 104800 2002-11-28 Dealer
Wheel balancing (with stick-on weights) at Jody's Tyres, Randpark Ridge 105000 2002-11-30 70
Brake fluid changed and brakes bled 105000 2002-11-30 140
Fuel filter changed 106000 2002-12-07 106
Champion Spark plugs 106200 2002-12-09 40
New #4 HT lead 106200 2002-12-09 277
Oil changed - new filter, Caltex Havoline Energy 5W30 oil, and engine flush 106500 2002-12-15 190
Fuel filter changed again (muck in system?) 108200 2003-01-09 106
Spark plugs replaced with Motorcraft Platinum plugs 108600 2003-01-16 246
Cambelt changed at Fury Ford 109000 2003-01-20 1145
Catalytic convertor broken. Replacement price R5600, so replaced with a straight pipe at Caraighall Park Kwikfit 110500 2003-02-13 187
Oil change - new filter, Caltex Havoline Energy 5W30 oil 113000 2003-03-15 160
New indicator flasher unit 114000 2003-04-15 45
Replacement HT leads (#1, #2 and #3), due to steadily worsening misfiring 115000 2003-05-06 822
Front ATE brake pads (plus 7mm hex key to do the job with) 119500 2003-07-26 470
120000km Service at Sunninghill Auto clinic, inluding oil change (Caltex Havoline Energy 5W30 purchased by me), oil filter, air and pollen filters blown out, rear drum shoes resurfaced, and general check. 119800 2003-07-30 1020
Front discs skimmed, thanks to me not changing the pads early enough 120500 2003-08-07 210
Headlamp globe replaced, and one bought as a spare 120800 2003-08-10 74
Accident: I had a minor accident with another car, and the rear bumper had to be replaced, and the left rear fender panelbeaten and resprayed. Insurance covered it, except for a R1000 excess. 122000? 2003-09-12 4600
Puncture in one of the tyres. Repaired at Tiger Wheel and Tyre, Sandton. 125000 2003-10-31 50
New tyres: Four new Firestone Firehawk SZ80 tyres, chosen for the cool tread (and noise and wet-weather capabilities, of course!), plus balancing and alignment. Done at Supaquick, Northcliff. 132300 2004-03-01 3600
New front brake discs (R480) and MecArm brake pads (R300), from Wizard Midas in Northcliff. The old ATE pads lasted only 13000km, and the discs were under minimum spec. Fitted by Sunninghill Auto (I couldn't get some caliper bolts loose). 132400 2004-03-03 980
Replacement pollen filter - the old one was black with grime 132400 2004-03-03 120
The clutch replaced by Fury William Nicol. Gearbox filled with Royal Purple Max Gear fully synthetic gear oil 13xxxx 2004-04 4500?
Car serviced by Edmondson Motorsport, using Royal Purple 5W30 fully synthetic oil, plus oil filter and air filter 135000 2004-05 430
Wheels balanced, aligned and rotated 140100 2004- 200
Thermostat replaced by C-Net, as it had failed. Covered by extended warranty 14xxxx 2004- 500
Brake discs and pads replaced with Alfa discs and Ferodo Ceramic pads by Fasfit Edenvale. The old lot lasted only 15000km. 147000 2004- 1300
Car serviced by Edmondson Motorsport, using Royal Purple 5W30 fully synthetic oil, plus oil filter and air filter 150200 2004-11-13 430


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