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23 June 2005: Changed contact email address, due to spam.

3 December 2004: Site moved to http://www.claymore.co.za/lune, finally, to a permanent domain name, hosted by Web Africa.

23 July 2001: Site moved to http://www.metroweb.co.za/~claymore/lune. The discussion forum unlinked as it was getting no traffic.

20 July 2001: Both Lune's free website hosts, NBCi and Webjump have stopped hosting websites, and Lune has now moved to http://www.claymel.co.za/lune

25 June 2001: A Lune discussion forum has been created, and is linked from the main page.

2 February 2001: All the old stuff which was made for AD&D 2nd Edition is now part of Lune, 2nd Age. D&D 3rd Edition compatible materials are part of 3rd Age Lune.

8 November 2000: Updated some more of the character pics.

7 September 2000: Updated some of the character pics.

7 August 2000: Updated some of the character pics.

20 January 2000: I've updated the layout a bit, and moved the site to Xoom.com because Webjump is too slow.

3 January 2000: First update of the last year of the millennium! A new city, Yarrantis, has been added to the city maps. Yarrantis is the capital city of a heretofore undiscovered country, Marankhar. Also added this "What's New" pages, separating it from the Introduction.

28 December 1999: Updated a number of documents in the World section.

24 December 1999: Replaced some frame references that may have been causing problems.

5 October 1999: Some revisions in the look of the web site, and I've added some character picture pages.

26 April 1999: The Lune map has been updated with the addition of a new country, and more detail on Mereth. Also, the new country (the Anghain Land) has been added to the Countries of Lune document.

19 April 1999: A Lune calendar has been added, along with a scan of the very first Lune map, dating back to 1985. The fonts zip file has been updated with a Moonbats font required to show phases of the moon in the calendar.

12 April 1999: A number of "World" documents have been updated including Deities of Lune, Countries of Lune, The World of Lune basic details, the Tour of Lune, and the Lune city maps.

1 April 1999: I've added A Pictorial Guidebook to the World of Lune. It's a document with pictures of many places in Lune. Unfortunately it runs to 1.5MB in HTML/JPG format (the WordPerfect/Acrobat runs to 5MB), but I've provided a single Zip file for easy offline reading/printing.

5 January 1999: The whole site (and my personal graphics site, Claymore's Terrainscape) is on Webjump. I've placed a redirection page on the old server.

29 December 1998: Webjump offers free web hosting up to 25MB, which is perfect for the World of Lune. All the files have been moved, and once I'm happy with the way Webjump works, I'll put a redirection page at the old location. Until then, both sites will be active. The new location is http://lune.webjump.com.

22 December 1998: Just a general update of outdated information.

3 July 1998: Lune will be moving! Due to unavoidable circumstances, this site will be moving. Since I don't know when or where to, I can't provide any further details, but if you visit this site regularly, make a note of my email address and mail me if you can't get in, and I'll let you know where the new location is.

25 June 1998: Gayle Thompson has been appointed Lune Period Consultant, leveraging her unique abilities in this field.

17 June 1998: I'm still working on some new documents, but have made some minor corrections to the pages (mainly spelling mistakes). The counters on the pages no longer work because the web server was upgraded to RedHat Linux 5.1, and the new counter executables need to be recompiled.

13 January 1998: A new document entitled "A Tour of Lune" has been added. It includes some information on wonders of the world, and personalities of Lune.

12 January 1998: The Lune map has been updated (I redrew all the roads, mountain passes and country borders, and modified things a little in the south-east of Lune). The Deities of Lune document has been updated a bit, adding more detail on a couple of deities, and adding pictures of holy symbols for a few. I have also added a Cities of Lune map, which will show basic maps for the major cities; currently it features only Lomar, the capital of the Valorn Empire.

8 October 1997: After taking a week's holiday at the coast, I have come up with more things for my "to do" list: climate maps of Lune, historical maps showing changes in the country borders over the last couple of thousand years, city maps, a section for "Prejudices" in the Countries of Lune, and more.

15 September 1997:  I have converted the Acrobat files to Acrobat 3.0 format. They are now at 600dpi instead of 300dpi, the Optimum and Becker-Medium fonts (which are used in every document) are embedded, and miraculously, the files are about half the size.

21 August 1997:  I now have access to Acrobat 3.0, so the PDF versions of the files here will be smaller and faster. In tests the sizes seem to be about half the size of the Acrobat 2.1 versions.

26 June 1997:  I have recently purchased WordPerfect Suite 8.0, so I'll be updating all the documents on the site to the new format. The good news is that the WP8 format is actually the WP 6/7/8 format, so all documents will be compatible with all versions of WordPerfect from version 6.0 upward. I am actually working on the documents, but I'll only be uploading new versions when I have a reasonable amount of new material.

The love of Maldred's life left, claiming other responsibilities (yeah, right...).

14 May 1997:  I've updated the site to use Cascading Style Sheets, which let me specify fonts and layout without too much effort. The only problem is that the only popular browsers that support CSS are Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and up, and Netscape Navigator 4.0, so if you don't have either of those, I'd suggest getting one of them so that my web pages looks look better (now there's a good reason). If you're unable to, the pages should still look OK.

I'm going to be starting a "chronicles" section soon where I will document the adventures of the group I'm currently playing in (oh yeah, Maldred scored another five times).

9 May 1997:  The character sheets have been updated, basically minor cosmetic changes. The Lune map has been updated, and is substantially different, now containing cute little mountains on the map (which is why the Acrobat file sizes have ballooned), and a number of new features (some jungle, more forest in unexplored areas), as well as some corrections.

8 May 1997:  Today I updated everything in the System area. They're all basically cosmetic changes.

7 May 1997:  New versions of The World of Lune, Countries of Lune and Celestia's Spells have been added, in WP 6.1, MS Word 6, HTML and Acrobat formats. I am dropping support for Envoy, because I don't think anyone cares, and because I'm having problems generating the Envoy documents. Countries of Lune has been updated a fair bit, the others just cosmetically.

Oh yeah - Maldred the Nine-Fingered scored last night...

2 May 1997: I will be converting the original WordPerfect documents back to WP 6.1 format, as I've had a request to do so, and it seems reasonable to me. The Lune map is coming on very well.

14 April 1997: Work is proceeding. I've added Khosala to the Countries document, and have done some editing of the Lune map, changing and adding a few things in Tainrearg. These updates aren't on the web page yet, though - I'll add them when they're more complete. Credit for much of the details of Khosala is due to Claire Jamieson, who wrote a huge amount of background material for her character Kherin. (Claire, please come back and finish it - maybe this time the government won't deport you!).

10 April 1997: I'm currently working on a revised map (some more parts of Lune have been "discovered". Also also adding some new sections to Lune:

7 March 1997: I have just obtained Micrografx Designer 7 (as part of Micrografx Graphics Suite 2.0), and the WordPerfect 7.0 update for Windows NT, so I'll actually be doing some more updates. Designer 7 finally loads my original Lune maps created in Designer 4.0, so all the mountains that I laboriously created will now be visible. The file size of the map, however, has increased because of the extra data (20000+ extra objects), and the Acrobat version, in particular, has ballooned to 4MB. I'll be uploading the new versions soon.

3 January 1997: I am currently working on updates to the Countries of Lune and Deities of Lune, having persuaded my co-DM to do some work on the deities.

22 November 1996: As you may have noticed, the location of this site has moved from its old place on http://www.spl.co.za/~claymore/ to here for reasons beyond my control. Aside from that, I had also been considering converting the maps to CorelDraw format because Micrografx seems to have forgotten that Designer is their product, but on discovering that when imported, the map of Lune in CorelDraw is twice the size on disk, generates a 42MB print file, and doesn't display properly, I gave that idea up. Aside from that, CorelDraw's interface sucks.

15 October 1996: I've been rather busy lately, so I haven't been doing any updating (you might notice some animated .gif files though). I'm working on updating the countries of Lune.

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