The World of Lune is a long-running Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® campaign that was originally created by myself, and developed further over the years by my co-DM, Karl Kaufmann, and a loyal group of players, including (but not limited to) Allan Holman, Anton Strydom, Carol Ann Thomson, Charles Kohler, Claire Jamieson, Gavin Hill, Gayle Thompson, Ijai Jaksch, Jonathan Hoffenberg, Lauren Beukes, Lyn Collie, Mark Seberini, Michaela Mellody, Neil Thompson and PJ Pretorius (and none of the Thomsons/Thompsons are related to each other!).

Some of the memorable personalities that have wandered this world include Celestia (aka Red aka Star), Ereneth (ex-king of Tainrearg), Kerytha and the Bear, Morpeth, Sir Richard Huxley (RIP), Anja and Ferdinand (currently ruling Allemaren), Abu-ska (RIP) (and Bandit, the racoon familiar he fireballed), Sir Valerian of the Order of Deepsnow, Maldred the nine-fingered, Lady Erinacian de Fang and her sword Trollsbane (which was known as Trollkiller for some time due to an error in translation from the engraved runes), Tiny (all 6'8" of him), Sasha (who came from a place called London), Domon-Tid, Kherin, Ghata (and his/her alter-ego, were-Ghata), Jiruial (only female ex-knight in the Order of Valorn), Thalek, Freehand, Salmsha, Alora, Shimlaze the Keyhole Voyeur, Tanin and Idriel (two pointies in an avalanche (so the rumour goes)), Fallon, the Dark Mage (known to some as the DM), and many others.

Any files on the World of Lune web pages are not designed to be a replacement to TSR's fine Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® game, but rather used as a supplement (of course, you can always use the World of Lune with other role-playing game systems). For proper use, you should have the Player's Handbook®, the Dungeon Master Guide®, and several of the soft cover supplements, like the Complete Fighter's Handbook®.

Any comments you may have, ideas, or arguments, please drop  me a note and let me know.

The World of Lune is listed on the magnificent  Worlds on the Net web site, created by  Juuso Vesanto. If you're looking for a world to play in, that is the place to go!

 Kevin Watson has incorporated Lune into his mostly nautical campaign, as a third continent. He will hopefully be making some contributions, which I'll possibly keep in a page for the "Alternate Lune".

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Last updated: 4 December 2004