Characters from the Borderlands Campaign

The "Borderlands Campaign" was designed as a "back to basics" campaign: simpler and more brutal. Here are some renditions of some of the characters.


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Chan is a feeble-fighter (a pretend-bard), and has had a rough time so far (loss of family, entire tribe, hopes, ambititions, and virginity (to a doppelganger - it's a long story)).



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Ergo is a cleric of Rothelm, and is known for his abrasive personality.



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Alora is a sneaky sort of character, and is still recovering from axe-in-the-chest syndrome.



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Boreshenk is the beloved of Chan, and the party's brains.



Culmen is quiet, reliable, and likes his sleep.



Kidira comes from a far-off land, and loves his wine and women.


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