Saxonwold to Norwood

Saxonwold is one of the older areas in Johannesburg, and is a green suburb populated by "old money". Here you can see that many trees haven't yet regained their leaves, since it's still only spring.

If I continue on this road, I'll end up right at the Johannesburg Zoo and the National Museum of Military History, two of my favourite places.

I turn left, though, into Cotswold Avenue, and end up at the intersection with Oxford Road, another major road that runs through Rosebank. Incidentally, that's the second Oxford Road I've driven across - the other was in Randburg.

A bit further on, I go through Houghton Estate, which is not too far from Nelson Mandela's home in Houghton, and from the US Embassy.

Then I cross over the M1 freeway, which basically bisects Johannesburg north-south. You can see that there's a fair bit of traffic.

I then head towards the suburb of Norwood, still travelling along leafy roads.

Here I have gone through Norwood, and I'm heading towards Orange Grove.