Jan Smuts Avenue

This intersection is another major one, Jan Smuts and Republic Road. Quite visible are a car and a motorcycle engaging in South Africa's latest pastime, running red traffic lights. Due to the cloud cover, you unfortunately can't see the building of the Johannesburg city centre ahead, beyond the hills. The suburb ahead is Bordeaux.

A couple of hills, and I'm still heading down Jan Smuts, towards Craighall Park. There's usually a bit of traffic in this area.

From there, Jan Smuts heads into Craighall Park, a nice suburb but with a commercial area along Jan Smuts.

A bit more of Craighall Park. There's a shopping centre on the far right of the picture, The Colony, and in that shopping centre is Video Spot, possibly one of the best video rental shops in the country - they seem to have an amazing selection of videos and DVDs.

Next I head into the areas of Hyde Park and Dunkeld West. In this picture you can see the Hyde Park Corner shopping centre, which is very upmarket (and expensive).

Dunkeld West is the area where I used to work until earlier this year, on a client site. Those offices would be to the right of this picture, up a little road. My work career actually started here, some 15 years ago, at a quantity surveying firm that used be located in a little road to the right, barely visible by the Dunkeld West shopping centre, which is in the middle of the photo.

This section of Jan Smuts narrows somewhat - the original road builders obviously never suspected that the road would carry so much traffic.

Here Jan Smuts passes through the western end of the upmarket area of Rosebank.

I head on for another few intersections, then head off left into the leafy suburb of Saxonwold.