Hyde Park and Jan Smuts Avenue

I head off down Bompas Road into Hyde Park. Traffic here can be a bit heavy, thanks to homeowners in the area who feel that they're entitled to inconvenience all road users in the area by blocking off several connecting roads for "security" reasons.

At Dunkeld West, I rejoin Jan Smuts Avenue, heading back down through Craighall Park.

There are always long queues of commuters waiting here for taxis. I suspect that many of them wait for quite a long time. One major problem in Joburg (in fact, in South Africa generally) is a severe lack of public transport. Buses are limited in number and in routes, trains travel only between cities (and only some of them), and there are no subways (the bedrock that Joburg rests on makes it almost impossible). Thus most people travel in privately-owned minibus taxis, crammed 12-20 or even more per vehicle. These taxis are generally unroadworthy, and are usually driven with no regard for traffic law whatsoever.

Looking down Jan Smuts Avenue toward Randburg, with Bordeaux on the right.