Back through Ferndale

I head off through Randburg, this time along Harley Street, toward Ferndale in order to collect Morgan from nursery school.

Funny, traffic didn't look this quiet when I went through...

Ferndale's an interesting area. There are some homes that are beautiful, and well-maintained, and others that are all run down. This section down Oxford Road has both. You can see that security is  concern - notice the electric fencing and the security signs (though I must admit, I'm not sure I'd be so willing to put my faith in a security company so obviously religious - they might put their trust in God instead of in good electronics).

This area is a little more run down. Ahead you can see the car sales place that I bought my Jaguar from - the bottom-feeding scumsuckers. They have a whole bunch of dilapidated British cars on show, all marked at iniquitous prices.

Further on, where Oxford crosses Hans Strydom Drive, there's always a traffic jam - everyone wants to turn right toward the freeway. Fortunately, I go left.